Report: ASAP Rocky Could Be Jailed For Six Years

Published: Friday 5th Jul 2019 by David

ASAP Rocky’s clash with a man in Sweden has escalated to worrying levels.

Bad news below…


Rocky was caught clashing with a man who claims his camp broke his headphones when they clashed in Sweden and was later arrested (along with members of his entourage) as police investigate the case.

At first, fans had hoped he would be released in time for the ‘Longtitude Festival’ so were crushed when they discovered he would be held for three days as this is what experts explained usually happens in cases like this.

Alas, insider sources reveal that Rocky is likely to be held for two weeks and could be sentenced to six years in prison if he is convicted.

A judge just decided authorities could detain him for 2 weeks while prosecutors investigate further to determine if they want to charge him with aggravated assault.

Stay tuned for more on this developing story.


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  1. K_man July 5, 2019

    A handsome looking girl Like that is going to be eaten alive in jail and passed around like currency!

  2. LemonLove July 5, 2019

    @Kman R*** isn’t funny dummy.

  3. I love big black cox July 5, 2019

    Drop that soap and enjoy

    • Jasmine July 5, 2019

      You have to do whatever it takes not to go to jail and that includes walking away from fights. Hell running from fights if that’s what it takes. Ain’t nothing wrong with walking away because u have what those white demons want (money and fame). If u have to travel to a foreign country to perform then just go there to make ur money bag. All that partying and walking around the streets with your homies is nonsense. Fire your homies and get real bodyguards if u feel compelled to walk the streets and go partying. Bodyguards are supposed to make sure you have no contact with creeps unless u instruct them u allow contact.

      • Oh Well July 5, 2019

        White people are human not demons you vile racist trash.

      • Jasmine July 5, 2019

        I did not call white people demons u illiterate piece of trash. Lear how to read and write vile gutter piece of sh|t. My comment CLEARLY stated the white demons who were stalking and harassing ASAP Rocky and his crew.

      • Jasmine July 5, 2019


      • Oh Well July 5, 2019

        Stfu TRASHmine you always put down white people you vile scummy sh|t bag.

      • Jasmine July 5, 2019

        LIES! I only put people down who deserve it. I am not racist. When I was single I even dated a few affluent white guys. Perhaps u are an Uncle Tom jigaboo demon and my comment offends u because of ur slave mentality. In reality, my comment is none of ur business and I should get a life. It is NOT ur job to correct me and if u take offense to my comment u should seek mental help. U are the one with the problem and issue not me! Get lost gutter trash. Shoo peasant disappear. Go find a white massa to get ur slave on for coooon!

      • Jasmine July 5, 2019

        Get a life trash

      • Oh Well July 5, 2019

        I have a life a real life, not a made up life like you TROLLmine.

      • I love big black cox July 6, 2019

        TRASHMINE or TROLLMINE. You stupid racist C-U- N —T!!! Just Die B. I. T. C. H

      • Jasmine July 6, 2019

        The fact that you speak to women this way proves u are gutter trash. NAne calling is for children. If my comment offends u too bad. Your username is racist. U objectify black men for their endowments but that means u see them only for their endowments and not as an equal.

      • Oh Well July 8, 2019

        Yes TROLLmine please die slowly.

      • Jasmine July 9, 2019

        You are just like the two white demons in this ASAP Rocky video. U won’t get lost. Why are u thirsty for me?

      • Oh Well July 9, 2019

        You are racist trash and I will always stand up to bullies.

      • Jasmine July 10, 2019

        U are the racist gutter trash bully. U do not have the right to speak to me. If u take offense to my comment too bad. It does not mean u get to bully someone just because u don’t like their opinion!

      • Oh Well July 12, 2019

        I get to bully you because you are a weak troll.

  4. Brent Christopher July 5, 2019

    THE VIDEO FOOTAGE THAT ASAP HAS POSTED CLEAR AS DAY ON HIS INSTAGRAM PAGE shows these bugged out white boys following ASAP, his bodyguard & friends through the streets of Sweden. The video footage CLEARLY SHOWS ASAP verbally saying, “we don’t want trouble. we don’t want to get arrested for fighting you.”

