Taylor Swift Addresses ‘Me’s “Underperformance”

Published: Saturday 25th May 2019 by David

The standards are high when one’s star is a big as Taylor Swift which is why her smash hit single ‘ME’ has faced talk that is underperforming despite the fact it is one of the largest singles of the year….globally.

Find out why she isn’t bothered below…

She told the ‘Independent’…

It seems like everyone is trying to be so cool and over everything and ready to criticise whatever people make. I mean there are even articles like “Here’s how Twitter feels about _______!” and people are actively being as scathing as possible or taking the piss out of everything because they get attention for it now.

I wanted to put out something that, by nature of it being so buoyant, was actually the opposite of what culture is doing right now. Will it work? I don’t really care. It’s just fun to sing about being in a good mood for a change.


The performer’s last album ‘Reputation’ saw her focus on themes surrounding rage, betrayal, hate and revenge which inspired her decision to step into happier territory with ‘ME’ and its supporting studio set. Unfortunately, despite the glory it has garnered on the Billboard H0t 100, it has failed to be as impactful as her earlier releases and struggled to shine when placed next to tracks launched by Lil Nas, Khalid and Billie Eillish.

Do you think the album will fare the same way?

Your thoughts?

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  1. olusheyi banjo May 25, 2019

    It’s a cool song but I’m kind of over Taylor Swift already.

  2. Tino May 25, 2019

    Its basic and corny life her other bubble gum pop s***

    • Jasmine May 25, 2019

      I agree but at least Taylor is doing far better than FLOP Ci-Error.

      • Faf May 25, 2019

        And they both sold more than 460 first week!! We love queens who write they own s***

      • Jasmine May 26, 2019

        460 what? KFC value meals? Buy one 2 piece get a C-Error album free? Stretch Marks ain’t sell sh!t. It debuted at 87K on the charts and that is a fact! Less than 5K sold. All that promo for a flop album. Taylor ain’t sh|t either but at least her fans put their money where their mouth is. U better use ur EBT card cash allowance and buy C-Error’s album instead of just flapping ur toothless gums about it! Fake fan!

  3. ??? May 25, 2019

    Lmaooo why should she be bothered, I mean it’s not like she’s gonna flop hard with 14k or something like that lmfaooooo ? ?? ?

  4. Brent Christopher May 25, 2019

    I hope this is her lowest performing album commercially & most panned, critically. She is a walking billboard for white privilege & it’s about time that her presence amongst middle Americans is torn down & abolished. She is DISGUSTING!!

    • Opp May 25, 2019

      I don’t understand your hate. Why are you so bitter?

      • Brent Christopher May 25, 2019

        I CLEARLY just outlined why I do not appreciate her presence. I CLEARLY explain the dislike. How are you still confused??

      • XYZ May 25, 2019

        Because she is white

    • Yeh sure May 25, 2019

      Why is she disgusting?
      She make music for the younger person, maybe not your thing, but that doesn’t mean she’s bad. So because she is loved by white people in a white dominated place like USA, this is white privilege.. seems like you have a problem with white peoples supporting their own. I think that’s your problem.

      • Brent Christopher May 25, 2019

        you clearly aren’t intelligent if you don’t SEE why Taylor Swift has been planted in the music industry & exactly what it is she represents. please OPEN YOUR EYES my dear ol’ naive one.

    • Lanafan1 May 25, 2019

      You need a life. You’re hateful af

    • Jay May 26, 2019

      Everything you said is so true!! She’s super mediocre and ppl praise her for simply doing the minimum but then again… that’s white privilege for ya! ??‍♂️

  5. Haterz Gon‘ Hate May 25, 2019

    It think it’s time for Taylor’s KATY PERRY

    • Haterz Gon‘ Hate May 25, 2019

      I think it’s time for Taylor Swifts KATY PERRY WITNESS ERA MOMENT – her fans have grown and she’s tried to take them from quasi dark introspective pop to candy floss Disney microwave pop – and hopefully she is humbled by the fact that this is artistically lazy and shows zero growth and it’s her lowest charting album. How did she and her label sit in the boardroom previewing this track and conclude it was good Pop Music ? Atrocious.

      • Faf May 25, 2019

        That’s not gonna happen . Taylor Swift has sold almost 2 mil in a week. Even her Katy Perry era would do numbers she has a much larger presence and Nashville still supports her a country audience is unwavering

      • Brent Christopher May 25, 2019

        @faf shut your patriotic behinds up! … talking about hick town & redneck music. you’re disgusting!!

      • Karter May 25, 2019

        @Faf “Almost 2 mill in a week” and less than that for the remainder of the years since lol. How can you have an album debut with 1 million + in sales and stall at 2 million in the years following?? …FRONT LOADED, not to mention the preorders ??‍♂️. Her “Witness” era is very much possible.

      • PinotNoir May 27, 2019

        Guess they thought they would bank on the yucky guy’s social media tween adoration. Wrong.

