New Video: JAY-Z – ‘Family Feud’ [Starring Beyonce, Blue Ivy, Michael B. Jordan, Omari Hardwick, & More]

Published: Friday 29th Dec 2017 by Sam

It’s here!

JAY-Z skews confessional in the video for ‘Family Feud’ and enlists a host of notable names to relay the truth-baring narrative.

Wife Beyonce, who the rapper has admitted to stepping out on, appears alongside other stars such as Michael B. Jordan, Omari Hardwick, Mindy Kaling, and Janet Mock. The Carters daughter Blue Ivy also appears in the visual, which is the latest to be lifted from the 8-times nominated ‘4:44’ album.

What are you waiting for? Watch below…

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  1. truthtea December 29, 2017

    I am so sick of hearing about these attention wh0res and their [email protected] issues! Always some drama! I didn’t even care to hear Bey’s version because I just think she’s pathetic for staying with a serial cheater! Their marriage reminds me a lot of Regina Hall and Mike Colter’s in the movie Girls Trip! Only pretending they’re happily married for business purposes. Call me a hater all y’all want but the truth hurts.

    • Haters Gon’ Hate December 29, 2017

      And yet:

      A: you forget that nobody is forcing you to consume the Carter’s output – go and find something else to do

      B: Just because an artist gives you a narrative through theIr music – it does mean that is actually what happened in real life. You are given a carefully constructed narrative – the results and impact of which have already been measured and predicted.

      Wake – Up.

      • Haters Gon’ Hate December 29, 2017

        ^^ it does NOT mean

      • DanYiel Iman December 29, 2017

        Noticed how their names were on the post yet it’s the first thing she clicked on!! HATING IS ALL SHE KNOWS IT SEEMS!! ✌🏽😂

    • SMH December 30, 2017

      No lies told. Beyonce is the poster child for a low self esteem stepford wife. Lucky for her that her fans are too stupid to see how dumb she really is.

  2. Lala December 29, 2017

    Nahhhh I need someone tidal login

    • Ispeakfacts December 29, 2017


      Sis… Just wait until the full video goes up on YouTube! Theirs no way I’m wasting downloading or signing up for that service I will never use again…

  3. Yasbish December 29, 2017

    They honestly are irrelevant

  4. Danyboo December 29, 2017

    Jay z has put out really good content with this album. 444 really should win 2018 aoty. In particular this whole video was so far fetched but is still so relastic. It showed the disadvantages of power and freedom or lack there of and that is such a relevant topic in this time especially with all of the rumors of war. I’m glad the video really didn’t have anything to do with the whole cheating saga until the mear end and made sense. Dope video. Full of life, jay z was dope, beyonce was very over the top not looking very forgiving, Blue looked so well behaved. I believe she dipped out to chuckle cheese after they shot her scenes lol like f*** y’all weirdos I’m out. Great content 4.7/5 stars for a music video.

  5. Kevon December 29, 2017

    Beyonce is a modern day witch … believe it or not all her followers going to hell with her …Deceiver to man kind

    • Its me Gowrl December 30, 2017

      LOLOLOL 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Suicide Blonde December 29, 2017

    Why is Beyoncé dressed like a European noble woman of the Middle ages?…That Hennin was supposed to make her look “cool”? 🤷🏼‍♂️
    Isn’t this what black people call “Cultural Appropriation” 😎

    • Video December 29, 2017

      You poor thing, your emptiness is showing. Also, word on the blog is you’re giving Jason Voorhees tea’s LOL 😷

    • Tori December 29, 2017

      Good question, it really doesn’t look cool tho. It look like she was trying to give the fashion forward look but…No! I think her 2015 Grammy performance look would’ve been a better look and she probably should’ve given a sad-to-forgiving face given the nature of the storyline of the song, the nature of the church setting and the use of the sample, which is not only Gospel but written in a Hebrew tongue. S*** face and “bow down b******” face is inappropriate and unfitting. But this video is a Tidal exclusive so there’s a 90% chance it will go unnoticed…

    • We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler December 29, 2017

      Europeans have oppressed almost every race on the f****** planet. Now ya’ll wanna cry cultural appropriation…….

    • Wow December 30, 2017

      Oh please like that head gear shes got on isn’t a full on nod to the same peices nefertiti et al used to wear in ancient Egyptian times.

      I did not see anything particularly european about a pencil dress and corset?

      I just don’t gey why anti black people always find themselves on sites like this that cater specifically to black audiences. You don’t see the same thing it on white nationalist websites. But its almost like they’re not content with believing they’re better than us. They also need us to believe it and thats where their weakness lies. Its why this suicide dickhead willl be in every comment section being passive aggressive and gaslighting whoever takes the bait. You’re actually pathetic.

      • Its me Gowrl December 30, 2017


    • Its me Gowrl December 30, 2017


  7. Oliver December 29, 2017

    That was dope. I give that video 5/5 stars . It’s a stretch and I’m glad they let the art talk . Now haters it’s time for you to comment and make the king and queen your everyday topic . So your life can stay miserable 😩. Beyoncé you Slay ..again

  8. Abel December 29, 2017

    I’ll wait till it’s on YouTube

  9. tld December 29, 2017

    Lord I now that Rosario Dawson is on of Jayzs Ex; is there other women in this video who has been involved with this man; this has to mae Beyonce uncomfortable; this is a little weird for me; the song needed a video; it doesnt sound good……….oh well; hope he stops, but I doubt it.

  10. Meme December 29, 2017

    Oh it’s tidal exclusive…guess it’s another song/video I’ll never see.

    To this day I’ve never heard or seen any of Beyonce songs since the HBO special. I’d love to but I refuse to give up my rights as a consumer.

    • Tori December 30, 2017

      Look, seriously STOP LYING!

  11. #TeamTinashe Stan (Tinashe’s New Music Comes Out Very Soon!) December 29, 2017

    Jay Z really trying to bring in the gays to buy this album by first exposing his mom’s sexual intuitions and now bringing in Janet Flock. Umm….. ew!
    But ok… lol hehe

    • Tori December 30, 2017

      …WHAT? That’s what you got from the video and album?

      • INAMAD December 30, 2017


  12. SMH December 30, 2017

    I’ll say it again. Like any woman who stays with a man who repeatedly steps out on her, Beyonce is a DUMB B*TCH with no self respect. And that explains why her fans are immature ratchets who have no clue to the concept of self esteem. They buy into her bullsh*t because she dresses it up and makes it pretty for them to look at.

    • Its me Gowrl December 30, 2017

      LOLOLOL 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂LOLOL WELL DAYUM LOLOL! And Nicki is WORSE!!

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