    The main white male assailant repeatedly hits the bodyguard with his headphones. Th bodyguard & group of friends use lots of restraint even in that moment.

    WHY ARE THE BLACK MEN BEING HELD FOR TWO WEEKS when the officers have access to the exact same footage that we do??

    This is an OPEN & CLOSED CASE.

    ASAP finally resorted to physical self defense after repeatedly asking the psycho white trash to leave him, his friends & bodyguard ALONE!

    • Nicky July 5, 2019

      Shut THE F U C K up!!!!

      That’s why you call the authorities instead of resorting to violence by outnumbering a young kid

      Pure fukn trash and posts like this are despicable.

      • Bettie clayton July 5, 2019


      • Bettie clayton July 5, 2019


      • Brent Christopher July 5, 2019


        it never surprises me how white men always jump to defend their own and label them “innocent, young & defenseless” when it comes to the ruthless crimes they commit.

        those two white villains were high, mentally unstable & looking for trouble.

        their evil, conniving behinds suffered exactly the natural consequences they were looking for.

        ASAP will be set free and these misguided, raging, psycho white boys will hopefully be beaten half to death the very next time they follow a group of grown men down the streets anywhere else across the globe.

        I’m happy to see ASAP follow in the mantra of the honorable Malcolm X — “By Any Means Nevessary”!!

    • Nicky July 5, 2019

      I’m sorry but I’m black and have been harassed by a white man. But guess who went to jail? The white man! The police was called.

      • Brent Christopher July 5, 2019

        you’re a pure embarrassment.
        obviously raised in a single family household.

        no strong, educated, cultured black father teaches his black son to run to the police before FIRST defending himself.

        you’re a coward, who calls himself “Nicky”.
        I can only imagine the TYPE of black man you are. *rubbing palm of hand & not the back*


        grow a set of balls, dude & learn to defend your manhood.

        im sure your single mother also taught you to run & tell the teacher when someone called you names in school, too?

    • Nicky July 5, 2019

      The fact that you’re talking to a female with aggression paints my point exactly!!!

      You belong below the prison cell.

      Go to H E L L with your lunatic bipolar ass!!! Gay ass Queen. Brent Christina

      And you sound stupid because black men raised by single mothers are in jail 😂😂😂😂

  5. Nicky July 5, 2019

    Send this dumb a s s to prison for 6 years at the minimum

    • Brent Christopher July 5, 2019


      and may god save your snow kween soul if you ARE indeed a black man defending the likes of those two psycho, mentally unstable, drug induced villains.

      all praise be unto ASAP ROCKY, His Bodyguards & Associated Friends for following in the teachings of our real civil rights hero, the incomparable
      Malcolm X — “BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY”

      lay them demons on their backs.
      so PROUD to watch that moment on film ✊🏾✊🏾


      • Carlitos July 5, 2019

        You need a life lol

  6. Ropeburn July 5, 2019

    They didn’t just “break his headphones.” Those cowards jumped that man. I hope they spend some quality time in jail with a few Swedish Nazis.

      • Jasmine July 5, 2019

        Sorry Brent but that is not conclusive evidence. This comes down to who hit who first. Yes, those white demons were harassing, stalking, and continuously pulling up on the black men but did they throw the first punch? The video does not show any admission of guilt from the white demons that they threw the headphones at the black guy and that was how they broke. I blame the security guard. He should have called the police to diffuse the situation before it escalated. If two white demons are following you around it never ends well.

    • Brent Christopher July 5, 2019

      THANKFULLY, I grew up in a household under the guidance of two headstrong, college educated, married, logical thinking, black parents.

      I’m curious?? .. in white households, do the parents teach you all to always IGNORE circumstances, facts, details, data & reality at its most beckoning point IF a white boy/man or white girl/woman is involved as the assailant?


      it seems that in court rooms, amongst police departments, and even within ground level public opinion, you all simply cannot ever admit when a white person is in the wrong!

      why should a group of black men IGNORE constant harassment? quite honestly, even if those drugged out, Swedish citizens were minorities, they would have still been in the wrong. ASAP asked those villains to stop following him & his team, very kindly. WATCH EXHIBIT #2. it’s plain as day.