      • PinotNoir May 27, 2019

        Someone powerful at her former record label must have been pissed by her departure, and pulled a Tommy Mottola on her new record. And the song is awful!

  6. Clarkson May 25, 2019

    That line “hey kids spelling is fun” is the most stupidest thing I have ever heard. The song is too damn childish.

    Taylor I love u but come on, u need to grow the hell up. I was expecting a country pop dolly Parton sound for this new era of yours instead ur giving me high school musical realness.

    • PinotNoir May 27, 2019

      She’s lived long enough to have better stories to tell. Her songs never back a cause, or shed light on a world problem, or even contain meaningful advice to her younger fans.

  7. Tyty May 25, 2019

    She doesn’t grow up that’s her problem does she think her fans are still 12? Growing artistically instead of trying to get a hit song on Billboard was what she was supposed to do. She is so fake it’s unbelievable. The fact she is as big as she is is astonishing in itself.

  8. KingMark111 May 25, 2019

    Girl your time is up. Your “bad bitcch” era underperformed and this era will flop. No one is trying to hear a 30 year old Yt woman sing kid bobs. It was a nice run, but like Britney, Gaga, Katy and so many others, next!

    • POPS MOTHER May 25, 2019

      Gaga is completely fine with her grammys, movie awards and critical acclaim for her movie and soundtrack with Bradley Cooper. Katy , Britney and Taylor yes but not Gaga she changes her style too much and will never be irrelevant

      • Pedonika May 26, 2019

        Too bad Gaga’s face looks like shiit and no one finds her attractive. She’s an ugly flop

  9. XYZ May 25, 2019

    She is turning 30 and that song sounds embarrassingly immature. She needs to grow up and start releasing mature sounds as her audience is growing as well. I mean, she already released better material with her last albums, so this songs sounds more or less like a step back

    • Nice Try May 25, 2019

      Smh.. Yet Thirsty Ciara keeps holding on to her for dear life that Taylor will help her get into white spaces. Taylor shout her album out and that didn’t help. Ciara posted Taylor’s screenshot bragging. Like sis, please. I’ve never seen someone chase an audience repeatedly that have shown their true colors again and again.. ciara has no fanbase at this point. She doesn’t like herself. Going platinum in R&B is beneath her. She’d rather get Top 40 on paid radio that doesn’t equate to Spotify , Billboards, nor Apple charting… She’s agressive in her dancing and is tough… the whites kids can’t relate

      • Karter May 25, 2019

        What does this have to do with Ciara?? Anyways, Ciara’s problem isn’t the audience she caters to (1. Just because she’s black doesn’t mean she ALWAYS has to push urban music. 2. Even her more urban influenced albums as of late have flopped… ??‍♂️.) Ciara’s problem is Ciara herself… her music just isn’t popping like it used to. No matter the audience she caters to, the music just isn’t good.

  10. Theman May 25, 2019

    The song is a hit. Twitter bums be doing a lot.

  11. Wonder Woman May 25, 2019

    She clearly does care, she was tweeting links every other minute, released vertical, lyric ,live and official music videos.. b**** even released a “limited” vinyl only to debut at #2

  12. What y’all talking about? May 25, 2019

    So not a fan but the song is #2 in the country…….sooo I’m lost why there’s discussion about it underperforming. Are y’all serious right now? For a kid track it’s doing just fine…….do I want her to go away…..YES ABSOLUTELY!

    • PinotNoir May 27, 2019

      Expectation was high after her new record deal. I, somehow, felt the new label shift would hurt her. A tiny part of me is kinda glad I was right.

  13. Karter May 25, 2019

    As much as I do NOT LIKE TS, why is she giving explanations on why a song that debuted at #2 is “underperforming”? The song may falling week by week but it’s still in the top 10… make it make sense. This generation is so caught up in number ones and apparently, if a song doesn’t reach number one it’s considered a “flop”…the dumbest ish ever. TS just doesn’t have a lane yet… you can’t try the “mature” music with one album then return to your basic, bubbly, teenage (when you’re in your late 20s- early 30s) sound with the next, it’s not going to work… especially when your main audience is aging.

    • PinotNoir May 27, 2019

      I’m with you. Looks like she started off mature, then went bratty with 1989. Just like is the problem with Madonna trying to appeal to millenials at almost 60, Swift is losing audiences because fans her age are getting engaged/married/pregnant/divorced/foreclosures … and she’s talking about only God knows what. Heck, she won’t even address her mom’s cancer in song. But then, she’s always come across as immature. Now that exacting revenge on her flings through song has taken a dive, courtesy of a stable relationship with a younger leech, her niche has become clear: dumped pre-teens. And not catering to those has affected her selling power. Good! Some humble pie will, definitely, look good on that skeletal figure.

  14. Taisir Daibes May 26, 2019

    Yall haters be talking s*** about her because u dont have nothing in ur lives except saying negativity.. I mean look at​ her awards and look for facts about her grossing and success…
    Swiftie till​ i die
    ALL she do is spreading positivity and kindness

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