Beyonce & Jay-Z To Receive GLAAD Vanguard Honor For LGBTQ Advocacy

Published: Monday 11th Mar 2019 by Sam

Beyonce and Jay-Z are no stranger to accolades, but their latest honor may be one of the most important salutes they’ve received yet.

For, it’s been announced that music’s first couple will be presented with the Vanguard award at the 30th annual GLAAD Media Awards later this month.

Details below…

The power pair will be celebrated for being allies who’ve have made a significant difference in promoting acceptance of LGBTQ people.

They join a potent list of previous honorees that include Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Whoopi Goldberg, Britney Spears and Elizabeth Taylor. 

Organizers for the ceremony, which takes place on March 28th at the Beverly Hilton in LA, tout the couple’s practice of using their global platforms to share messages that inspire and change the world for the better.

In Bey’s case, she has spoken out against laws that would discriminate against LGBTQ people in states including North Carolina and celebrated the passage of marriage equality nationwide, saying that “everyone has the right to love who they love.”  She has also spoken out loudly for LGBTQ youth and told her followers on social media that “LGBTQ students need to know we support them.”

Queen Bey has included LGBTQ people and couples in videos for ‘Formation’ and ‘All Night’ and notably dedicated her performance of ‘Halo’ to the victims and survivors of the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting during ‘The Formation World Tour.’ Elsewhere, Ivy Park, her athleisure clothing line, proudly showcased transgender actress Laverne Cox as one of the featured faces in one of the brand’s biggest promos to date.

Jay, a pilar of the Hip-Hop community, has over the last few years become increasingly vocal about his belief in LGBTQ equality.

He also received the GLAAD Special Recognition Award in 2018 for his song and music video, ‘Smile,’ which featured his mother Gloria Carter coming out as a lesbian.

Speaking in a statement, GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said:

“Beyoncé and Jay-Z are global icons and passionate defenders of human rights and acceptance for all people. When Beyoncé and JAY-Z speak, the world becomes inspired and when it comes to LGBTQ people, their voices of acceptance have been heard loud and clear. We could not be prouder to stand with them to send a message of love during the biggest LGBTQ event in the world and to honor their work to bend the arc of justice forward for LGBTQ people, people of color, and marginalized communities everywhere.”

Much deserved! Congrats!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Nasty Toxic Snatch March 11, 2019

    WOW they’re always doing things to support those who aren’t celebrated! ? Congratulations for sure!! Beyoncé & Shawn Carter!!

  2. ayyye March 11, 2019

    when i think of liz taylor starting a h**/a*** foundation and janet releasing songs that address homophobia and donating the proceeds to a*** research…most of these new honorees seem like a stretch…seems like anyone who borrows from gay culture gets this now

  3. Jazzy Bi Asian ??‍♀️??‍♀️ March 11, 2019

    Janet supported AÏDS foundations, made songs about her experiences with gays, had a large part of her dancers gày and has always publicly spoke up for gàys and acceptance.

    Madonna has done exactly the same.

    Mariah has a sister with AÎDS and has funded lots of things for the gáy community through the fresh air fund and her camp Mariah fundraising efforts..

    Beyonce made one rainbow IG post when gày marriage was passed and has a whole team of gays but I’ve never seen her Speak out or highlight anything in particular that would make her a huge supporter of gay rights. CHRISTINA AGUILERA deserves this before beyonce and most certainly before Jay Z.

    • XYZ March 11, 2019

      Exactly what i thought. This is a stretch. I mean, every one that supports the community is warmly welcomed, but the GLAAD? They mostly talked about the community in interviews and Beyoncé used an already famous actress for advertisements and publicity. Meanwhile, Christina, Miley and so many others do something good for the community while not just posting icons on social media and get nothing.

      As I said, good that the carters are supportive, but I (!) don’t think they deserve this Award.

    • Jazzy Bi Asian ??‍♀️??‍♀️ March 11, 2019

      That’s literally the only thing Beyoncé’s done in specific support of gays. An IG post ?

      • I can’t March 11, 2019

        It’s not, but even if it was friend, why give her an award for it? Would that not a reflection of the gay community idolizing superficial champions? Because by and large, whether you like it or not the gay community recognizes Beyonce as one of their icons. And if she hasn’t done anything worth being that, that’s on them, lol not her. ? Pick better role models if that’s how it is.

  4. Brent Christopher March 11, 2019

    WHY does GLAAD constantly give such praise & honor to straight CELEBRITIES as opposed to simply honoring those within the LGBT community (non celebrity) who are doing the same things on ground level EVERY DAY of their lives?

    • SMH March 11, 2019

      Exactly. These two have literally done NOTHING for the gay & lesbian community. Just another purchased “accolade” for their egos.

  5. Gee March 11, 2019

    Most awards given to entertainers nowadays are based on ego and promotion opposed to awards being given based on actual merits. Personally I do not see any issues with The Carters receiving this recognition as they have been using their platforms to speak for social issues worldwide.

  6. Clarkson March 11, 2019

    Gays worship beyonce but She has done nothing for gays. She and her husband came to Africa, they murder gays in Africa, did she speak up?NO
    Just because we love her music that doesn’t mean she deserves this award. Last year they gave Britney spears, can u imagine.

    Jay z deserves it more, at least his mom is a lesbian and he has come out in support

  7. Clarkson March 11, 2019

    Miley cyrus
    Adam Lambert
    Kasey musgrave (for a country musician to show support to the lgbt community, that is career suicide, but she doesn’t give a F***, she supports gays)
    Ezra Miller
    Arianna grande
    Sam smith
    Lady gaga

  8. ChrisFresh March 11, 2019

    Congrats! Add Queen Lamb Mariah to previously awarded celebs

  9. Seth March 11, 2019

    Love Bey but she’s done the minimum for being an LGBT advocate. Nowhere near what Madonna, Janet, Cher, Kylie, Gaga, X-tina and P!nk have done or even close to Britney and Mariah. This is not well deserved and more like she’s getting it just for having gay fans

  10. Sheltop March 11, 2019

    As a member of the LGBT community. I do not believe they deserve this Honor. They Borrow from our culture. But they damn sure have never been the advocates foe gay rights. If anything. Beyonce has always stood for Womens rights(which i love). And Jay-z chile please… when you get one of these fire ass (openingly gay) rappers on a track and stand by him through any backlash then you’ll get my attention. Until then…… FIND ANOTHER HONORE TO HONOR PLEASE

    • Whoops ??‍♀️??? March 11, 2019

      Jay Z did that exact thing for Frank Ocean… you want him to find a gay rapper to support just to prove a point to you? That sounds counterproductive.

      But I have a genuine question, and I’m asking because I don’t know the answer. Obviously there’s cultural elements that everybody created, but who do you think started the process. Did the gay community first use female diva icons to shape their culture, or do you think it was it the other way around? Because as far as I can see, the inspiration is not one sided…

  11. Tru March 11, 2019

    I don’t agree, are we just going to forget when Beyoncé was looking for make dancers and she discriminated against gay dancers specifically feminine gay dancers. She said she only wanted masculine male dancers. She is only an advocate when it benefits her

  12. LiberalsAreIdiots March 29, 2019

    Trash award for bullshyt LGBTQ propaganda….. Glaad is #sad

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