iTunes UK: Nicki Minaj’s ‘Chun Li’ Impacts British Top Twenty

Published: Sunday 15th Apr 2018 by David

Nicki Minaj‘s ability to move units the traditional way continues to spell success for the rapper and the well-oiled machine she’s created to churn out her music.

For, after moving over 30,000 units on iTunes alone within 24 hours in the USA, her new single ‘Chun Li’ has impacted the iTunes UK’s Top 20!

Good news below…

‘Li’ and its sister ‘Barbie Tingz’ lead the way for the rapper’s fun-filled new album and the world tour she is to embark on to carry its songs overseas!

Today, ‘Li’ is moving major units in the United Kingdom and now holds the #18 spot on iTunes UK while ‘Barbie Tingz sits comfortably at #26!

The songs’ success is powered pure sales and the critical mass’ thirst for standalone Nicki releases after watching her support jams fronted by the likes of Lil Uzi Vert, Migos, A$AP Ferg and Fergie via verses like the ones below.


Minaj, by way of pure sales and streams, is the most-awarded and highest-selling female rapper of all time.

Why do you think British public is supporting her new material?

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  1. Brent Christopher April 15, 2018

    an artist placing in the top spot or upper echelons of a goddamn itunes chart during the first week of newly released music is NO UNIQUE OR MAJORLY SUCCESSFUL feat! what big name artist doesnt top itunes or fit somewhere within the top 20 after a new release?

    make an article about where these two records land on the billboard mainstream single chart next week. she wont crack the top 40 with either one — and even IF by chance she does, the status will be very short lived.

    • Its me Gowrl April 15, 2018


    • Ejai April 15, 2018

      My point exactly! Very true!

    • Jasmine April 15, 2018

      I agree Brent. This is not a news story. One news story would suffice for all the chart posts:

      Title: The US Population Continues to Increase in Millions Every Year But People Ain’t Buying Music!!!!

      Article: Despite music being sold and streamed at pennies on the dollar the population at large ain’t buying music anymore. Music sales are over. Period!

      No need for anymore chart posts anymore.

      Just post new music and keep it moving.

  2. Its me Gowrl April 15, 2018

    It’s actually a nice song. She CAAAN flow but she such a bih

  3. Its me Gowrl April 15, 2018

    It’ll never even make billboard Top 20 here tho. Nice song tho. I can give her prop even tho I can’t stand dabitch

    • TRUTH SERUM April 15, 2018

      Gworl.. while you’re doing all that hating… I bet you know all the lyrics to Chun-Li. It’s a banger and it’s better than 90% of what male rappers are putting out. 8-10 years in the game and she’s still selling. Facts!!! My fave is good at Chess !

      • Its me Gowrl April 16, 2018

        And u suck at giving blow jobs ho. I will drag you!

  4. Sweetnothings78 April 15, 2018

    Re the U.K. supporting Nikki. Because ‘Li’ is actually a good song and fresh! She’s got good flow and her own sounds. So talent?

  5. tisha April 15, 2018


  6. Notyou April 15, 2018

    My biishh

  7. Blaaah April 15, 2018

    It’s never just about the music, it’s always about the propaganda and the machine push being shoved down our throats when it comes to Molestaj. This is why she’s 35 years old still industry slaving and tryna prove her truthtellers aka haters wrong! If she so established and up top, her old ass would move on to excel in other aspects of life like a family or having a man, but she’s so thirsty to recycle the same sh*t over and over just cuz her minions buy her trash.

    • BeyKnowlesBest April 15, 2018

      u mad !?

  8. I HATE .WHYyyyte n Blaaaxk. Bitchezzzzz April 15, 2018

    yeah but just last week before Barbie n li came out y’all were kissing up to the other b****

  9. KillMonger Was Right (Tyler) April 15, 2018

    Ok can someone explain why it took Nicki 4 months just to rhyme King Kong with King Kong 4 times lmao

    • ontherun April 15, 2018

      its a hook…hooks are always repetitive e.g. rihannas work

      now the verses were solid

      • Jayy April 15, 2018

        He knows that but because its Nicki he will act dumb. Glad he still gave her some streams tho

      • Abel Minaj April 15, 2018

        He’s mad he has nothing to actually say so he’s grasping at straws and forgetting his fav rhyming “I Slay” with itself 636383652 times or him stanning Panda ?

      • KillMonger Was Right (Tyler) April 15, 2018

        those songs were trash! pink Friday was the last good thing she’s done. she’s so desperate for relevancy its hilarious. cardi is on her neck. those flops will be forgotten by tomorrow

  10. April 15, 2018


  11. DanYiel Iman April 15, 2018

    IMO her music SUCKS & that’s that!!

  12. fkyour_MOMAGER April 16, 2018

    Chun Li sounds like Eve’s “Tambourine”… tell me i’m wrong

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