Offset & Cardi B’s ‘Clout’ Climbs To #1 On Urban Radio

Published: Monday 26th Aug 2019 by Sam

Offset and Cardi B continue rack up respective wins.

And this time it relates to their hit ‘Clout.’

Details below…

Reminding that a steady pace can still win the race, the pair’s collaboration – which arrived in February – hit #1 on Urban radio today.

Lifted from Offset’s solo debut ‘Father Of 4,’ the track was supported by a buzzworthy video and high-octane performance at the 2019 BET Awards.

Congrats to Momma and Poppa Kulture!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Clarkson August 26, 2019

    If we say how we feel are u gonna delete our comments?

    • Yg August 26, 2019

      Omg right. TGJ stay deleting my comments!

    • China August 26, 2019

      from 2 artist that will do ANYTHING for clout. Low on talent HIGH on hype.

      • kay August 26, 2019

        right says a bum from the couch chasing clout

      • AJ August 27, 2019

        They are trash just like their little followers. Anyone that showed their b*** hole for a dollar will
        Never have anyone’s respect.

    • The Truth August 26, 2019

      Do you have a job?

    • Curry August 26, 2019

      You have to work and use the computer and internet, and if you can do that and dedicate some time each day then you can do this with no problem.
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  2. depress not on hot 100 August 26, 2019

    they’re number 1 on the health hazard free clinic list too…

    • jan August 27, 2019

      so I assume you be up in their pubic ares to know so much

      • AJ August 27, 2019

        She was a stripper and he messes with hood rat bartenders and strippers, it doesn’t take a genius to know they get Xmas cards from the free clinic.

  3. Nicky August 26, 2019

    Pests, Losers, Low-Lifes comments get deleted!!!!


    Keep you in check. Now you’re voiceless. Can’t propagate your ignorance, false info, stupidity any longer


    • Clarkson August 26, 2019

      U can’t delete facts.

      • Nicky August 26, 2019

        Exactly why my comment still stands. Goodbye! Lmaoooooo!!!!!

      • Clarkson August 26, 2019

        That’s why ur darling normani is debuting at number 47 after all the hype and free promo from celebrities.

    • Nicky August 26, 2019

      How awesome. She’s debuting where Crying in the club peaked (47)


      This is after the media, etc pumped Camila up as the Beyonce. Hahahahahhahahahaahhaha

      Then she got a popular rapper (who has the number 1 album in the country) to give her a hit. Lmfaoooooooooooo

      • Clarkson August 26, 2019

        Nobody gave Camila free promo the same way they have given normani free promo. Every celeb from Sam Smith to Arianna grande to Kelly rowload, to Khalid, to megan thee stallion, was tweeting and reposting about her song when she released it, so motivation debuting at number 47 is a dissappionted.

        Havana is young thugs first and only number 1 till date. Camila gave him that number 1.

    • Nicky August 26, 2019

      Normani Talent >>>>> Camila Talent

      The industry and critics have spoken. Thanks!!!!


      Can’t wait for her 2nd single. Maybe she should get a hot rapper lmaoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

      Stay tuned for her show stopping VMA performance. Lmfaoooooo!!!

      • Clarkson August 26, 2019

        Ur already talking about a 2nd single cause u know this first single is trash.LOL
        Camila has 2 Grammy nominations while normani has none, the industry has spoken.

        Get ready for camilla steamy performance with shawn Mendes. Seniorita gonna hit number 1 for sure.
        Camila opened this years Grammys and she shut it down. So entertaining, easy smooth dancing, great vocals, she stayed true to her Latino roots.
        Normani will never open the Grammys.

  4. Ari August 26, 2019

    another scam from their label? perhaps?

  5. High Price August 26, 2019

    It’s a bop….song never gets old.

  6. kay August 26, 2019

    Good for them keep that good energy and it will come back to you!

  7. The Real Princess Jasmine August 26, 2019


  8. Bey Best August 26, 2019

    King and Queen!!!

  9. The Truth August 26, 2019


  10. WRTW? August 26, 2019

    Who? 2018 is calling… these two are very last year

    • Dc August 26, 2019

      Make sure to wave at cardi b tonight from your couch watching VMA s sitting next to Taylor Swift in 2019 ??????????????

      • AJ August 27, 2019

        Are you waving at your TV (unless rent a center took it back) while the trash bags you hype up collect “awards” that mean NOTHING? What a sad dingleberry you are…

    • kay August 26, 2019

      you sounds dumb when we are half way and they are still charting. like wow how dumb are you hahaha
      apparently extremely dumb and sad!

    • AJ August 27, 2019

      You have to forgive Cardi-BJs dingleberries, they HAVE to defend her. It’s all they know…

  11. Kristy Taylor August 26, 2019

    Show that a good partner can make money moves

  12. Angelita Dewitt August 26, 2019

    Dam I love this it’s that s*** and they way she be working it yessss

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