Solange Showers Praise On Azealia Banks / Reveals She Is Rebuilding Friendship With Mathew Knowles

Published: Thursday 1st Mar 2018 by David

Solange rocks the cover and pages of Billboard magazine this month, gliding through the publication to discuss music, life, love and politics as she quietly creates her new album.

Sure to love her interview with the magazine?

Azealia Banks.

Find out why below…

Who she loves musically?

Tierra Whack. She sent me a shirt that says, ‘Tierra Whack is my mom,’ and I wear it proudly. I love Cardi B. I can’t wait to hear what her album sounds like. Moses [Sumney] and Kelela put out incredible projects last year. Azealia Banks is putting out new music. I think she’s phenomenal. I saw Missy [Elliott] and Busta [Rhymes] and Kelly [Rowland] are putting out a record ‘Get It’ today, which I’m going home to listen to. Missy is… well, she’s my mom.

On diversity?

I would like to see more diversity in all institutions, and I don’t just mean in music and art and fashion. I would like to see more people who look like me making decisions. But I certainly don’t subscribe to [awards] as the only way, best way or most important way to celebrate work. Through Saint Heron [a brand, founded by Solange, that encompasses a record label, online publisher, management company and more], we hope to uplift and empower and tell our story and celebrate each other every day. I am certainly not going to wait for anyone else to tell us that we’re worthy of that. I watched my mother creating the space that she wanted to be in, whether that was a hair salon or small business or an idea she started in our garage.

On her parents’ relationship…

I knew I wanted to interview my parents when the album was done because I knew that if I interviewed them earlier in the process, it would shape and mold the way I personally related to my experience in New Iberia. Obviously, my parents are divorced, and getting the two of them in a room together was a powerful moment in time. They really led the conversation. I felt that because of my yearning to know, they were honest with me. I understood my father so much more. To sort out my adolescent and young adult years, there was still so much I needed to know because our relationship was not always very good. It’s still very much a work in progress. But I think I have a much clearer idea of the trauma that he experienced and how it felt like it was then generationally passed on to me. Both kind of existing in the white spaces as an “only,” and how much that can really shape and mold your experience of the world, race and identity. My mother, on the other hand, I knew how she felt. Heard it my whole life!



Solange’s new album is yet to bag a due date.

Your thoughts?

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  1. BeyKnowlesBest March 1, 2018

    Fantasea 2 on the way I’ve been type lol

  2. The Wig Snatcher March 1, 2018

    I hope he releases another good album this year.

  3. Mspat March 1, 2018

    Sounds like a win-win situation and can’t wait for the album to come out. I wish you nothing but the best.

  4. MessyBoots March 1, 2018

    A Seat at the Table was a landmark R&B album, one of the best mainstream pure R&B records of the decade. Hopefully, that vision continues to shine on her next LP. I can’t wait!

    • Superstar! March 1, 2018

      @MessyBoots – “A Seat at the Table was a landmark R&B album, one of the best mainstream pure R&B records of the decade” – The lies you tell.

      • ??? March 1, 2018

        lmao for real, the reach is real lmao

    • Mark111 March 1, 2018

      I have to agree. We’re talking R&B, most r&b album always have an upbeat urban track ft a rapper, nothing wrong with that, but just… overdone. And Seat was a great album with a message and album theme.

      • MessyBoots March 1, 2018

        Thank you, Mark111.

        The other two morons who replied to my comment have zero receipts to prove otherwise.

        ASATT has a score of 89 out of 100 on Metacritic, which is nearly universal acclaim.

        Solange won her first Grammy for Cranes In The Sky.

        Folks need to stop pretending like the 2010s produced a vast array of mainstream pure R and B hit albums. Idc what anyone says, ASATT was a splendid highlight of the 2010-2019 decade.

      • Superstar! March 1, 2018

        @Mark… – And Solange didn’t vary too much from the variation of an “R&B” song with a rapper. I do believe she has a song with Lil’ Wayne on that album that the world pretty much shee-uuttt-ed on.

        Her album was just GOOD not THE BEST OF THE DECADE in an R&B category. And guess what? After trying 2398589739748379 times it should be “good.” You throw the ball enough times at some points it’s bound to go in the hoop.

    • Superstar! March 1, 2018

      @Messy.. – So you are referring to YOURSELF and the dumba$$ that agreed with you as a moron eh? Sad. You referred to her album as the best R&B albums of the last DECADE. (Laughable) Again, THE LIES YOU TELL.

