Yikes! SZA Fans Accuse Solange Of Sabotaging ‘The Weekend’ Video

Published: Saturday 23rd Dec 2017 by David

For many, SZA‘s ‘The Weekend’ sits nicely amongst the likes of Usher‘s ‘Burn‘ and Ciara‘s ‘Promise’ as one of the strongest R&B gems to drop within the last two decades.

Unfortunately, this week has seen the song’s epic critical run hit a snag.

On the receiving end of unfair criticism? The visual’s director Solange.

SZA supporters used social media to share their thoughts on the video.


Some critics even went as far as to suggest the artistic Solange ruined the visual intentionally.


Did we think the visual was great? No.

However, we’d say its beauty lies in the fact two of the world’s more artistic and esoteric artists immortalised their friendship with a video we’re sure SZA is very happy with.

What we were hoping for?

A tale of romance, betrayal and murder set in the 90s inspired by Halle Berry‘s ‘The Rich Man’s Wife.’

Just an idea.

Your thoughts?

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  1. RealNegro December 23, 2017

    Yall know people are dumb and want concrete visuals instead of abstract art. They would rather a Young and Restless storyline instead of using their brains to see how lonely it is being the sidechick. And I’m not suprised to see that black twitter had so much to say since most of them are thots, baby mammas, and baby daddies living their lives based on the pictures and videos that celebs paint.

    • Audreyherbsburm December 24, 2017

      Wow so anybody who didn’t appreciate that regurgitated mess of a video is ghetto or something? Sit down. The video was a miss. Art or not. Art can be critiqued, and art can be bad.

  2. Mami December 23, 2017

    Solange AND SZA are both boring/overrated #NEXTCASE !!!

  3. Totally December 23, 2017

    1. The Weekend does not sit next to Burn
    2. Even if people feel like Solange used her own vision for the video, how is that sabotage? And if SZA wanted her own vision/concept to be more pronounced, she would’ve directed it herself. I’m sure she’s capable.
    3. These people on twitter desperately need lives. Who really cares this much. It’s a music video. ?

    • Audreyherbsburm December 24, 2017

      It takes 10 seconds to send a tweet. This post ain’t about their lives. It’s about the video.

      • Totally December 24, 2017

        My comment was more so inspired by this culture of dramatic dragging. It’s not about one person sending a 100 character tweet. TGJ only posted a few of the many but one of the tweets up there says it for you. Solange is being slandered because they didn’t like her music video? Get a life and grow up. If you wanna critique her work fine, but it’s retarded to accuse her of sabotage, and this generation seems to think bandwagoning negativity is entertaining and fun. They also over-dramatize everything. When they get mad at celebrities they go after them like they stole their lunch money. These people are too invested in things that don’t matter.

  4. #TeamTinashe Stan (Tinashe’s New Music Comes Out Very Soon!) December 23, 2017

    Solange definitely caused a disaster with this one.
    Nothing made sense.

  5. Rihboy December 23, 2017

    It’s a mess! Plain. And simple! Abstract? They call anything art these days!

  6. Ropeburn December 23, 2017

    To me, the video shows the loneliness, isolation and desperation of being the side chick. It’s not for everybody. But I’m sure this is what SZA wanted. It’s a shame some of her fans seem too dense and basic to at least appreciate her artistic vision.

    • Z December 23, 2017

      SZA already explained there is no “side chick” it’s about 3 girls all dating the same guy and one opted out.

  7. Crystal James December 23, 2017

    Well Damn when do we see the girl face.. And when the camera finally get close.. You see all 8 bundles of her hair weave.. Hater move here..

  8. Bounce Back December 24, 2017

    That Grape Juice shared Tweets that have gotten 0 likes or retweets to sell this “story” LOL…. losers

    • TAMMAH December 24, 2017

      LMAOOOOO SOMEONE SAID IT!!!! I Peeped That Too

  9. Bad_B December 24, 2017

    This video is definitely not for everyone and its perfectly fine. Thats what we as black people need to understand. Its FINE! We cant handle anything thats different or left field. Its fine to not like something, its fine to not ‘get’ something. Real art is not meant to be liked by everyone and it shouldnt. But we need to commend our black artists for thinking outside the box. Its minimalistic, whimsical and i love the use of atmosphere and geometry. Definitely not an award winning visual but not everything has to be big and spectacular. Sometimes simple is fine.

    • Fifi December 24, 2017

      Don’t take it there! What hAs black got to do with this? The assumption you’re making is that black people have cheap taste and can’t appreciate high brow art which is so far from the truth. We know this because more black people buy Kendrick albums than they do Migos. The video is wack and that’s why everyone is dissing it.

    • jen December 24, 2017

      i mean what is there to get from the video, its simply boring. Like what artistry did you find in this? im a dancer videographer that this is simply boring something i can shoot in 1 day with real talet, i could get these shoots in a min and movwe on

  10. Imanibrown9 December 24, 2017

    Darling im a management graduate with no kids & a man who is also classy both black not liking the video has nothing to do with being ghetto
    SZA needs to u understand rihanna is not like the knowles sisters the knowles sisters are pagent queens very competitive and nasty
    Hence y deep down id adviise any upcoming artist stay in your own lane and dont seek approval as solange obviously saw SZA as competition and God let solange mask slip shes a horrid and jealous woman even if there had been just a guy sitting in the car in the parking lot in 1scence the video would have made sense but her flapping her arms in a parking lot lol
    She didnt even look comfortable

    • De Nut December 24, 2017

      Whewwwwa stretch before you reach. You reaching like hell..

  11. Aneecia December 24, 2017

    In my head i pictured more of a ‘the boy is mine’ kind of video. Like seeing the dude go from girl to girl house. Maybe thats just me

  12. Tisha December 24, 2017

    Well that was BORING AF!!!!!! what was artistic about this some one please explain. A 10 year old with editing skills could have done this smh!

  13. Shun December 24, 2017

    This is very sad that instead of seeing a position to allowed women who have played a part of the main or side piece lady. She took her personal issue and her sisters to clown SZA ,who is just a vessel that put this topic out. It’s real!! But Solange actions is clearly a bitter woman who sabatoge this video for her own reasons, However SZA is looked beautiful and now SZA need to do a remix under a different artists.. and SLAY the b*#ch.

  14. Dessiree December 24, 2017

    The trashy video matches the trashy song…good job Solange

  15. DanYiel Iman December 24, 2017

    What kinda artist is Sza? She’s not an R& B bounce type artist I liked the video tbh…

  16. Kayla December 24, 2017

    I hated the video! It was so boring to watch! Why would you take a great song and make a snore fest of a video for it wtf!! I love SZA but I will probably never watch the video again.

  17. Melly B. December 28, 2017

    I liked it.

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