Camila Cabello Takes ‘Wonderland’

Published: Saturday 24th Aug 2019 by David

Camila Cabello is on a roll.

Crazy in love with her new boyfriend Shawn Mendes, the entertainer has been hard at work on her second studio album so decided to catch up with her pals at ‘Wonderland’ to generate some buzz for the Pop piece.

More below…

Camila’s new album is expected to drop within the next few months and follows the success she enjoyed with her self-titled debut and its singles ‘Havana’, ‘Crying in the Club’ and ‘Real Friends.’

In the mood for more Fifth Harmony-related news?

Hit this link to catch Normani in action!

Hit this link to spin Camila’s ‘Senorita’.

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  1. Alexin August 24, 2019

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    • Namo August 25, 2019

      Î’m f****** tired to see you everytwhere mother f*****

  2. Clarkson August 24, 2019

    Camila is miles ahead of normani.

    38 million Instagram followers
    one number 1 hit on billboardhot 100- Havana
    Mtv Vma video of the year- Havana
    1 billion streams
    2 Grammy nominations
    Number 1 album on billboard 200
    Debut album certified platinum
    About to score another number 1 with seniorita.

    4 million Instagram followers
    2 top ten billboard hits, she was a featured artist on both songs (love lies and dancing with a stranger) , the songs dont belong to her
    No debut album
    no Grammy nominations
    never won a solo vma award
    Debut single already flopping after all the free promo from musicians, rappers,actors etc

    The difference is clear.
    Camila =beyonce,
    normani =latavia

    • Lanafan1 August 24, 2019

      Yeah, but Camila isn’t as talented. Her Stardom will fade away fast ?

    • Nicky August 24, 2019

      It’s clear.

      You are
      (i) a gay male that can’t get any D
      (ii) unhappy in life
      (iii) a loser lunatic

      Seek help!!!!! Lmfaooooo

      Camila has ZERO talent. She is a product of good marketing which will fade just like Kesha.


      When you don’t have a talent foundation, you are just as good as DEAD in the long run

      Back to Normani. Are you ready for her performance which will outshine that of Camickey Mouse???? Lmfaooooooooo

      Normani has yet to release any album and has accomplished way more than where Camila was pre album. Let that sink in. Lmfaoooo!!!!!

      How about you send me STATS and accomplishments for pre album first single. Lmfaoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Namo August 25, 2019

        Why are you always talking about “gay” when it comes to attack someone?! This is so homophobic i’m tired to read this everywhere

      • Namo August 25, 2019

        By the way Nicky, you look really bitter by the way you talk, all these “lmafo” says a lot about you.

      • Beyhives August 25, 2019

        Who is Nomani? Who is he?

    • Beyhives August 25, 2019


      Camila Cabello my latina motivation!! Real motivation

    • Kix August 26, 2019

      Didn’t Camilla get a whole 2 year head start? Normani is on her way.

      • Beyhives August 26, 2019


  3. Are You Kidding me? August 24, 2019

    “Crazy how she’s gotten so famous, now acting as a beard for her new boyfriend.”

    Fixed it for you.

  4. I love big black c** August 24, 2019

    That’s a 13 years old boy body with chipmunk’s voice. No wonder Shawn Mendes will falling for that

  5. Gurlwepa89 August 25, 2019

    Normani could never. Senorita on its way to #1. Camila is that b****!!

  6. POPS MOTHER August 25, 2019

    without being unbiased there is no comparison between Camila and Normai and billboard stats, awards, streams, views , impact etc show you that. Camila Cabello is by FAR MILES AHEAD more successful than Normani. The entire industry posted her new video , she got free promo from everyone and she’s only debuting at 47. theres clearly too much talking on these blogs and not enough ppl buying and streaming her music. it doesn’t add up to me. So many come here to defend Normani and speak about how poppin she is but her music stats don’t add up. her supporters sound like Nicki fans. they have so much to say but can’t support their faves.

    • Jam August 25, 2019

      The songs she is featured on tend to climb the charts and debuting at 47 isn’t bad.. She will continue to rise. May not ever reach #1 with this song, but I definitely see a top 10 with this one.

      • Beyhives August 25, 2019

        Lol you delusional

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