Meg Thee Stallion Readies Nicki Minaj Interview?

Published: Saturday 1st Jun 2019 by David

Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion may be readying a conversation for ‘Queen’ radio.

Full story below…

Minaj’s fans were given reason to believe that Stallion will appear on the rapper’s hit Apple Music show ‘Queen Radio’ following the release of her album ‘Fever’ which spawned the jams ‘Money Good’, ‘Simon Says’ and ‘Dance.’

Meg was launched by 3000 Entertainment and has enjoyed monumental popularity online thanks to a fan base who carried the track to #65 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Stay tuned.

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  1. JAQUALA FLETCHER June 1, 2019

    Long as nicki don’t go sneak dissing after.

    • King of Kingz June 1, 2019

      Nah Nicki has already shown her love & respect for her pen game.

  2. Rico June 1, 2019

    Why not hop on big ole freak remix n make it a challenge Nicki ?. Since you made thotiana hot as u say… ??? That way the song could blow up even bigger ?…. Nicki is playing chess remember guys not checkers but chess..

  3. Keikei June 1, 2019

    Well we know Meg Fuchs Ruth Cardi and Kim too so this will be interesting..:

    • Keikei June 1, 2019


  4. Clarkson June 1, 2019

    Nicki trying to befriend the hot new chic in the game. She needs allies cause nobody likes her anymore. Drake, Wayne,tyga,Arianna, beyonce dont want anything to do with her anymore

    Meg, nicki can’t be trusted. Shes a snake. Shes paying for the lawyers of those 2 strippers suing cardi.

    By the way how is nick’s song with avril lavigne doing on the charts?

    • NT June 1, 2019

      The Avril song is doing the same as all of Avril’s releases this year.

      • Kimmystan June 1, 2019

        So now that’s not Nicki’s song cause it’s not charting?, but all of her hundreds of other features that charted count? Then you and her will call her the Queen with the “most” entries on billboard?????????Bwaaaaha!!!! ..she literally put her D@%ck in her fans mouth shot on yalls face and made you swallow…. but wait she hasn’t F@%ked yall yet!! Ha ha ha… desperate

    • Kenneth Cooper June 1, 2019

      Stop lying

    • King of Kingz June 1, 2019

      ?you sound dumb af the only person she has an issue with you mentioned is Drake the snake & Rihanna has an issue with his fake ass too. Meg looks up to Nicki & Nicki respects women who wrote they own s***.

    • Realistic June 1, 2019

      Oh sis you’re getting ahead of yourself ….. y’all all are Nicki fans like stop! She hasn’t said anything but somehow the hate continues …. first of all they were just at beats radio and all he did was go into Nicki studio to take the pic ….. she had a interview at the station …. y’all be buggin

  5. Bey Best June 1, 2019

    Nicki is using Meg to come at Cardi.

    • Realistic June 1, 2019

      Has Nicki said this or? Because I’m confused! NICKI LITERALLY HAS SAID NOTHING! but here y’all go making up s***! Y’all need a job

  6. Tyty June 1, 2019

    Don’t do it girl.. lol a rap girl that Nicki supports??? Welp since every other person she has ever worked with don’t f*** with her maybe it’s an attempt to get allies. Although when you’re a narcissistic weirdo like Nicki, Megan better be ready to lick Nicki ass she accepts nothing less. You in danger gurl…

  7. Jackx June 1, 2019

    Nicki Minaj tryna befriend the new upcoming girl to get attention and make ppl believe she supports other female rappers. Until Meghan threatens her shine with Better songs. Then she’ll be a shady snake sneak dissing.

    • Echo June 1, 2019

      No lies detected!!!

    • Realistic June 1, 2019

      Point not proven

  8. K June 1, 2019

    All I know is she come for Megan she coming for me I love Megan

  9. Tt June 1, 2019

    Know meg dont do it.

  10. Realistic June 1, 2019

    Imagine being a person who believes Nicki is washed. It can’t be possible when you all are supporting her offspring! We like Meg and so does Nicki before Big Ole Freak even dropped Nicki showed support. It’s like y’all want her to support other females but then drag her when she does! Make up y’all egg scrambled minds!

    • Realist91 June 1, 2019

      We made up our minds when Nicki came for Lil kim and Remy and everybody else. Y’all wanna pick and choose who matters in female rap then literally scratch y’all heads wondering why ole girl is so hated. History has proven Nicki is not for female rap unity and the hate won’t ever let up.

      • Dizzyj June 2, 2019

        She tried to work with them and they both shitted on her then when she started firing back she’s the bad guy.cardi b is a pawn to kill nickis career and she failed doesn’t matter what you all say or how you feel sis talent speaks for itself.arianna and Nicki are best friends wat you mean?her and bye still cool too.wayne still worships the ground she walks on.y’all stay pressed about this woman even wen she’s on a hiatus and aint said s*** to or about anybody.but u praise a chick like cardi b who tells urdaughters its OK to be a pill popping prostituting w**** with or without a pimp.smh I potty the fool.

      • Realist91 June 2, 2019

        Sneak dissing and swaggerjacking from her idols then “trying to work them” makes total sense! #BarbLogic never fails ????

    • Realist91 June 2, 2019

      Yup! Cardi don’t like her either. It’s okay. Just know Barbz will always be in the sunken place because y’all steady supported Nicki vs other Female Rappers twisted narrative for over 10 years acting like y’all beneath karma. ??

  11. None of your business June 1, 2019

    Y’all heaux are so f*cjing dumb, stupid and bitter. When the b*tch doesn’t show enough love, y’all heauxs are mad. When the b*tch shows love, y’all heauxs are mad. Like give it a f*cking break. Go take care of your d*mn kids the majority of y’all done had out of wedlock instead of hating on a b*tch that’s more pulled up than you. Sick of y’all. Wish I had Professor X’s psionic powers so I could mentally smite all you ole hating a** b*tches….. Go drink a cup of bleach and do the world a favor.

  12. Barb-wire/ Stallion Hottie June 2, 2019

    Whaaaaaaat! I gotta be dreaming!!! ??? My two faves in one place? I’m dying!

  13. Aisha June 2, 2019

    Of COURSE Onika has invited Meg The Stallion on her show. It’s a chess move, for sure! Onika realizes she is no longer the ONLY female hip-hop femcee. Cardi B surprised the HELL out of, not just Onika, but a whole slew of others, who thought she would be a 1-hit wonder, and canceled soon after. BUT Cardi B is still here, and now Meg is here to give us even more of a variety of hits and #1’s. Onika, not so much! So, bring her to the show so that Onika can get an up-close and personal look at the new chick on the block. Only time will tell just what Onika’s next “chess move” will be after she gets Meg under her microscope.

    • Realist91 June 2, 2019

      The fact St Nick gotta make “chess moves” to keep relevant as opposed to being a bonafide artist like everyone else is further reason why she deserves karma. Barbz deserve every bit of bitterness they proudly painted Lil Kim fans. Oh yes, history will repeat itself. Megan and Cardi will also coexist, something Nicki Monopoly failed to do with another female rapper for a whole decade. ? I’m telling you the fall of Onika maraj will be sooo epic and it’s all her fault – that’s why humility is key. You never win when you play dirty!!

  14. tika June 2, 2019

    Niki needs all the help shje can get!

    Lets hope niki doesn’t acting like a spoiled brat or a mean girl!

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