Lil Kim Hits The Studio With Fabolous

Published: Friday 23rd Feb 2018 by Sam

Lil Kim is cooking new music in the kitchen. And she’s tapped a notable name to help her.

Full story below…

Rap’s Queen Bee was snapped in the studio with fellow veteran Fabolous. Peep pics above and below…

The sighting comes as Kim, 41, gears up to release the long-awaited follow-up to 2005’s ‘The Naked Truth.’

In a bid to build buzz for the album, she dropped taster offering ‘Took Us A Break’ late last year and guested on Remy Ma‘s street single ‘Wake Me Up.’

Is it about to be Kimmy season all over again?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Just_blaze February 23, 2018

    Come on kimberly come hard.
    I hop its worth it.

    • Oliver February 24, 2018

      No one cares I guess?

  2. Dj February 23, 2018

    Lil Kim,

    A Fan….

  3. Your Name February 23, 2018

    It’ll flop like the last two singles. No one’s checking for her in 2018….

    • Blanco the god February 23, 2018

      Die !!!!!

    • Tori February 24, 2018

      The last two singles weren’t even promoted. Y’all use the word “flop” too loosely. Things can’t flop if they weren’t meant to fly!

      • GurlWepa1989 February 24, 2018

        stop making excuses for her, if it were meant to take off it would of taken off!!! Streaming were available, I mean C’mon now obviously ain’t nobody interested. The had her time.

  4. GurlWepa1989 February 24, 2018

    No one is checking for you Kim. Embrace your legendary status and go take care if your baby. Cardi is running the game right now. #HangItUp

  5. BootzShza February 24, 2018

    Dear Kim,
    A) don’t use auto tune
    B) leave the trap alone
    C) come back with that deep husky tone we initially fell in love with you for
    D) get a decent producer
    E) give us a hard beat and solid hook
    F) deliver the bars & lyrical content
    1996 Fans

      • Princess Jasmine (The Real Jasmine) February 24, 2018

        My top 3 Lil Kim songs are Rockin, Lighters Up, and Jump Off but I like a lot more of her songs as well.

    • NOBITCHASSNESS February 24, 2018


      None of this high pitch, squeaky, auto tune we’ve been getting.

      Come back hard Kim.

  6. NOBITCHASSNESS February 24, 2018

    I mean eh, Fab but is anyone THAT excited?

  7. DanYiel Iman February 24, 2018

    My B**** is still doing what she loves to do no matter what ANYONE say!! WerQ Lil’Kim!! 👑🐝 🐝 👑

  8. IAMME February 26, 2018


  9. Steven February 26, 2018

    Who’s that silver fox?

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