Chart Check: Beyonce’s ‘Before I Let Go’ Becomes Her 60th Hot 100 Hit

Published: Saturday 4th May 2019 by Rashad

Both the Billboard 200 and Hot 100 welcomed music superstar Beyonce home thanks to entries from her live album, ‘Homecoming.’

As we previously reported (click here to read), the diva placed two projects in the album chart’s top 10 (‘Homecoming’ and her last studio effort, 2016’s ‘Lemonade’).  But, in case that wasn’t enough, the latter project’s only “new” cut – ‘Before I Let Go’ – earned a placement on the refreshed Hot 100.  A remake of the classic 1981 hit by Frankie Beverly & Maze, ‘Let’s appearance on the singles chart – fueled in great part by the #BeforeILetGoChallenge – comes as a milestone for songstress as it made her the fourth female artist in history to amass at least 60 entries on the tally.

Trailing only Nicki Minaj (whose 102 Hot 100 entries makes her the leader among women), Taylor Swift (78), and Aretha Franklin (73), Bey’s latest chart achievement joins a bevy of accomplishments the singer’s collected over her historic 20+ year career.

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  1. ME May 4, 2019

    Longevity!! Iconic!! Living legend!!

    • RollingInTheDeep May 4, 2019

      Adele 21>>>>> Beyonce Discography
      Taylor Swift Fearless>>>>>> Beyonce Discography

      • Justme May 4, 2019

        You can tell someone age just by you saying this.. your definitely delusional and to young and uneducated.. Taylor and adele don’t even believe they’re better than beyoncè in anything but you do.

      • RollingInTheDeep May 4, 2019

        Its a fact that Adele and Taylor is more popular and outsold Beyonce in different level

        That is not delusion, its a fact
        Beyonce is no better or superior than Adele or Taylor

        I don’t like Beyonce’s music now
        She used to be good in Destinys child

        Aretha is better than Beyonce in singing
        Tina is better than Beyonce on performance

      • ME May 4, 2019

        Beyonce discography is over 200 million records, Adele isn’t. Also Adele will tell you, who her Queen is.

      • ME May 4, 2019

        Rolling in the deep that’s your opinion, just like everyone has an ass, and yours isn’t special.

      • FentyBeuty May 4, 2019

        Beyoncé didnt sold 200 million records, don’t lie

        Beyoncé with Destiny’s Child sold 100 million copies worldwide

        1. Madonna 300million
        2. Celine Dion 250million
        3.Mariah Carey 225 million
        4. Whitney Houston 200million
        5. Barbara Streisand 175million
        6. Shania Twain 160million
        7.Britney Spears, Cher 150million
        8. Rihanna 145million
        9.Taylor Swift, Shakira 140million
        10. Beyonce w/ Destiny’s Child 100 million

      • gina May 4, 2019

        Youre missing Janet Jackson with 180 million sold.

      • ME May 4, 2019

        Lies, you mean Beyonce over 100 million plus DC 60 million and it haven’t been updated in years

      • FentyBeuty May 4, 2019

        Updated stats of female divas:
        1. Madonna 325million
        2. Celine Dion 275million
        3.Mariah Carey 250million
        4. Whitney Houston 210million
        5. Barbara Streisand, JanetJackson=180million
        6. Shania Twain 170million
        7.Britney Spears, Cher, Diana Ross 160million
        8. Rihanna 150million
        9.Taylor Swift, Shakira 145million
        10. Beyonce 120 million (75million as Destinys Child + 35 million solo

  2. Clarkson May 4, 2019

    The struggle is real. Even after starting a lame dance challenge. Smh

  3. Justme May 4, 2019

    I live the haters.. the article is about her 60 hit. All the artist that’s name Taylor, nicki, Aretha all these songs did not make the top 10 or #1 they made the top 100. That could be at #78. People love to hate anything beyonce. That’s ok. She is still the queen over everything

    • MR RCW May 4, 2019

      That’s where you’re wrong! Aretha will always be the Queen FYI

  4. FentyBeuty May 4, 2019

    Beyonce is the new Nicki Minaj

    She is trailing Nicki for most charted female artist with featured

    Too bad Aretha and Taylor is ahead of her

    • MR RCW May 4, 2019

      Too bad?! You sound crazy!!! All hail the Queen of Soul. How dare you try to discredit the best to ever do it…thank Aretha paving the way for the young girls. Aretha was the IT GIRL…she had those records when it was look at as impossible to achieve…foh

      • FentyBeuty May 4, 2019

        I was saying it in a positive way. Aretha is the most charted female artist of all time without features

        Rest in peace Queen of Soul

  5. FentyBeuty May 4, 2019

    Beyonce is flop????

  6. BeyonceFan May 4, 2019

    I just purchased Beyonce Homecoming Live Album in iTunes❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Guys it’s good, it’s my workout playlists!!!
    Guys let’s support Bey
    She works hard for her music for her fans to ?

    • Unnatural May 4, 2019

      ????? dude chill. You support it and be fine. If you saw the show the live album is nothing special. It’s all stale at this point.

  7. ??? May 4, 2019

    Lmaooo and yet the roach can only sell 14k albums, her spin game is no joke lmfaooooo ? ?? ?

  8. SMH May 4, 2019

    60 chart entries and 60 hits are two totally different things. I swear her team brings spin doctoring to a whole new level lol???

  9. Pat May 4, 2019

    A flop. I’m shocked at how low the YouTube numbers r

  10. Ratedxxx May 4, 2019

    Beyondfake has sold over 200million

    Get the fugg. Out of here……she’s no where near mariah, britney” celine and Madonna.
    Without Destiny child..beyonce would be a huge flop
    How come She’s the only Destiny. Child who uses their numbers..

    Because. Both kelly and Michelle are called flops..
    Smoke and mirrors

  11. L’ORANGE May 4, 2019

    It was a terrible remake

  12. Unnatural May 4, 2019

    It wld be impressing it were actually her song but because its a remake of an original…?.

    • I hate b&w b itchezz . They both not sht May 4, 2019

      Yup and she still can’t hit a note like Whitney Houston.

      • I hate b&w b itchezz . They both not sht May 4, 2019

        I see why she gotta break out the g string up her ass…..cuz darling the industry is furious .. After Whitney Houston…the writers just can’t write like that for a thief like Beyonce and Mariah .

        Whitney Houston was a beautiful icon who should have won at THE 2019 BB MA .


      • Tyane May 4, 2019

        Quit smoking witneys crack. MC is a much better singer & SONGWRITTER

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