The Predictions Are In! Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’ Set To Sell…

Published: Saturday 24th Aug 2019 by Sam

Are the masses loving Taylor Swift’s new album? The first week predictions provide an emphatic answer after the jump…

Easily one of the year’s most anticipated releases, all eyes have been on the performance of the project, which arrives as the follow-up to 2017’s ‘Reputation.’ A set which premiered with over 1 million in the US.

According to Hits Daily Double, the ‘ME!’ led LP isn’t looking to debut with a milli but is still on course to premiere with the year’s biggest numbers.

Here’s how the digits are stacking up:

[Sales Plus Streaming]
[Pure Sales]



What’s more, with Swift set to open the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards on Monday, there’s every chance the numbers could trend upwards.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Clarkson August 24, 2019

    I have to admit this is a decline.
    The lead single ME was trash, that childish lyrics”hey kids spelling is fun” turned me off. It was a poor choice for a comeback single

    The numbers will go up for sure after she opens the vmas this Monday and wins a bunch of awards at the ceremony.

    • Kalorie August 24, 2019

      There is no other artist that isn’t in the drake tornado that still gets these numbers. I don’t why people are so caught with that 5 word phrase. I didn’t mind it. It goes with the song. It’s fun. It’s pop. People just need to get over their own expectations and let the artist do its own kind of art.

      • Clarkson August 24, 2019

        She knew that lyrics was childish that’s why she has removed it from the song.
        When she performed the song on stage, she skipped it cause its childish and cringeworthy.

    • Andrew August 24, 2019

      I mean she’s 29, Beyoncé did one million at 33

      • SMH August 25, 2019

        Stop lying, beyonce never did a million first week sales.

      • !!! August 25, 2019

        @SMH Actually Beyonce self titled did sell a million first week. The sales were only counted for 3 days thats why she sold over “800k”

    • Jasmine August 24, 2019

      Shut it with your negative ass opinions on every post. Get a life u ugly bottom loser. I already told u the top of the comments section is reserved for top divas like me not bottom of the barrel losers like u

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 3, 2019

        I agree.

    • #TheTruth August 24, 2019

      People love to make controversy out of every little ish.
      I don’t even get the deal with that line, what’s wrong about it ?
      Then every singer out there would need to re-edit their songs according to people’s opinions.
      She deleted that line from the album version.
      How stupid people are ? And how stupid is she for doing so ?
      Congrats to her. I don’t care about her but I wish her the best.

  2. Erica August 24, 2019

    Guess Britney will still whole the biggest first week sales out of any woman from the U.S

  3. Woah Vicky August 24, 2019

    Based on very early reads, Taylor Swift is off to a strong start with new set Lover; the high end of the projection range noted below is particularly impressive and indicates that she has a good chance of a 1m U.S. release-to-date total (factoring in tracks that dropped before the album) at the end of her first week.

    It’s still too early to say for sure! They even say she has a good chance of 1 m still.

    Jonas brothers are currently the biggest first week totals with 414k

  4. truthtea August 24, 2019

    Taylor’s abused her own drama to sell her music over the years and I never wish somebody’s decline in popularity but Taylor is the exception! She’s used every fiber of her white privilege to manipulate the public to keep her popular and albums selling! She becomes recluse between album cycles, never has drama, then the second she announces a new album, this bish is surrounded by drama! Then people start treating her like the victim all over again then go buy her album out of pity!

    • Woah Vicky August 24, 2019

      People don’t buy her albums out of pity. You think people feel sorry for her, so they pay money for an album don’t listen.. People buy her music, cause they feel a connection with Taylor. That’s the most important thing an artist has to do.

    • Jasmine The Real Deal ??‍♀️Not 37 year old TRASHmine Da Bi Retards August 25, 2019

      Too bad.. Black dont spend their EBT on music..

  5. Sjl August 24, 2019

    Adele has the largest first week sales in history not Britney.

    • Sjl August 24, 2019

      Oh woman from U.S.—my bad.

      • Gworl Bye August 24, 2019

        Adele’s sales were in the U.S. so she does hold the title not Britney.

      • Jasmine August 24, 2019

        Why does it have to be a woman though? Michael Jackson and The Eagles has some pretty solid numbers and broke a lot of records with their albums as “best selling” blah blah blah.

      • Carlitos August 25, 2019

        Why do you keep saying in the U.S.? Adele sold over 3 million copies her first week in the U.S. with 25. She outsold Britney x2 in her first week in the U.S.

  6. ??? August 24, 2019

    lmaoooo meanwhile lion king: THE FLOP hasn’t even sold 150k worldwide lmfaooooo, the roaches better not dare try coming for Taylor, ever lmfaooooo #949yonce #TaylorBodiedThatH0AsUsual ?????

