Lil Kim Says She ‘Passed the Torch’ To Cardi B: ‘She Has the Crown Now’ [Video]

Published: Wednesday 9th Oct 2019 by Rashad

As we reported here, Lil Kim has been blazing the streets of New York in support of her forthcoming studio effort, ‘9’ (her first in 14 years).

First spotted working the talk show circuit over at ‘Strahan, Sara, and Keke,’ she followed up with a lengthy sit down with our friends at ‘BUILD’ series.  There, she dished on the creation process of the project, why she waited so long to put out an official body of work, and more.

When quizzed on today’s leading divas and what an updated version of her 2001 #1 hit, ‘Lady Marmalade,’ would look like in 2019, Kim sang the praises chart-topping rapstress Cardi B – even proclaiming the 26-year-old is who she’s passed the torch to.

This and more inside:


Kim on Cardi:

Kim on the early days of her career:

Kim on a Paris Hilton duet that didn’t make the final cut of ‘9’


A great watch indeed.  See the full chat below:

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  1. King z October 9, 2019

    The enemy of my enemy iS my friend

  2. BeyIsGrown October 9, 2019

    She is miserable

    • Hmmm Girl October 9, 2019

      Nothing Miserable about she said, the question was directed towards female rappers who can bring the next female rapper collaboration, listen carefully.

      • ME YOU US October 9, 2019

        You sound ignorant af and like queen troll..

    • SMH October 9, 2019

      Yup, miserable and (still) immature.

  3. KING KIM !!! October 9, 2019

    Well !!!!!!! considering that Nicki has retired from the game for the time being, I guess Cardi is the next commercial success to do the whole next Ladies Night Remix type of song for the Females, Would love it For Cardi, Lizzo, Megan and Iggy and City Girls to come together !!!! Maybe Cash Doll too

    • Hmmm Girl October 9, 2019

      Agreed !!!!!!! PERIOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ME YOU US October 9, 2019

      Why do female rappers got to come together

    • Lanafan1 October 10, 2019

      Iggy and City Girls can stay home. Doja can show up

    • Lanafan1 October 10, 2019

      Beyonce or Kehlani can sing the hook.

  4. Meme October 9, 2019

    Girl Kim…love you but you haven’t had the torch in like 12 years to pass in the first place. If Nicki want Nicki, she should be making this statement but Cardi b just had to snatch the torch.

    • IAMME October 9, 2019


  5. King Khia October 9, 2019

    I’m never a fan of Nicki, but let’s be honest here. Nicki has been the queen for nearly a decade. Kim was the blueprint for Nicki, and Nicki is the foundation for Cardi. Kim doesn’t have to give Nicki props, but she hasn’t had the crown to pass onto anyone.

  6. tyty October 9, 2019

    She is a rap legend she can pass on the torch to whoever she pleases. Me thinks her and Nicki would have been alright had Nicki not been a b****. But oh well. Cardi has the potential to surpass both in terms of commercial success. Her raps skills on the other hand I don’t think she is in the top 10.

    • ME YOU US October 9, 2019

      Meanwhile cardi is not sluttly, racist, men drugging, non rapping, non writing, evil, crying, b**** I guess..guess since she ain’t blk she ain’t angry huh?you people are demonic and delusional..

  7. Pu$$yPopstress October 9, 2019

    Don’t u have to have a torch to pass it? Lil Kim ain’t even holding a glade candle at this point let alone a torch

    • King Khia October 9, 2019

      Not a glade candle… #faints

      • ME YOU US October 9, 2019

        No ???? lies detected..?..

    • IAMME October 9, 2019

  8. Emm October 9, 2019

    Bahahahahahaha! she got to be on that pure..

  9. Kayla October 9, 2019

    She never had the torch to began with..

  10. Raven October 9, 2019

    Looks like she dropped the torch on her face

  11. Lizzy October 9, 2019

    Not only is her face fcked up but she is delusional as well

  12. True October 9, 2019

    Lil Kim out here claiming she passed Cardio the torch.. Let’s break this down and make this an honest moment, Lil Kim hasn’t done anything in nearly 2 Decades to push Female Rap forward, She should thank Nicki Minaj for the relevancy she has received since 2010 ?

    • SMH October 9, 2019


  13. 5 star October 9, 2019

    Kim old washed up asss is pressed like a panni, Nicki can rap circles around those girls and is the only queen we acknowledge

    • Opp October 9, 2019

      And that’s on period pooh!!!!

    • ME YOU US October 9, 2019

      No ???? lies detected..?..

  14. Queef October 9, 2019

    See they always have headlines that make people angry but then I listened and she was talking about that ladies night song. Hey if that’s what Lil Kim has to show for, go off sis. Maybe she should’ve used a better choice of words because Nicki done had that torch for over 12 years. **cues clues bomb**

  15. SMH October 9, 2019

    Just goes to show, immaturity has no age limit.

  16. Kitty October 9, 2019

    She’s know as a joke these days (back then too), nothing she says should be taken seriously.

  17. Haut Sawse October 9, 2019

    Kim can say whatever tf she wants!!!!…after all ya fave used her “PINKPRINT” as the motivation for her whole career, down t calling herself a Barbie. And the garbz can talk s*** all they want to, that garage built heffa yall praise still cannot see Cardi on the charts…Periodt.

    • You tried October 9, 2019

      Lol you only praising Cardi cause you jealous of Nicki. Only a hateful fool would pretend Nicki hasn’t held it down for years a a mainstream female rapper. Nicki hasn’t exuded Lil Kim vibes since tried it.

    • ME YOU US October 9, 2019

      ALL ???? lies detected.?.?..