      The bodyguard did EXACTLY what he should have done. He tossed those headphones into the street, as they were being used as a WEAPON against him.

      “BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY” – Malcolm X ✊🏾✊🏾

      • D July 5, 2019

        Same same same.

  7. eric July 5, 2019

    The two boys were wrong, but the responsible way to handle it was to go to a public place with more witnesses and call police. That should’ve been done no later than the first physical contact where headphones were thrown. You can’t be on the streets away from home and think you’re gonna get away with serving someone a beat down for stalking you.

    • Brent Christopher July 5, 2019

      why do black men ALWAYS have to take the high road? i was raised by a strong, black father. he taught us to physically defend ourselves against any harm. once another human being lays hands on me, spits on me, throws items at me or physically assaults me in any way, i am fighting back.

      it’s obvious that you were raised by a single mother.

      only men raised in single parent households believe that calling the police first or running to tell the teacher first is more appropriate than physically defending yourself against the attack of white people.

      it’s embarrassing to read such indoctrinated commentary such as this.

      grow a set of balls ERIC and learn to defend your manhood appropriately. you do not live in this world & allow other races to physically target or attack you with no immediate consequences.

      that’s weak & cowardly. PERIOD.


      “By Any Means Necessary” – Malcolm X ✊🏾✊🏾

      • Shayla Queen July 5, 2019

        Talking about “consequences,” the white boys got beat for harassing and A$AP goes to jail for said beat. Why are you mad? Consequences work for everybody.

      • Clarkson July 5, 2019

        Dont be silly. The two men following asap rocky are Arab muslim immigrants. They are not white.

        Everybody says the white man is racist but arabs are worse. They hate black gays disabled , even children, u name it. What u dont know is arabs bought and sold as much slaves as white people.
        Even after slavery was abolished in America, arabs were still participating in slavery.

      • eric July 5, 2019

        @Brent. I just know that the consequences are more likely to be in my favor if I think with my mind and not my emotions. You have to know when someone is baiting you. Even the police do it, but you have to be smart or be ready to accept the consequences which in some cases can be you losing your life for no good reason. No person following me and keeping their hands to themselves is worth me going to jail, losing thousands of dollars, or being taken away from family. The irony in this sitaution is that no one wanted to call the poilce, yet they ended up coming anyway as a result of what could’ve been prevented if they had been called in the first place, and then ASAP wouldn’t be sitting where he is now wasting time and money.

        I’ll tell you why I choose to follow Dr. King’s philosophy over that of Malcolm X. Was it non-violence or was it violence by any means necessary that passed the Civil Rights Act that we benefit from today? Reactive choices benefit no one.

      • Jasmine July 5, 2019

        I agree with both Brent and Eric. You should definitely hit somebody back if they hit u first but also call the cops. In these videos I do not see the white demons hitting ASAP Rocky. It I see him picking one of the white demons and throwing him. It looked like one of them hit the bodyguard so the bodyguard has the right to hit that one back but why are all of the black guys allowing themselves to be recorded hitting the white demons?

  8. D July 5, 2019

    Why are people referring to the two men as ‘white’? If anything they’re Arabic migrants (á la that terrible refugee / economic migrant crisis a few years back). Ethnic Swedes would NOT be spazzing out and harassing like tourists—let alone Black Americans—in their country like that.

    I’ve lived in Scandinavia & Germany during the migrant crisis, and I can tell you that a lot of those young Arabic guys have a deep-seated hatred towards people of Sub-Saharan African descent. If you thought that white Americans could be racist, you have not experienced anything until you come across Arabic / Semitic racism against Blacks. It’s wild.

    Anyway, I doubt ASAP will be doing 6 years in a Swedish prison. The locals wouldn’t allow it—they know how their migrant population gets, they (more or less) love Americans and Hip Hop culture, and they have more pressing issues to deal with.