    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED August 24, 2019

      Self Titled and Lemonade debuted with similar Sales unlike Rihsceduled

      #FUN FACT

      Formation Tour VS Anti Tour

      Lowest Grossing Show
      Zürich: $2,980,000

      Rihanna highest Grossing Anti Show:
      Barcleys Arena: $2,900,00 (2 shows Combined)


      Anti didn’t even Sell Out every show like Formation did despite smaller Venues DIRT CHEAP Tickets

      I can’t wait for R#9 to try to compete with B#7 as R#8 and R#7 Failed against B#6 and B#5


      • ??? August 24, 2019

        Lmaooooo your fat ass still clinging to Rihanna the $600M dollar woman that can buy and sell your roach fave to Popeye’s if she wanted to? Lmaooooo this is about Taylor outselling that FLOP in mere seconds, don’t bring Riri into this when anti is STILL on the charts while koolaid had to struggle for two years to sell what Taylor sells in 24 hours lmfaooooo ? ?? ?#949yonce #SitYoFatAssDown

      • DIABETES UNBOTHERED August 24, 2019

        U mean ANTI SOCIAL still on the charts yet STILL has not sold the 675k pure sales Lemonade sold in it’s first 7 Days??? THE UNIVERSALLY ACCLAIMED Lemonade sold 2 Mill despite costing far more than Antique

        I think bey still might win that Oscar for Lion King for writting and executive producing the lionking movie and both soundtracks. Either that or she gains 15 more pounds so she can play Ursella and win another Oscar for little mermaid

      • Jasmine August 24, 2019

        Diabetes you are lying. Lemon Juice ? did not sell 675K copies in 7 days but it did eventually sell about 2 million in 2 years. I don’t know why u hating on Rihanna. She likes to eat just like u do and she really is not competition for Bey. She is competition for Taylor. Bey is older than these women by nearly a whole generation so when someone like Taylor outsells her remember you have to compare a 30 year old Beyonce to a 30 year old Taylor and Bey was doing the same numbers as Taylor with I Am Sasha Fierce

      • XYZ August 25, 2019

        @Jasmine- this was completely different time. Even if Beyonce sold nearly identical amounts with Sasha fierce, this was ten years ago and people have bought music back then. In that climate taylor would have even sold more than beyonce. In fact, she did

      • Jasmine August 25, 2019

        XYZ that is the only way to compare them. When you factor in inflation, Bey did the same numbers at Taylor’s age. Taylor should be compared to her peers like Katy Perry and Adele. Comparing her to an older black artist makes no sense .

      • Rihannahasmore$$thanBeyonce August 26, 2019

        All that and Rihanna still have more $$$????????????????????? Fleahive????

  7. SMH August 24, 2019

    One thing about white pop artists, they have a very loyal fanbase that actually buys their music no matter what they put out. Black fans are too petty and throw away their faves if they wear a shirt that they don’t like. Sad.

    • Clarkson August 24, 2019

      Continue making excuses talking as if every white pop star is selling millions. Charlie xcx, tove lo, miley ,Zara Larson, even Katy Perry are all flopping.

      Stop making silly excuses. Taylor puts in the work, her song writing skills are one of the best in the music industry today, she collaborates with talented producers, she does promo, she connects on a personal level with her fans and that’s why they come out to support her work.
      Beyonce should be selling a million a week but she treats her fans like crap. Doesnt acknowledged them, barely talks to them. She has zero connection with her fans.

      • SMH August 24, 2019

        Its not an excuse stupid, its a fact. White privilege & white sympathy has kept this girl afloat since Kanye bumrushed her appearance on the VMAs and that is a fact. Stop trolling and do something else besides replying to comments with stupidity.

      • Rihannahasmore$$thanBeyonce August 26, 2019

        And you see how they Ride for her?? She wouldn’t give them $2 of they asked her to????

    • Clarkson August 24, 2019

      Honey white privilege doesnt exist in music. If u make a good album, u write ur own songs instead of stealing songwriting credit like beyonce does, u promote it properly, u give interviews, u connect with ur fans etc ur fans will create buzz for u, ur fans will come out to buy it. Even haters will be curious and go buy ur album to see what the hype is about

      Beyonce used the lion king platform but she still couldn’t sell 100k first week. That is sad as hell.

      • SMH August 25, 2019

        Yeah keep telling yourself that. That’s not how the real world works sweetie, EVERYTHING in America is driven by white privilege, especially music.

      • thanosoftitan August 25, 2019

        Clarkson, I do not mean to be offensive, but your ignorance is the result of white privilege.

        I merely mean, you are not informed/educated on the matter. You probably shouldn’t speak on it. There is literally research/text/documentaries available on this matter. And White privilege is pervasive. If you are interested, there are even classes on racial relations.

      • Woah Vicky August 25, 2019

        So in Nigeria and Ghana, where the charts are dominated by black artists in these black dominated countries. This is called black privilege. What’s the difference?

      • thanosoftitan August 25, 2019

        Woah Vicky, I don’t really feel like explaining why your example lacks merit and isn’t comparable. Don’t take this offensively.

        But either you’re dumb (meaning you don’t know any better which is no fault of your own) or you’re stupid (meaning you’re willfully being ignorant and spouting nonsense). Either way, you probably could stand to read a few books, or talk to someone with a better understanding than you.

