Teedra Moses Reflects On The Importance Of Ownership With ‘Dip It Low’ Story

Published: Tuesday 9th Apr 2019 by Sam

Teedra Moses is the definition of endurance.

Once a stylist to the stars, the songbird found her calling as a critically acclaimed singer-writer – crafting classics for such ‘Complex Simplicity.’

She also has penned smashes for many others – including Christina Milian‘s 2004 ‘Dip It Low.’

With the song reaching its 15th anniversary this week, Moses has reflected on how the release changed her life.

A valuable lesson awaits below…

Via Teedra Moses:

15 years ago #ChristinaMiliana released #DipitLow on this day. (Video styled by my bestest friend @nonjamckenzie ) Months after I learned what it meant to own your own publishing. I didn’t have a place for my kids and i to live when this record dropped. My children where staying with their grandmother and i was sleeping on couches. I will never forget that next January when the 1st @bmi check came showing payments for Dip It Low… the first check alone was $349,000 and every three months after big ass checks would come in.

More work started to come and my financial situation changed drastically. Moral to the story is #OWNERSHIP!!! I have been in countless situations where i could have sold my publishing and got the money i needed to help me out of a bad financial situation but i never did.

Now I not only own my publishing but i have started to retain ownership of the masters of any music i put out. Labels will find anyway not to pay you but when they are simply distributors and they NEVER gave you a dime to make your music… when its time to pay you there is NO BULLSH*T! All they can do is RUN ME MY MONEY!!

I NEVER cared about fame but i ALWAYS cared about my bag and the healthiness of such bags! Independence ain’t for everybody but i realised that its the only real way for an artist like me to get the money I work for… #period

More power to her.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Mi April 9, 2019


  2. I hate b&w b itchezz . They both not sht April 9, 2019

    And we appreciate hearing about her news….why didn’t she write another hit for milian, why didn’t SHE just sing it herself, why did you give a music career to Christina and NOT you……..if you have kids are you writing for them why Christina

    • Jussiesbailmoney April 9, 2019

      Girl, f_ck you!

    • Terrence April 9, 2019


    • Dev April 9, 2019

      Well this is easy to answer…

      You give a song to a more established artist with not only a bigger fanbase than you but with the machine of a major label behind it you will get some kind of cheque. You take a risk of a really good song being released by you an unknown independent artist, then there are no cheques unless you blow up or someone popular covers it afterwards.

      Teedra Moses’s Complex Simplicity is one of my all time favourite albums from start to finish, but would never reach the highest of an already established Christina who was selling an image that beast really Teedra’s, but a song that was, and established her as a song writer as you could hear her style with other artists that she wrote for.
      It’s the same as the Missy situation, Missy has often said that she doesn’t feel that she is a good enough singer to sing all of these classic hits that other artists have sung of hers, you write the song, produce, give to an artist who can do the job and an business that will promote it and make money.
      Sound sensible to me.

  3. AB April 9, 2019

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  4. Nicky April 9, 2019

    It would be nice to give inspiration without cursing, arrogance , slang talk. Disgusting. Remain humble

    • pon_de April 9, 2019

      Shut the f*ck up. Gotdayum ya’ll ho’s find anything to nitpick at even when someone is dropping knowledge. Go read an Ikea manual if you want some dry talk.

  5. LUCKI April 9, 2019

    Teedra is severely underrated. Her album “Complex Simplicity” is an R&B masterpiece. I wish she would have received more recognition for her works, but she’s still eating off of royalties so she’s good.

    • John L. Anderson V April 9, 2019

      The good ones always are underrated

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