New Song: Katy Perry – ‘Small Talk’

Published: Friday 9th Aug 2019 by Sam

Katy Perry has been cooking up new music and is once again ready to serve.

Today brings with it the release of ‘Small Talk,’ the latest taste of freshness from the Pop force.

Co-produced by Charlie Puth, the track finds the singer in quintessential “Katy Perry” territory.

The quirky cut sees the star lyrically unpack the awkwardness of an evaporated romance.

Take a listen below…

While lacking the barnstorming obviousness of predecessor ‘Never Really Over,’ this makes for a cute listen and very much plays like a plausible hit – all being an unassuming hit.

Like most Perry productions, it does sound tailor-made for repeated radio spins (even if less in-ones-face than her usuals). But lyrically it’s compelling too.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Carlitos August 9, 2019

    Love it!!!!!

  2. IAMME August 9, 2019

    Straight fire.

    • Fancy BISH August 9, 2019

      I’m on a third listen in a row chile ? ?

      • IAMME August 9, 2019


  3. Fancy BISH August 9, 2019

    This is SO Charlie Puth…I like it…it sounds like a real song ? It’s funny that I have to say that in 2019, but so many songs sound like streams, if you know what I mean ? The concept is clear, the words are cute, Katy sounds great and it actually goes somewhere ✅ From the first single to this, Katy’s new album seems focused ? And Miss Perry needs to just go ahead and do a cool remake of Groove Is In The Heart with Pharrell lol…she’s on that vibe

    • Meme August 9, 2019

      It’s cool, I like it. I just feel like Katy has peaked. She needs to stop putting out this kinda music.

    • MessyBoots August 9, 2019

      Remaking a CLASSIC bop like Groove would be interesting yet that song is nearly impossible to duplicate without sounding corny af.. on the other hand I can hear Katy’s tone on lines such as ‘I couldn’t ask for another’…

      • Fancy BISH August 9, 2019

        You are SO on point! ✅ I was just listening to Groove Is In The Heart and I was like, this one will be tough to properly remake, especially the chorus…but Katy would sound bomb on the “I couldn’t ask for another” part…MessyBoots, why are you in my head chile lol ?

    • I love big black c** August 9, 2019

      I wonder why TGJ never posted anything about Charlie puth. We love some white boys occasionally

      • Fancy BISH August 9, 2019

        Charlie and my BAE Nick lol ❤️

  4. Johnny Bravolicious August 9, 2019

    Awesome!!! Love how polished this era is shaping out to be!! Go get em Katy!!

  5. Meme August 9, 2019

    Dated. All of these A listers flopping nowadays indicate 1 thing, the general public is over these same ole artist. We need a new batch of superstars. Katy, Taylor, Beyoncé, Justin T, usher, Alicia, Fergie, Nicki….they all had great careers. But they need to work in their legacy.

    The only superstars from the past 10 yrs who still has more in them is Rihanna and Lady Gaga. I’m not interested in new music from anyone else.

    • IAMME August 9, 2019

      I can’t agree, i believe with the right material Beyonce, Timberlake, Katy and even Nicki can kill..

      • SMH August 9, 2019

        Sorry but no, their time has passed, and that was proven when all of their latest releases failed. It’s definitely time for a new generation of stars, the GP has made it clear that they have moved on from all of those acts.

    • Tyty August 9, 2019

      None of those artists have reached their peak they have a lot more to offer than the talentless artists dominating the charts right now!! They just need the right balance of correct material to record.

      • IAMME August 9, 2019

        I agree TYTY, they have to get the right song.

      • Meme August 9, 2019

        You are complete lost if you feel Usher, JT and Aliscia keys hasn’t peaked. They 3 has most def peaked. The only ones on the list who can still make noise in the industry is Beyonce, and Nicki, and I still feel they are pass their prime.

      • SMH August 9, 2019

        Sorry but Meme is right, we’ve seen all we’re gonna see from Alicia, beyonce Usher and timberlake. They’ve all peaked and the public just isn’t that interested in any of them as they used to be.

    • MessyBoots August 9, 2019

      Let’s be honest, Beyonce hasn’t been a “radio artist” since IASF. All of 4’s singles underperformed. But the material on 4 was so counter to everything that was popular at the time (Dance/pop/EDM) while SELF Titled and Lemonade were universally critically acclaimed and best sellers. The singles that did become hits (Drunk In Love and Formation) received airplay based on the strength of their parent album’s blockbuster success.. not the other way around.

      Riri had a similar issue with Anti if I recall Work was a massive hit but her singles before that all struggled and were left off Anti. None of the other Anti singles matches work in radio airplay with the exception of perhaps Love On The Brain.. but that took FOREVER to find chart success.

      Perhaps all of the artists you’ve included as legacy floos are being ignored not based on the QUALITY of their music but the AGE of their lives/career. Ageism is very real in pop music and if you’re over 30 your ability to score massive radio play is cut in half.

      • Meme August 9, 2019

        Agree some what. Yes, those artist all had quality music. I’m not judging their downfalls on the quality of their music but they are all aging. They are VETS in the industry. They are aunties and uncles to the core music consumers. I just feel like they need to transition into something else rather than trying to be relevant in today’s market.

      • MessyBoots August 9, 2019

        I agree with you as well. Your girl Rih has made s successful pivot in fashion. Gaga has in film. Even Ciara is bossing up lol

        Katy’s and even Taylor’s main issue is lack of authenticity. They made stylistic changes that fans didnt care for at all (Witness and Reputation) and now they’re going back in time to recreate past hitmaking magic. Except the tricks arent working quite the same anymore.