      • Kix August 26, 2019

        Um white privilege exists everywhere there are white people. Taylor is so mediocre as an artist. Her career is just a caball of White privilege.

  8. Gworl Bye August 24, 2019

    I’m kinda shocked, I was expecting her to do Ed Sheeran’s numbers from that duets album he put out. That means her album is already Gold in pure sales, other artists are struggling to hit half of that even with streaming. Guess people do still buy albums.

  9. Yg August 24, 2019


  10. Dc August 24, 2019

    These the kinda numbers Beyoncé should do being she’s queen ??????????

    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED August 24, 2019

      Lemonade performed just as well as Reputation and Lover without the aid of Hits Youth or Promo

      • Jasmine August 25, 2019

        Lemon Juice sold 2 million in 2 years which is great BUT it was helped by fake Tidal numbers aka they inflated the album because Bey is an older artist now! Older artists cannot pull Taylor Swift numbers and Adele numbers. Unfortunately for Taylor and Adele they better churn out albums every year cause they are going to be considered older artists in about 4 years and not be able to pull these numbers then either. I don’t even get all these comparisons to Bey. She is not in her prime like these younger artists still are! Compare a 30 year old Bey to a 30 year old Taylor with Sasha Fierce album.

      • ??? August 25, 2019

        lmaooo stop lying fatty, koolaid struggled for two years to sell what reputation sold in 2 hours, and lover sold more in 24 hours than koolaid sold in 3 days lmfaooooo. your roach fave is a FLOP porky, and no amount of clinging to Rihanna will change that lmfaooooo ? ?? ?

  11. DIABETES UNBOTHERED August 24, 2019

    White privilege

    • ??? August 25, 2019

      lmaooooo somebody’s mad cuz their fave cant relate lmfaooooo ? ?? ? #949yonce

  12. Shamari DeVoe’s Tube Top August 24, 2019

    WHO ELSE is doing these numbers in this sales climate? Y’all can pull every excuse in the book, but the numbers don’t lie. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t own one Taylor Swift album. She’s a force. Not many are capable.

    • Kix August 26, 2019

      That’s because her fans actually support her. I wonder what could happen if we supported our artists.

  13. Joey August 24, 2019

    YES! B**** is losing steam thank f***.

  14. Jah August 24, 2019

    You guys are sad! Bey, Rihanna, and Britney have nothing to do with this. Taylor is holding up quite well. I see no decline in this sales climate. You guys are sick. Time to choose a new hobby instead of the idol worship. Heavens gates are narrow, but hells will be wide enough for any of you. Smh

    The world is changing and yall dont even recognize. Sign of the times……

  15. Gurlwepa89 August 25, 2019

    Currently pushing over 2million in global sales within 24 HR of release. She’s been a consistent seller, no other female or male in history can push over 1+ million sales four plus albums. Congratulations to Taylor and her most critically acclaimed, record breaking album.

    • Jasmine August 25, 2019

      In history? Taylor ain’t as big as Michael Jackson and The Beatles. get real! There was no streaming back then and the population has almost doubled since the 80s! On pure sales alone they beat Taylor. When you factor in inflation their sales compared to Taylor’s is like comparing Michael Jackson to a Cyndi Lauper.

      Taylor has sold approximately 50 million albums. Michael has sold well over 1.3 billion albums. When you factor in inflation Michael has sold well nearly 2 billion albums. Taylor who?

  16. Ratedxxx August 25, 2019

    Beyondfake will never see those numbers….

    She has been releasing music after music..all them flopped…
    And we all know beyondfake had nothing to do with the lion king making all that money

  17. Keith August 25, 2019

    Her fans should teach a master course in support. She is not my cup of mayo but her base puts their money where their bzzzzz/mouth is!!!! LOL….

  18. ??? August 25, 2019

    lmaooooo the roaches are just pressed because their flopped fave is the alleged “queen of music” but cant even sell 150k we with streaming and a billion dollar franchise behind her lmfaooooo ? ?? ? #949yonce #TheFLOPhiveIsSeething

    • ??? August 25, 2019


    • Dc August 25, 2019

      This why I’ve always said Beyonce overrated her hype n record sales don’t match lol

  19. Anne August 25, 2019

    HDD actually has the higher range for her “total” including singles that were sold before the album release along with the album by itself (I guess this includes sales and streams of the pre-release singles and the album). The 600 to 675 is for the album strictly (again, I guess that includes sales and streaming of the album). I’ve never seen it reported this way before but I guess it’s an attempt to inflate her numbers (by throwing in the number of singles sold and streamed before the album was released.) In other words, they are not reporting the pure sales range, only: the album sales and streams PLUS presale singles VS. the album sales and streams WITHOUT presale singles.

  20. Grace August 27, 2019

    Merchandise sales for #Lover comes with a digital version of the album! Check your emails. Share your links with friends/family and have them download a version. We need to reach a 1M debut! Each download counts as a sale. #Swifties #TaylorSwift PLEASE SHARE!

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