Chart Check [Hot 100]: Justin Bieber Makes History With ‘Yummy’ Debut

Published: Thursday 16th Jan 2020 by Rashad

Justin Bieber fans, affectionately called #Beliebers, apparently couldn’t wait to get a taste of what the Grammy winner was serving up for his long-awaited new era (kicked off by the Poo Bear-produced bop, ‘Yummy’).

The first single from one of his own studio albums since 2016’s ‘Company’ (found on the ‘Purpose’ LP), ‘Yummy’ – released January 3 –  exploded on digital and streaming platforms its first full week of availability.  Once believed to be a shoo-in for the Billboard Hot 100’s top spot, the Music Bible revealed a stunning upset earlier this week when it was announced relative newcomer Roddy Ricch bested Biebs for the chart’s summit (click here to read more).

The feat was all the more surprising once ‘Yummy’s first week figures were unveiled to be a handsome mix of digital downloads (71,000), streams (29.3 million), and radio impressions (50.9 million).

Despite the upset, Bieber still managed to lay claim to some victory as his #2 debut on the Hot 100 brought with it news of an impressive notch in the tally’s history books.  Find out what inside:


‘With “Yummy,” Bieber banks his 17th Hot 100 top 10 (dating to his first, the No. 5-peaking “Baby,” on Feb. 6, 2010), 14th Radio Songs top 10 and 11th Digital Song Sales No. 1, the lattermost total lifting him ahead of Drake and Eminem for the most among male artists. Bieber ties Katy Perry for the third-most Digital Song Sales leaders, after Swift (18) and Rihanna (14).’

As if that’s not enough, ‘Yummy’s #2 debut broke a standing tie the 25-year-old held with fellow chart-topper Bruno Mars among male vocalists.  Previously, Bruno boasted ownership of ‘most top 10 hits this century’ in the category thanks to a whopping 16 hits.  Now, thanks to ‘Yummy,’ Bieber bests the record.

While we extend our congratz to the Canadian hitmaker, look below to see who joins him in the top 25 of this week’s edition of ‘TGJ Chart Check.’

Hot 100 This Week


Curious to know where Bieber stands overall among today’s top male hitmakers? Look below:

Most Top 10 Hits (This Century) Among Males

Drake – 35

Lil Wayne – 24

Eminem – 21

Jay-Z – 18

Kanye West – 18

Ludacris – 18

Justin Bieber – 17

Bruno Mars – 16

Usher – 15

Chris Brown – 15

Nelly – 14

Flo-Rida – 13

50 Cent – 13

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  1. XYZ January 16, 2020

    That song is so trashy

  2. Arthus Nico January 16, 2020

    Still #2

    • 1988 January 16, 2020

      Still a No. 2 record breaking, history making hit. 🙂


  3. Clarks0oñ January 16, 2020

    Camila cabello has 3 songs right now on the hot 100 as we speak

    Seniorita – 18 ( former number 1). Grammy nominated, 1 billion streams

    My oh my- 44 (no music video, no promo, recently sent to radio, no hype, no buzz) an organic hit, climbing up the chart organically.

    SOTB- 61. Rising every week. Another top 15? Maybe

    Normani on the other hand hasn’t charted any single since 2020 begin.

    Not one song by normani has entered the chart since 2020 began.

    According to predictions diamonds isnt going to chart. Normani stans gonna deny the song,

    And u guys said normani was gonna dominate 2020? ?????

    • High Price January 16, 2020

      Save your essays Clarkson. Your girl Camila didn’t even MAKE this list. So its pointless to mention her among these elites.

  4. Justme January 16, 2020

    Huge upset at the Grammys.. Beyonce is gonna win best pop vocal and best pop album. Mark my words. None of the girls are gonna come close.

  5. Meme January 16, 2020

    The song is still garbage. I really thought he was going to come out with something noteworthy with depth but my expectations were too high. His team rather go with a generic obvious hit formula record rather than tapping into some form of artistry.

    This formula might work now but as Justin gets order and his core fan base gets older they will move on to more mature artist. Just look at the state of Katy Perry and Taylor’s music. They are 30 still making teenage music.

    And this brings me to my girl Rihanna. Everyone though she would stick to the hit record formula but this women understands growing with an audience. With each album her music changes. Even the content and lyrics change. So much so that you can tell each era apart. And that’s why she has longevity and her albums age extremely well, compared to her competitors.

    • Clarks0oñ January 16, 2020

      Gurl just stop

      Work is a generic song.
      She says the word “work” 100 times in the first 1 minute.

      Stop acting like all Rihanna songs are quality songs.
      She has generic songs too

  6. Fancy BISH January 16, 2020

    Bruno got that asss BEAT ? That’s karma for Bruno’s raggedy fans coming for Abel when all he ever did was release his new music! Y’all were so busy trying to stank up and block Abel’s release that ya’ll forgot that JB was about to shoot the easy layup on ya’ll sorry assses ? And check the receipts ?, I tried to tell y’all about the boys from Canada, but y’all didn’t listen! And this was November of last year! But ya’ll just so EVIL *Joycelyn Savage voice* lol ?

  7. Mary January 16, 2020

    Did Justin reach #2 by cheating.? That song is hideous.

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