Normani Dishes On ‘Motivation’ Video, VMAs Performance, Kelly Rowland Support, & More

Published: Saturday 24th Aug 2019 by Sam

Normani shook up the music scene with her debut solo single ‘Motivation’ and went all sorts of viral thanks to its epic video.

Now, she stands as one of the most anticipated performances at tonight’s 2019 MTV VMAs.

Ahead of her sure-to-be-seismic showing, the former Fifth Harmony singer chatted it up with MTV about her solo breakout, being a perfectionist, her performance, being supported by Kelly Rowland, and more.

Check out the interview below…

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  1. Clarkson August 26, 2019


  2. Nicky August 26, 2019


    Can’t wait. The most anticipated.

    And still lmaoooooooooo @ Clarksdaughter meltdown on the previous Normani post

    Hahahhahahahahah. What a loser.

  3. Nicky August 26, 2019

    Good Riddance Clarksdaughter.

    Your services are no longer needed. Byeeeeee


  4. Namo August 26, 2019

    Y’all are so delusional, the disappointment is going to be huge. No hate on her but let’s be realistic for a secondThe only reason she is popular actually is because of all these celebrities making promotion for her. I know exactly what’s going on right there but let me tell you something, it won’t happen and you can hate as much as you want what I say, only time will tell. Mark my words, I predict a great succes for this first album BUT as soon as the world will wake up and realise that Normani is not that talented amazing, people will turn their back on her just like they did with Ciara, Keri, Tinashe, Dawn Richards and so many others. I don’t say that she shouldn’t sing at all, but your expectations are too high for what she’s able to do and to give. I said it years ago about Keri, Tinashe and the others, everytime it’s like “no you’re just a hater bla bla bla” yeah see where they are today? Well.

    • YAS BIH August 26, 2019

      Just because ppl have turned their backs on those that you named does not mean they were not talented some of them are still able to get Platinum plaques this is a new time in music where it’s not too many black female artist that are able to do well in music sales or streams they are being picked apart due to lies, hate, and narratives made up by hateful souls look at music and the artist from the 90s where everyone was doing their thing and fans were fans of several artist and did not care where the songs landed on the charts or if it even charted at all no one cared about any of that mess now look at now big difference just like what you like and worry about the music and artist YOU LIKE and not the fraud charts does it mean they should give up because they are not as popular as certain others in the industry NO they still have fans that want music from them.

    • Kid August 26, 2019

      You are the same kind of person who said she would flop and cant pull in numbers on her own, she’s not talented, she doesn’t have star quality, she’s basic. However she keeps PROVING yall wrong, and yall will continue to try to find another excuse why this Queen will not go anywhere and yall will continue to look like FOOLS….

  5. Namo August 26, 2019

    And I would add something like this : watching videos of Normani shading Camilla through the Fifth Harmony times reminded me of Beyoncé doing the same with the others girls from the Destiny’s Child. Bad attitude.

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