  9. Clarkson July 5, 2019

    Muslim immigrants are ruining Europe. They cause trouble everywhere. they hate women, they hate gays. Stop allowing muslims in Europe. That boy got what he wanted.

    Swedish people are one of the kindest nicest loving people.

  10. Ropeburn July 5, 2019

    Okay, I just saw ASAP’s videos on his Insta and those two cracked out dudes were trying it. One of the guys smacked his headphones across the bodyguard’s face. To me that justifies throwin hands.

    Also, THEY ARE CLEARLY NOT WHITE! They look like Arab “refugees.” They’re notorious for actin a fool as soon as they get a little taste of freedom.

    • Jasmine July 5, 2019

      They were speaking Hazaragi. I believe they are Afghanistan white mixed demons!

      • Oh Well July 6, 2019

        You’re the dumbest racist trash lady boy on here, all you do is lie. The only one who is a demon is you and God will sent you straight to hell.

      • Jasmine July 6, 2019

        Dumb? Demon? Lady boy?

        I thought I banned u from speaking to me U gutter trash demon! I am a child of God. I was born a woman and I am NOT a racist. I am highly intelligent and articulate. Hence, I know they were speaking Hazaragi because I speak that language too.

        Everything U write is a lie. You come for me over and over again unprovoked just like those white demons in the ASAP Rocky insta video. Learn to mind your business and go away! That security guard must have said ‘Go Away’ over a hundred times to those white demons in the video yet they still kept nonviolently attacking and provoking just like are. Unlike ASAP Rocky’s team I am not able to physically beat your ass because I don’t get my hands dirty touching garbage but demon I warn you I am anointed so messing with me has consequences. Now get lost and stay off my comments!

      • Jasmine July 9, 2019

        I am NOT a liar or ‘lair’! U are just thirsty for me. No I am not a man and even if I was u can’t suck my nut sack so get a life. Shoo peasant be gone.

      • Jasmine July 10, 2019

        I could post some old articles too of where I got “dragged”. I laugh at those because it is pure f.aggot nonsense. A f.aggot is jealous of me so the heshe makes up idiotic lies about me for a laugh. Hehe. Clearly, that stuff does not phase me one bit because only I know the truth. I Am still here ain’t I? Thus, nobody got “dragged”. Jealousy is a disease. It is not my fault sissies like u are jealous of me.

      • Oh Well July 12, 2019

        Clearly that stuff does phase you because you still come back on this post to comment HAHAHAHAHAHA! You clown.

    • Oh Well July 6, 2019

      TRANNYmine you will never be able to control me I can say what ever I like about you and you can’t do a thing about it. I thought you would had been a happier person once you had you tiny thing cut off to become TROLLmine the lady boy.

      • Jasmine July 6, 2019

        Name calling is for children. U are pathetic. Very pathetic. I’ve been commenting on TGJ since the very beginning. Jasmine haters come and go but the Queen B remains! When u tire of failed attempts at belittling me u will go too. U get nowhere trying to belittle me. I am a wordsmith. My reads are classic! My clap backs are classic! My shade is classic! U should go find somebody else to pick on because I will never change my comment jusy because u don’t like it. I don’t care what u think or say BUT u care everything about what I think and say. I got u mad and seething like putty. I OWN u trash. I’m just playing mind games on u and u fall for it everytime lol.

      • Oh Well July 7, 2019

        B|tch the only thing you own is that f’ed up imaginary world you live in. You sad little boy who has nobody in his life that’s why you troll blogs like this so sad.
        I’ll keep praying for your devil soul.

      • Jasmine July 7, 2019

        I see I’m on ur mind all the time. U brought up me on that Nicki article not once but twice LOL. That means I OWN you. U think about me daily.

      • Oh Well July 7, 2019

        You racist trash you will never own me or anyone, you live on the streets you don’t even own a house apart from in your f’ed mind. What number wig do you have on today maybe I can do some charity work and by a tranny a new wig.

      • Oh Well July 7, 2019


      • Jasmine July 8, 2019

        Gutter trash get lost. Your obsessions and thirst for me is concerning.

      • Oh Well July 8, 2019

        You are funny

      • Oh Well July 8, 2019

        You still modeling LAIR?

