Iggy Azalea Unfollows Cardi B On Twitter After Female Hip-Hop Remarks

Published: Friday 25th Oct 2019 by David

Iggy Azalea wasn’t impressed by Cardi B‘s estimation of her career and decided to take a stand against it by unfollowing her on Twitter.

Full story below…

Azalea, who emerged on the scene shortly after the  Kreayshawn‘s  arrival in 2011, saw her career reach an all-time high in 2014 when she released the smash hit single ‘Fancy‘ and its parent album ‘The New Classic.’

Alas, racially-charged remarks, a failed tour and a feeling that her place in the music business was bolstered by privilege, saw her star fall as her relationships with many of the characters who had once championed dissolved.

Since then, she has worked tirelessly to honour her fans by using her resources to create stellar original content as she enjoys life away from the major label system.

Now, she has made it clear to the world that she didn’t appreciate Cardi’s recent remarks .

How she responded?

This is second time Iggy has been hit with an insult launched at her by Atlantic Records recording artist. For, her old mentor T.I. recently dissed her by declaring that working with her was one of the biggest mistakes he has made in his career.


Iggy wasn’t the only one who “felt a way” about Cardi’s statement.

Read some of the tweets it picked up below…


Your thoughts?

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  1. Hey you October 25, 2019

    Chile why is this news???

  2. Clarkson October 25, 2019

    2 girls with number 1’s fighting.

    If ur faves dont have a number one, pls dont get involved, dont drop a comment, stay in ur lane.

    • menudi October 25, 2019


    • Fancy BISH October 25, 2019


    • FAF October 25, 2019

      If your career lasted longer than 5 yrs make noiseeeeee

      If ur new singles flopping and u need controversy to sell make noiseeeee


  3. Audreyherbsburn October 25, 2019

    It wasn’t an insult. It’s the truth.

  4. 🍇 The Real Jasmine’s Grape Juice 🍇🍷 October 25, 2019

    I’m glad people are seeing the stripper h*** true colors she’s a FRAUD, Nicki Minaj warned y’all but y’all didn’t listen

  5. YAS BIH October 25, 2019

    I like them both but I might have felt a certain way too if I was Iggy it’s not really her fault she didn’t last long due to a certain problematic hater female cloned rapper not wanting other female rappers winning besides herself, that and ppl counting her out because she’s a white female rapper that got a number one before a certain somebody.

    • 🍇 The Real Jasmine’s Grape Juice 🍇🍷 October 25, 2019

      If Iggy actually wrote her lyrics, she’d have nothing to worry about ,but since she isn’t a real rapper, just like CardiB & Lizzo ,she got exposed for what she really was and that’s why her career fell off . Don’t hate the Queen for still being relevant and lasting the test of time her true fans will always support Nicki Minaj that’s why she has over 107 million instagram followers people really enjoy and love the Queen exactly why haters keep her name in their poisonous mouths y’all are undercover fans who watch her every move including CardiB & Jason Lee from Hollywood Unlocked y’all can’t go a day without bashing Nicki, clearly means your obsessed

      • YAS BIH October 25, 2019

        That’s BS and you know it she fell off bc of the hate she was getting that was sent her way starting with Nicki who is VERY PROBLEMATIC and has been the problem from start how many beefs she was in Not everybody is lying, stop trying to make her a victim all the time, all she does is cause trouble, shade others then hid her hands and having 100+ followers on ig means nothing CLEARLY when she can’t get a number one and fall off the charts within the next week of being on it her name wouldn’t be mentioned if she wasn’t the cause of so many beefs just like she just shaded iggy a week or two ago behind iggy and the wwe rapper who had a misunderstanding something Nicki had nothing to do with but tried to include herself into.

      • Dc October 25, 2019

        But cardi won an ascap for her writing i do know that right ?

      • Miss salt gawl October 25, 2019

        Sis she bought them followers. Shut up.

      • J October 26, 2019

        No , it clearly means that females can’t rap. None of them. If it wasn’t for ass and titties they’d be working the second string shift at a strip club.

    • FAF October 25, 2019

      U must be slow

      How did nicki stop anything when iggy has number one and top 5s

      Black twitter canceled her not Nicki

      • YAS BIH October 25, 2019

        Not as slow and forgetful as you are im sure Nicki wasn’t expecting Iggy to get as far as getting a number one and did not want her to go further to top her reason why she shaded Iggy at the bet awards and I won’t say it’s because the racist lyrics iggy did because if that was the case Eminem, Justin Bieber and others would have been cancelled too so yes Nicki hateful ass was a big reason to.

      • 🍇 The Real Jasmine’s Grape Juice 🍇🍷 October 25, 2019

        Didn’t Iggy say she was the Slave Master oh you forgot about that weirdo she ended her own career

      • YAS BIH October 25, 2019

        Did I not just mention that above Idiot or you skipped right through that and your the weirdo with multiply troll accounts on this blog you don’t like the comments I post TOOO BAD just deal scroll by problem solved.

    • Paulo October 25, 2019

      Girl, no. I love Iggy but she got canceled for not being able to humble herself and own up to privilege once Azealia Banks called her out on it

      • YAS BIH October 25, 2019

        idk about that bc I felt like she was being bullied and than she finally got the guts to speak up for herself after awhile now Azealia Idk much about their situation but I know she’s a 💩 starter.

  6. High Price October 25, 2019

    Smh…. Its crazy how many haters Cardi b has lol! So mad at her for stating the obvious. It’s gonna be funny when her 2nd album drops. If she does even bigger numbers, I wonder what the haters will say then. Now as for Iggy?? I want her to win! Her content is REALLY good! I just think she TALKED HERSELF into this predicament. Everytime someone said something about her, she felt she had to clap back at it all. She also would insert HERSELF into a lot of crap. As a NEW artist, “HUMBLE” is KEY! Especially for HER. I hope this EP works in her favor. Good luck to her.

  7. 1988 October 25, 2019

    I’m so tired of people who know they are irrelevant (literally zero competition at all) trying to make it seem like they are. It’s hilarious. Cardi B told no lies.

  8. Fancy BISH October 26, 2019

    Rooftop like we bringing ‘88 back, WHAT lol 🤳🏽

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