Iggy Azalea Talks New Single, Status of ‘Digital Distortion’ Songs, & More

Published: Thursday 9th Aug 2018 by Rashad

With her long-awaited ‘Survive the Summer’ EP finally available for purchase, Iggy Azalea’s pounding the promo pavement in its support. And, while the rapstress is gushing over the success of the set’s latest single, ‘K.R.E.A.M (featuring Tyga),’ and more, expectedly talking points in interviews always seem to steer toward some of the more controversial instances of the Grammy nominee’s career (i.e. romantic past, record label drama, financial woes, and more). A recent sit down with our buds at Idolator proved no different.

Candidly, Azalea tackled the hot topics including, but certainly not limited to: the status of ‘Digital Distortion’s content, why the Quavo-assisted ‘Savior’ was not included on her EP, her next single, and much more.

Look after the jump for some interesting quotes from the ‘Fancy’ hitmaker:


Q: ‘Savior’…I guess that was a buzz track?

A: I mean, I hate the word buzz track…it’s just a nice way of saying that didn’t work out, isn’t it? [Laughs].

I really liked “Savior.” It was really important to me. For me, it was the right first step to take. It shows personal growth and I wanted to have a song that talked about where I was at and dealt with things that I wanted to change or that I learned within myself. It was important for that message to get out there before I went and made Survive the Summer.

When I decided to change it to six songs, for me it just felt messy trying to pick six different energies. So that’s why I haven’t put “Savior” on there. Sonically, everything [else] is very aggressive.


Q: …are the songs from Digital Distortion gone forever?

They’re all gone. They’re gone forever.

even though it’s my work, I don’t have that attachment to having to put out every song that I make. There are so many songs I make that will never be on EPs. So I don’t really feel attached to that. I’m okay with them not coming out. And also, I recorded most of those songs on Digital Distortion in 2016, so I feel like I’m always learning and getting better, I just don’t think putting those out would be the best that I could do. I think I could do better than that and I want to do my best.


Q: Do you have any features or collaborations on the way?

A: I have a really cool collaboration coming out with DJ Fresh that I’m excited about. We’re mixing a song and it’s me and DJ Fresh’s collaboration. It’s gonna be out in the summer. In a matter of weeks. I’m really excited ’cause he’s going to have a music video. Click here for more

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  1. DC August 9, 2018

    Gloating over the success ??? of album i can’t ???

    • ??? August 9, 2018


  2. RealTalk August 9, 2018

    Im loving this new era for iggy. Haters will have to deal.

  3. Beam Me Up Scotty August 9, 2018

    I’m excited about her new single and I am glad she had some success with her new EP.

  4. Azalean since The New classic August 9, 2018

    Iggy is finally back! I think “STS” was a step in the right direction to give us something to hold us over till the album drops! Hopefully she will tour around the release of the album in the meantime continue to push “Kream” and maybe drop “Omg” in like October i think she needs to focus on “Kream” until the end of September that song has potential

    • Lake Erie August 9, 2018

      Right! ASAP. I feel like her team needs to work harder. Kream has BIG potential.

  5. ??? August 9, 2018

    lmaooo this FLOP is still trying to make fetch happen? lmfaooo???

  6. DanYiel Iman August 10, 2018

    Her music sounds better than Nicki Minaj fraudulent singles she’s been forcing folks to like but are FLOPS!!

    • Justafan August 10, 2018

      Period. Iggy’s new bops are on a different level than Onika’s pop garbage

  7. IWISHABITCHWOULD August 13, 2018

    FOR ONCE! You guys in the comment section are getting it right! Iggy’s new era is taking me back to the Pu$$y & My world (2011) days when she used to go hard over real hip hop beats when she 1st came out.

    Iggy is still the best female MC of this decade IMHO. All of her singles are bops and of good quality, lyricism and true artistry.. its just the hating ass unforgiving industry that is the problem.

    Kream has potential to be a major hit, top ten even. OMG as well. I need a full album release this aint enough songs to hold me over for a year!

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