      • Jasmine July 9, 2019

        Gutter trash u are so dumb! When I said I own u I meant I control your mind. I live rent free in your brain. Look at u thirsting for my next modeling gig. Baby it’s coming soon, very soon. Open ur mouth cause mama bout to skeeet all up in it.

      • Jasmine July 10, 2019

        If I was “exposed” why am I still here? Clearly, I’m not phased by that article from over a year ago. I could post articles from 10 years ago where sissies where jealous and seething at my presence on here. U do not have the mental ability to bother me. Remember, I OWN you. I live rent free in your brain.

      • Oh Well July 12, 2019

        You always get exposed because you are a dumb arab slave, now go and fetch me some new linen.

  11. Oh Well July 5, 2019

    This just shows you how quick people are to condemn white people.

    • Jasmine July 5, 2019

      My next door neighbors are white. Do you want me to ask them if they are looking for a new slave? I know u like slaving and kissing up to white masses. U could be their new slave cooon.

      • Oh Well July 6, 2019

        Neighbours you mean the Asian man who live in the cardboard box next to your cardboard box underneath the bridge? No thanks tranny I would never step foot in any area that allows trash like you TRASHmine.
        By the it’s spelt neighbours not neighbors.

      • Jasmine July 6, 2019

        Gutter Trash Demon if u are going to try and read me at least do so correctly. I am a wordsmith after all and the way I spelled neighbors is perfectly fine. My iPhone 10 xs max did not say it was misspelled nor does the dictionary.

        I live in one of the most expensive and affluent zip codes in the USA. Unlike Malibu, we don’t have homeless trash like u hanging around my hood.

        BTW I am not a tranny lol. I am all woman. I have love for the kids though. I have two close male friends who are gay and they took me to a couple balls with them where gay men and trannies do drag.

        What do you have against Asians? See you are the racist one u coooon. I bet u find it unfathomable there are lots of white trash who are homeless and whites are the highest race on food stamps and welfare. The homeless people in Malibu are all white trash! I just hope they stay there in Malibu and don’t come to my neighborhood. Yuck. Thank goodness we have a special Task Force in my neighborhood to get rid of homeless people and keep them out.

      • Oh Well July 6, 2019

        The only thing you are is a lair and you have been caught out many times TROLLmine, I don’t understand why you pose as a female when it’s obvious your a “male” and I use the term loosely “male”. You are so full of hate I will pray for your trashy blackened soul to see the light.

      • Jasmine July 6, 2019

        I have never lied. Thus, I have never been caught on anything u gutter trash demon. What would I have to gain by posing as a woman if I were a man? U don’t even make sense. You are the one who is full of hate and u obsess over me daily. Everytime u see a Jasmine comment u don’t agree with u feel compelled to annoy me with ur obsession. I don’t give a sh|t what u think or say trash. Just leave me the f** alone peasant. Go find another white massa to cooooon for u trash!

      • Oh Well July 6, 2019

        You lied about being a model didn’t you and if need be I will pull out receipts. You are just racist scum.

      • Jasmine July 6, 2019

        I never lied about anything. I am a model, hustler, writer, businesswoman, mother, wife, and child of God. I am not racist. Now if u choose to believe I am a racist liar that is your problem not mine. I stand in my truth. Move along. It’s Saturday. Why don’t u go to the gym and lift some weights to get rid of those limp girly arms u have. I bet I have twice as much muscle as u and I just had a baby 6 months ago. SMH. U should worry about itself and what a pathetic Man U are on here seeking joy from pathetically trying to belittle me. I’ve been commenting on TGJ since the very beginning. Jasmine haters come and go but the Queen B remains!

      • Oh Well July 6, 2019

        TRANNYmine you are a demon child of |sis.

      • Jasmine July 6, 2019

        U are the tranny u racist gutter trash demon. Get lost. I already forbade u from speaking to me. Why are u still writing me messages?

      • Oh Well July 7, 2019

        I do what I want you can never control anybody because you will always be the one getting controlled you trashy lady boy.

