Hots Shots: Lil Kim Teams With R. Kelly For “Legendary” Collaboration

Published: Thursday 1st Feb 2018 by Sam

Lil Kim and R. Kelly dominated the Urban landscape in the 90s and are aiming to do so together in 2018.

Taking to social media, rap’s Queen Bee revealed that she and the Pied Piper had hit the studio together for a “legendary” collaboration. She told fans:

“Yup the secret is out ? What went down last night was legendary ? Stay tuned!!!”

Word on the curb is that Kim is hard at work on her long-awaited fifth studio album – the follow-up to 2005’s ‘The Naked Truth.’

Does Kelly have the midas touch needed to deliver the magic she needs? Time will tell.

Until then, peep more pics after the jump…

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  1. Maxie foxx February 1, 2018

    It would be nice to have Kim back minus any beef!

  2. Its me Gowrl February 1, 2018

    Nicki seething

    • TRUTH SERUM February 1, 2018

      Suck a d**% h**!

    • Electrikblue February 1, 2018

      Is she? Nothing Lil Kim put out lately had made an impact.

  3. Stank stank February 1, 2018

    Come on kim take this era. Its 4 you.

  4. Latina Chick February 1, 2018

    I am sorry everyone for my racist comments. I am a miserable racist F A G G O T and usually I spread my hate under my Suicide Blonde account but ever since yall started threatening me I hide behind this fake Latin chick account and a few other fake accounts. I take my frustrations out on you black people because you have everything I don’t…love, money, homes, good looks, and a support system. I have nobody and nobody wants to f u c k me.

    • Ughhh February 1, 2018


    • Latina chick February 1, 2018

      Bless you want to be me I don’t blame you I would never want to be a darkie ?? first off all bath in bleach make sure you drink most of it so you can be white inside as well as out, glad you have seen the error of your ways spread the word to the rest of your kind hopefully they will follow my instructions as well. Every religion condemns black people what do you think God gave you such things as ebola, sickle-cell and A|DS to get rid off you it’s like the ark part 2. My prays are with you, peace be with you.

    • Latina chick February 1, 2018

      Jasmine I see I pushed some buttons with the truth but remember the truth will set you free not your people. Make sure you give your family the bleach to drink first.

    • Latina chick February 1, 2018

      You need to stop being a typical black person and stop stealing other people’s Property like their names.

      • Latina chick February 2, 2018

        I’m sorry I forgot that I am trying to stop my racist ways everyone. The only person that should be drinking bleach is me to wash my filthy racist mouth out and clear up all these warts on my skin. They don’t give us free mental health prescriptions nor h** medication here at the homeless shelter so I am just a Suicide Blonde mess. Sorry again for being such racist trash.

  5. Riko February 1, 2018

    Kim been quiet lately on social media I hope she is coming….. 2018 year of female rap.

  6. Fancy BISH February 1, 2018

    Kim…really sis? This is a PR disaster just waiting to happen lol

    • Cough Cough February 1, 2018

      She worked with him already on “Shake ya body” and I’m feeling on yo booty video.. they’ll be fine, r.kelly is one of the greatest song writers ever. The only people that will be seetheing will be those losers who sit on Twitter all day acting like people are really hearing them, and those are the ones who aren’t buying music so she will be alright. She has 4 legendary albums, album Kim is the standard!

      • Fancy BISH February 1, 2018

        I just don’t want to see the Queen get grilled on every interview about Harvey Kelly lol…you know what I mean…his music and her music are absolutely classic…it’s just a very sensitive time in 2018 with working with anyone who’s ever had a reputation for mistreating women..she’s gonna be asked, point blank period…but do you boo lol

  7. Cough Cough February 1, 2018

    all of her albums are so legendary. Come on Kim

  8. Lmfao_Hoe February 1, 2018

    I always said why these two never made a song OMG Hardcore Kim or How Many Licks Kim with Kells of 90s and Chocolate Factory era R. Kelly would’ve made a joint that had many head straight to the bedroom and create some babies lol. I’m here for it

    • Cough Cough February 1, 2018

      They have a song together, her Jay-Z and R Kelly. You late baby girl, YouTube

  9. Jo February 1, 2018

    This collabo smells like pee

  10. Dj February 1, 2018

    This btch singing in AutoTune AGAIN..
    I’ll pass…

    Every move she’s made in the last 7 years of her career have been less than Queen like…

  11. DanYiel Iman February 2, 2018

    I’m here for Lil’Kim but R. Pedophilia I’ll pass on!!

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