      I don’t give a crap if it had critical acclaim or not so I’m totally going to shee-uutt on your “receipt” and guess what? I ain’t gonna flush. Just say that you LIKED the chick, which is cool it appears that the world only LIKED her for 24 hours because I do believe that was the total amount of time her album was #1.

      • Electrikblue March 1, 2018

        Doesn’t matter she had a sold out tour. It’s so irritating that people like you get on here and hedge so harshly. Like have you watched the home videos of her creating this album? At least she’s doing something with her talents. What are you doing? Online ddcideing whas Gold or not based on your liking? Silly goose.

      • Superstar! March 1, 2018

        @Electrik…- Oh but it does matter dear. You know what I find “irritating,” people who think that it is OTHER PEOPLE’s JOBS to praise. People who think that someone can call you out and say that YOUR SHEE-UUTT stinks. When it does. In addition, you really need to learn to READ because I did give the woman some credit and said that her album was just “good” but it is MOST CERTAINLY NOT the best R&B album of the last decade.

        In regards to her “home videos” that has ABSOLUTELY NO BEARING on the ultimate product as it was only #1 for about 24 hours and I may even be generous with that little accolade. As I stated before SHE SHOULD BE DOING SOMETHING WITH HER time. Every human being should darlin’. If a man does not work he does not eat. It is written so she’d better make use of the limited talent that she has or else it be taken from her as it is also written.

        As for me and what I am doing with MY MANY TALENTS. Education, career, being the fabulous me, AS USUAL. I have a GOLD plaque too dear, I do believe that is called a Bachelor degree and soon that (1) Bachelor degree will become a total of (3). Then it’s off to get that DIAMOND STATUS. Yes that’s right a degree of the highest order my dear sweet dumb@** online poster.

        I suggest YOU find a talent, any talent, and yes I will count YOUR affinity for dee–uuck as a talent, and do something with that. Meanwhile, I will be continuing to soar high thanks to my education, determination and intelligence.

      • MessyBoots March 1, 2018

        @Superstar ..see this is why READING is fundamental you dumb b****! I never said THE BEST, I said “ONE of the best” and I d g a f how many essays you write to disagree w/ that.

    • Superstar! March 2, 2018

      @Messy.. – It’s still not one of the best. The only reason why she got any hype is because she put herself out there like a Black Fiona Apple. You know like she’s on something other when really she is just the same as any other artist in the neo-soul category.

      I don’t care how many times you write back. My opinion is my opinion and couldn’t care any less than I already do what some random SOLANGE fan, of all people, have to say about MY OPINION. Like I said you’re a fan and you like it and that’s nice because people like YOU and YOUR “SUPPORT” got her album at the top of the heap for about 24 hrs.

  5. Mark111 March 1, 2018

    Her TRUE EP is AMAZING and prob the most original album I heard in a long long time. I’m excited, but I feel the public will expect a Seat At The Table part 2, but I know she will do a 180, she always does and I’m looking forward to it.

    • Superstar! March 2, 2018

      @Mark… – Here’s the thing, the “public” isn’t expecting anything from Solange. It’s her few fans, which includes you, who will give her a hard time over anything that she puts out there that isn’t on par with this album.

      Don’t try to preface any future album by blaming the audience for it’s anticipated failure. (When you say that the “public” will expect any new album to sound like this one, you are basically saying that any future project will fail because it doesn’t sound like this one. Hence the “anticipated failure” statement.)

      Put the blame where it should belongs, with the artist and her “fans.”

  6. Chocolatebox777 March 1, 2018

    I feel Solange is a far better singer than her sister and comes off as more of a real person and not fake. Especially since she didn’t tolerate her brother in laws infidelity.

    • Light March 1, 2018

      “Solange is a far better singer than her sister”…?? You better go take your medication.

  7. RealNegro March 1, 2018

    I can’t wait to see what she crafts.

  8. Kim.Kesha& Pam March 1, 2018

    She gave praise on Cardi B as well. Why make it seem like the praise was only about Azealia?

  9. Bettie clayton March 1, 2018

    Love you girl. Love azelia banks. Such a pretty black girl. So are you asking. Best wishes to both of you.

  10. I HAte Whytht and. BLaAkc bitczzzz March 1, 2018

    They would be nothing without Matthew Knowles they are some ungrateful b******…….. he can sleep with who he chooses

  11. Yonce March 2, 2018

    Her & Azealia should do a record together.

  12. dydy972 March 4, 2018

    I applaud solange for setting her own rules and not let the music industry institutions dictate to her what awards she should get for what album or song.
    She validates herself and i think that’s one of the biggest reasons why her artistic creations are so much appreciated.

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