The Black Eyed Peas Reunite / New Music Coming?

Published: Thursday 5th Jul 2018 by Sam


Are the most popular incarnation of the Black Eyed Peas on the brink of a comeback?

Many fans are hoping so, after a new snap of the chart-toppers surfaced.

Details below…

The pic ironically came courtesy of Fergie, who took a lengthy hiatus from the Pop quad to focus on her solo project ‘Double Dutchess.’ She captioned the snap:

“4th with the fam @bep”

Not one’s to rest on their laurels,, Taboo, and Apl De Ap pressed on a trio for spot projects and occasionally drafted in singers to fill Fergie’s void.

With Fergie’s ill-fated set out of the way and the remaining Peas’ not catching the wave of success that they did with her on-board, surely the only logical step is to regroup? Collectively, it’s everyone in the equation’s best bet. Something about this feels like a purposeful tease too.

Time will tell. In the interim, what are…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Maurice Cassidy July 5, 2018

    i’m here for it.
    they all need each other to succeed, kinda like PCD

  2. Jeans July 5, 2018

    Yes totally here for it

  3. AfuckA July 5, 2018

    Child I’m glad Fergie realized she wasn’t Beyonce and that it was actually 2000 and late for her to go solo. Also, just because you got back in that group Fergie, don’t mean that we forgot about that horrific nba performance. We need another apology since the Fourth of July was yesterday.

    • Meiz July 5, 2018

      Must you fools linked everything to Beyonce. This has nothing to do with her, but somehow you find a way to bring her name up. It’s not like Beyonce is doing so well for herself like before though. Damn, you guys like worshiping that cow

  4. China July 5, 2018

    There time has passed…………………..sorry

    • Jasmine Da Bi Asian NOT Trashmine or TROLLmine??‍♀️??‍♀️ July 5, 2018

      Did you mean “their”? So eager to hate but can’t even use proper spelling. Girl!

      • Kyle Vanriel July 5, 2018

        Come up with a new shade now boo! Someone else said this already. Lame

  5. iamme July 5, 2018


    • Queen Missy ?? July 5, 2018

      Do you know what else has passed? Your incorrect use of “there”


      • The Wig Snatcher July 5, 2018

        Biiiiiiitch, I cannot stop from how badly you scalped her with that. I must proofread this message before I publish it.

      • Kyle Vanriel July 5, 2018

        Drag her. This is petty at it’s finest and classiest. You got checked boo.

  6. Who cares July 5, 2018

    Too little too late

    • Fancy BISH July 5, 2018

      *JoJo voice* ?

  7. Fact Checker July 5, 2018

    They will always be better together and even if they can’t make any new hits pop (Which they still possibly could) they can tour off their old hits alone. They rocked the Super Bowl NEVER FORGET!!

  8. Caleb July 5, 2018

    Didn’t they peep the sales of her 2nd album? I don’t know if she’s going to bring them chart success anymore.


    this is actually one of my groups along with Migos and outcast. But the BEPs are like Art to me and they had style for Decades

    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 5, 2018

      one of my *FAV groups

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