  18. Dc October 9, 2019

    The queen has spoken case closed y’all miserable people can hate joke bout Kim looks but she’s an icon period

    • ME YOU US October 9, 2019

      Yep she is the icon of botched facebody surgery and karaoking biggies lyrics written 4 her

      • Shayla Queen October 9, 2019

        Shut your dumb ass up b|tch

  19. Gee October 9, 2019

    Without Kim female hip hop would not be what it is today also she is an icon when it comes to female rappers and fashion. Honestly the question was about an updated version of lady marmalade. So her answer was valid when she mentioned Cardi. Get out of y’all feelings because she didn’t mention Nicki.

    • ME YOU US October 9, 2019

      No one is there feelings when trump an icon says some s*** about LGBT alphabet pushers or about some s*** u identify with say the same thing he an icon..

      • Shayla Queen October 9, 2019

        ALL ???? lies detected ? ?

        Dumb broad!

  20. YAS BIH October 9, 2019

    She can pass it to whoever tf she wants Kim is a legend in this music industry with classic hits on top of classic hits in the books that will always get played I don’t care if she hasn’t sold another record or not, I don’t give a simple fk if she hasn’t had another billboard entry or not but Kim had a lot to do with the history in hip hop and influenced A LOT of ya favs don’t try to play her and for the one’s joking about her looks you betta hope your never involved in a brutal domestic violence situation to the point of having to get reconstruction surgery done pray on that anyway hate on her all you want but she has went down as a Legend and Queen and that won’t ever be changed she don’t have anything else to prove she already left her mark.

    • You tried October 9, 2019

      Yes and she was influenced by the women before her and and a male rapper who helped form her persona.

      • YAS BIH October 9, 2019

        If she was she never disrespected them, copied or ever tried to downplay what they build Kim also came with a different style no other female rapper had at that time
        fashion wise as well as rap skills and Biggie may have helped with her persona in the beginning but she always been a rap beast before and even after his death.

    • Shayla Queen October 9, 2019

      You can repeat this until you’re blue in the ways and your eyes have rolled out the back of your head but these dumb h0es will NEVER understand the Legend that is Lil Kim! ?

      • You tried October 10, 2019

        Yea she stopped being Kim after that lock up..she fell
        Alllllll the way offf. Nicki was the Queen now. Nobody is at the moment ?

      • YAS BIH October 10, 2019

        ??Ikr but Nicki and her bird small brain having fans are super slow and need to be reminded.

  21. Unnatural October 9, 2019

    What torch? A wet one? Because when was the last time kim actually put out anything noteworthy? The last decade has been all nicki. Black ppl are so funny. Just because nicki not a fav anymore doesnt mean you can erase all the work she put in until this cardi b snapped onto the picture. And there were so many before kim. Queen Latifah, mc lyfe. Women who wrote they own stuff unlike kim who had biggie write hers. This is lunacy. But I guess this is the time for it.

  22. Keith October 9, 2019

    Forget all this “torch” nonsense, I just want a solid album Kim…thank you for your service.

  23. Michelle Perkins October 9, 2019

    I just love little Kim ,she still has a child like sweetness ,she appears to be down to earth and she’s getting her blessings now ,she went through a lot ,and she’s in her winning season with her beautiful baby girl Royal ?,Little Kim is definitely a world wide icon ,I know that all the Artists and Legends thank God ,for her gift ,Hail to the Queen ?!!

  24. JaZzy Da Bi Asian TGJ STAFF SUPPORT #TROLLminators October 9, 2019

    From one Queen with a number 1 and a Grammy to the next. Legendary Lil Kim has spoken.

  25. ME YOU US October 9, 2019

    She telling the truth..she passing the torch of the top selling/ attention seeking/ without makeup unattractive/ non writing or creating rap female torch to cardi be..

  26. Beam Me Up Scotty October 9, 2019

    Honestly, Lil’Kim should be ashamed passing anything to Cardbi B. For someone who loves the art form as much as she does, to pass it on to someone who slept their way to the top, drugged men, cheated, and doesn’t write her own raps. She is doing this to spite Nicki Minaj, that’s all there is to it.

  27. Urg October 9, 2019

    Of course Lil Kim will pick Cardi. Cardi is everything Kim wants to be. A light skin Latina woman. Wonder why she bleached herself till she is unrecognized. I love the old Kim. The deep rough voice early 2000 Kim not this white ghost of the hip hop past whisper mumble rap Kim. But hey I wish her and Cardi all the best.

  28. Danyboo October 9, 2019

    Depending on where she is the way she speaks changes as well as her skin tone and her morals so I could understand why.

  29. Jason October 9, 2019

    Girl……???? You can’t pass the torch to someone who doesn’t care about music or hip-hop. But, ok… ??

    • Just Sayin’ October 9, 2019

      Ikr. I mean come on Kim. I get u don’t like Nicki but to say you passing the torch to Cardi B of all people who has made it no secret she is only in the rap game for the money. Kim where as u have a passion for music Cardi has none and has always been about the bag.

  30. Jerzee October 9, 2019

    Y’all sicki fans are big maaaad! For a self proclaimed queen w/ a plastic tiara! Y’all all fugly

  31. Lil’ Kim Is The Real Queen October 9, 2019

    The Barbz should retire along with their retired Barbz Qween (lol). Queen spelled wrong on purpose because Nicki is no real Queen. “Nobody is checkin’ ” for ya’ll either…LOL. At least Nicki admitted “nobody was checkin’ ” for her. ;p

  32. Lillian October 10, 2019

    I don’t think Lil Kim can pass the torch there’s only one Lil Kim.

  33. Lillian October 10, 2019

    I don’t think LoL Kim can pass the toucnly one. This is off the subject why did you change your face you were beautiful.

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