      • Jasmine July 7, 2019

        Gutter trash demon

      • Oh Well July 7, 2019

        Do us all a favour and die slowly tranny.

      • Jasmine July 8, 2019

        U scum f.aggot. U cooon

      • Jasmine July 9, 2019

        That article proves nothing besides the thirst and obsession for me is real. Just because some sissy accuses me of being a man it does not make me a man. Keep seething and staying thirsty for me u gutter trash f.aggot

      • Jasmine July 10, 2019

        If u are going to be a Jasmine fan I suggest post more than one article where the f.ags came for me. I love a good roast and when I roast the sh|tbout if these f.ags the only clap back is to make up lies. How pathetic. Oh Jasmine you are a tranny because I say so? How dumb. What night clubs do I work at? What drag tours have I done? What season did I star in on Rupaul Drags Race? See at the end of the day I don’t give a sh|t if u think I am a man, woman, tranny, or Kim Kardashian I am Jasmine and I know who I am. Now the real question is who are u other than a little obsessed sissy with no value and no net worth!

      • Jasmine July 10, 2019

        The kind of mix that can issue orders to have your head chopped off if u keep speaking to me. What makes u think I want to speak to u? I don’t so f.uck off gutter trash demon. What do u get out of speaking to someone who don’t want to speak to u, don’t give a sh|t about u, and wishes u go to jail?

      • Oh Well July 12, 2019

        I knew you was part arab you Is|s slave.

    • Oh Well July 6, 2019

      JASman don’t make Me bring up the Rihanna’s post where you got dragged when you got caught out for your lies.

      • Jasmine July 6, 2019

        As u can see I’m still here on TGJ. clearly there is nothing u can say or do to maker leave, including some old 2018 post. Mama Jasmine been on here since 2010 and haters will always come and go. I could dig up old posts from 2010 where trash like u was whining about me and feeling intimidated by my presence on here. They are not on this site anymore. U can’t troll a troll. Enjoy my comments. Keep thirsting for me.

      • Oh Well July 7, 2019

        Finally you admit that your a TROLLmine lol

      • Jasmine July 7, 2019

        Shut it u Gutter trash demon

      • Oh Well July 7, 2019

        I didn’t know |sis accepted lady boys, I will pray for your dirty blackened soul.

      • Jasmine July 7, 2019

        Gutter trash f.aggot

      • Oh Well July 7, 2019

        Stfu you |sis c u m dumb lady boy

      • Jasmine July 8, 2019

        Gutter trash

      • Oh Well July 8, 2019

        Why didn’t you pretend to be a black model and you choose to pretend to be a Latina model?

      • Jasmine July 9, 2019

        Me pretend? Never! I’m sure u know by now I don’t pretend and I’m mixed not black.

      • Oh Well July 9, 2019

        Really… what mix are you claiming to be?

      • Jasmine July 10, 2019

        The kind of mix that can issue orders to have your head chopped off if u keep speaking to me. What makes u think I want to speak to u? I don’t so f.uck off gutter trash demon. What do u get out of speaking to someone who don’t want to speak to u, don’t give a sh|t about u, and wishes u go to jail?.

      • Oh Well July 12, 2019

        You is|s demon scum with his made up stories and lies lol

  12. Yup July 6, 2019

    Put him in jail acting like a stereotype all the way in Sweden. What an embarrassment, these clowns don’t deserve any of their glory they don’t appreciate anything nor have any common sense.

    • Jasmine July 6, 2019

      Did u read the article? He’s already in jail.

      • Yup July 6, 2019

        Currently he is being detained while they are investigating. Did you read or are you able to understand what you are reading? If you going to be a smart ass at least come correct. Go have several seats troll and suck a *ic*. Trick *ss *itch

      • Jasmine July 6, 2019

        He is in jail.

  13. Jujumanji July 7, 2019

    If TMZ hadnt posted that video, trying to be breaking news then this all wouldve prob just went away.

    • Jasmine July 7, 2019

      TMZ did not create the video. It is dumb to do anything that can get u locked up in a foreign country and it is dumb to allow yourself to be taped. Whatever happened to walking away or calling the police?

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