      • IAMME August 9, 2019

        I believe if B and Nicki get the right song, it will hit.

      • Rita Ora August 9, 2019

        Nicki and Beyonce are approaching 40. Their commercial success is over especially Nicki who is still rapping about her fat c00chie. Katy is 35 and still cheesy and Taylor 30 and fake. Rihanna needs to stick to her flop fashions because she is old news too. Gaga is the only one talented enough to sustain in the music industry.

      • Jasmine The Real Princess August 9, 2019

        Too bad Gaga is too ugly 🙁

    • Fancy BISH August 9, 2019

      Meme, you created some delicious tea today with your initial comment lol…I’m reading all the replies like ☕️ CHILE ? I would chime in, but my haters would be in hysterics ? ?

      • Meme August 9, 2019


    • Well….. August 9, 2019

      Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift and Beyonce are NOT in the same veteran category as everyone else that was named. Yes, they are veterans and have to work twice as hard now to chart on the Hot 100 but they all sell-out every single show still to this day. Justin Timberlake sold out every single show of his last tour making over $1.96 million per night. New York City will let your booty know if you are washed up and JT sold out Madison his first leg then came back and sold it out AGAIN. If he was washed up New York would of said goodbye the second time. JT also can still put two songs in the top 10 on the Hot 100 from an album. Alicia had so many seats empty her last few shows it was embarrassing. I don’t know about Usher but he seems like this last effort should be his last if it fails to do anything. Taylor Swift (born 1989) is still a beast and I can’t believe she is even being mentioned as a VET. Not yet. She still has 5 more years of “radio youth”.

    • Clocked In August 9, 2019

      No ma’am Bey and Alicia have not peaked. I don’t think Nicki has either. People just wanted another rap chick to celebrate and got Cardi therefore are pushing forward with her. I swear if Nicki dropped a trap song it would go up. But also lots of Djs have made it clear they don’t like her. Beyoncé is gets hundreds of thousands into millions of likes
      On Insta the public just wants solo material from her not collabs. Alicia hasn’t had a bit in couple of years because she went more into the woke songs era and nobody is checking. If she links with her original producers and crew (Krucial keys) she would take off again.

  6. GG August 9, 2019

    It’s time to dig a little deeper Katy, you need a Alanis Moresette moment

    • Carlitos August 9, 2019

      Yassss! She definitely has some Alanis in her!

    • SMH August 9, 2019

      LMAO yeah right, funniest sh*t i’ve heard all day.

  7. Tyty August 9, 2019

    Katy is chasing a hit no different than her pal Taylor swift so she went back in her bag of tricks churned out a nursery rhyme for the masses. With the way the billboard chart is set up right now this ain’t going nowhere.

    • Carlitos August 9, 2019

      She’s not chasing a hit, she’s had plenty of them. She’s almost 35, and right now she’s seeing what the people want.

      • Tyty August 9, 2019

        Yeah, she has had plenty of hits and wants some more hence chasing a hit!! Next!!

      • SMH August 9, 2019

        In other words, she’s chasing a hit.

      • Carlitos August 9, 2019

        She’s. Not. Chasing. A. Hit. Periodt.

  8. MessyBoots August 9, 2019

    It’s cute. I belive this song and Never Really Over would have been massive had she released them in 2017 for the Witness era.

    It’s interesting how unlike any major female pop star with the exception of Rihanna, Katy single handedly DOMINATED radio from 2010-2014. At hear peak I think she had a song in the Top 10 for over 60 weeks straight, massive Itunes sellers, highly viewed big budget videos, etc… that came to an end after Dark Horse. Unconditionally, This Is How We Do and Birthday from PRISM underperformed. Then her Olympic anthem Rise crashed and burned. And obviously Witness finished her off.

    Essentically, the general public stopped caring around 2014 but it doesnt feel THAT long ago when her music was nearly unavoidable.

    • Carlitos August 9, 2019

      Maybe you’ve been under a rock, but she’s still selling and being played. Maybe not as much, but she still sells millions, and she can run circles around these newer artists. Katy’s almost 35, and she’s had 9 no 1 hits, so she’s not looking to sell out for another one.

      • Wonder Woman August 9, 2019

        Sure Jan☺

    • Wonder Woman August 9, 2019

      Teenage Dream was IT and the other album was just meh, too bad she couldn’t translate her success on to touring.

      I find Taylor’s reign from 2012 to 2015 much more impressive , she slayed the songs and albums chart and had the touring numbers, and I think she’s gonna top the Artists of the Decade chart…

      • MessyBoots August 9, 2019

        Yes. Taylor will undoubtedly be at least top 2 on Billboard’s End of Decade Artist tally later this year. Adele may top her though. I’m not exactly sure what metrics Billboard use to create the end of Decade Artist tally.

    • SMH August 9, 2019

      She is not selling, her last releases have all tanked. Hard.

  9. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. August 9, 2019


  10. Rita Ora August 9, 2019


  11. Jake August 9, 2019

    Idk who’s more of a let down this year her or Taylor.

    • Carlitos August 9, 2019

      Nah, I’d say the person you’re looking for is yourself.

  12. thanosoftitan August 10, 2019

    Katy, no. I haven’t heard good music released from any of the heavy hitters in quite some time.

    Music is on a serious decline.

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