The Stream Scene: Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Jess Lamarre & Cardi B Sizzle On YouTube & Spotify

Welcome to another edition of The Stream Scene, a feature carved out to keep you in the loop with all things streaming!

On the menu today? Facts and figures on tracks dropped by Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Jess Lamarre and Cardi B.

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As the highest-selling/streamed female rapper of all time Nicki Minaj has set a number of records on the platforms her music is housed on.

In the earlier stages of her career a number of these records were set on iTunes and now, despite a rocky 2018, she sees herself doing the same on YouTube and Spotify.

The latest track to extend her lead as Hip-Hop’s reigning queen? ‘Chun Li.’

‘Li’ was released to support her latest album ‘Queen’ and peaked at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #26 in the United Kingdom. This week, it has propelled the rapper even higher into the streaming stratosphere after its official Spotify figure reached the 160 million mark…one of the highest-streamed Rap jams of all time.


It has sold over 2 million units to date.

Taylor Swift is faring just as well.

Her fun-filled new single ‘ME’ has been spun 133 million times on Spotify since April 26th as its video sings to the tune of 191 million spins on YouTube.

Not bad for a single the star’s critics have called “a flop.”

The track has already been certified Silver in the United Kingdom (200,000 units) and moved 193,000 copies in its opening week in the United States with help from the fan base Swift undoubtedly hopes will carry its parent album to glory on the Billboard 200.



Jess Lamarre (also known as Jess Love) makes her first appearance on The Stream Scene thanks to the numbers she’s garnered with her Chris Grant-backed jam ‘OlThingBack.’

The track’s video was released one month ago and secured 8200 spins on YouTube pushing its total streams to the 20,000 marker across all platforms much to the delight of the independent artist’s small but growing fan base…and spins from the British radio station Pulse 88.


Her new single ‘Contact’ will soar into action in the coming weeks.

Last but not least is the Hip-Hop siren Cardi B!

With 26 million monthly listeners on Spotify the entertainer stands tall as one of the service’s highest-moving collaborators. Her latest single ‘Press’ only serves to strengthen this relationship.

For, the tune has been streamed 4.2 million times since Friday while its official YouTube serving sits at the 6.3 million point….a positive sign for her label now that they are gearing up to release her sophomore studio set.


The track is currently the seventh highest-selling track on iTunes USA.

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  1. WIll_xo June 2, 2019

    Congrats Cardi B and Nicki gurl get us a bad ass jam I’m still rooting for you

  2. Brenda June 2, 2019

    SERIOUSLY, I wish you sissies would STOP pushing this narrative that Nicki Minaj is presently some reigning force in the industry. Whatever she mildly accomplished in numbers between 2009-2017, pales in comparison to the MAJOR HIT her personality, star status & likeness has taken over the past year and a half. NO ONE outside of her raging homosexual & ratchet female fans are here for ANYTHING her name is attached to. Nicki RUINED her career with that p*** poor attitude of hers & overballooned body to match. I get so sick & tired of you punks posting articles focused on other noted artists, but leading with Nicki’s PAST accomplishments. I hope her yesteryear numbers and streams and charting are enough to feed her everlasting ego, because for as long as Cardi B reigns aboard the music industry plane, Nicki will never see chart of award stage glory again. Look at how sub par & bloated Nicki looked at the Met Gala. That just goes to show you how far she has fallen from grace. STOP POSTING ARTICLES talking about what WAS. Make a post about how every song she has hopped on since Remy inhialated her on Shether, hasn’t even gone plastic or Saran Wrap status. Nicki is a FRAUD and so are these ridiculous “streaming” posts you all scrap together when there’s nothing else to talk about.

    • ? June 2, 2019

      Calm down Brenda.

    • Minaj Mania June 2, 2019

      You seem very rattled Brenda. Take your medication and you’ll be okaaaaaay.

    • Selina June 2, 2019

      Brenda has her panties in a twist because this proves how superior Minaj is even when she’s not at her best. It’s ok dear.

    • Ajm265 June 2, 2019

      Nicki must have not paid off your student loans….

    • Karter June 2, 2019

      Now THIS is the definition of “pressed and bothered” ??. It’s called history, Brenda. No matter how you feel about Nicki, she is who she is (the highest selling female rapper of all time) and your hating @$$ ain’t gone change that.

    • Cara June 3, 2019

      Whatever Brenda you said its not going to change Nicki’s legacy.Yes Cardi is trying her best but Nicki is always her Queen.Cardi will never do what Nicki has done and Nicki is the one who paved way for her.So,b**** be humble and sit down

  3. Caleb June 2, 2019

    So we are gonna count a stream on YouTube like she sold a whole album? ? No wonder people call her the best selling even though Lauryn Hill’s one album sold more than all 4 of hers combined.

  4. Michael Deveport June 2, 2019

    Nicki, although not having the best past year will always have relevancy at least for the foreseeable future. The checks are still being cashed! Taylor, love to hate her but she’s mastered timing and marketing. Jess, wow wasn’t expecting that. I can see her going somewhere issa mood! And lastly Cardi, not a fan of the track just yet but you already know all of us will be reciting it by the end of the month. She’s still that girl for now!

  5. High Price June 3, 2019

    #PopUpGuessWhoBish ! Lol. The song is a bop hands down. People are already quoting lyrics as captions.

  6. brielle June 3, 2019

    Jess Lamarre and Cardi B both bops!!! cute video

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