The City Girls Cover Billboard

Published: Friday 10th Jan 2020 by David

The City Girls are ready to rock 2020 with a bag of musical tricks and visuals to match.

Today, they celebrate their ambition plans by covering Billboard magazine and giving the publication insight into their lives. Lives, they’ll draw from to create what they hope will be a fresh batch of hits.


Miami on her mother’s incarceration?

I missed my mama, and I was just going through a lot trying to figure it out. I kind of felt alone.

JT on being forced to grow up faster than her peers?

I was rebellious because I didn’t have my mama around — nobody could tell me what to do. When I started hanging out with Caresha, I was pillar to post. I started running away. I didn’t like it at my daddy’s house; I didn’t like it nowhere no more.

Why they have no time for “dream selling” men….

You gotta be careful with them dream-selling-ass men who be like, ‘Baby, when I get this, we gonna live it up; now give me $500″. And these rich n—s will sell you a dream, too, so don’t you get it confused. It’s a lot of women out here getting drained.



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  1. only facts January 10, 2020


    1) WHAT have they done they warrants them receiving the COVER of billboard?
    2) JT is MF’ing NOT cute at all. Like GIRL….NO!

    • SMH January 10, 2020

      They’ve done absolutely nothing to deserve the cover. Billboard is no longer a prestigious entertainment guide, its a gossip rag on the same level as Mad magazine. Just goes to show how far music has gone down the toilet.

    • Dc January 10, 2020

      U mad you will never cover billboard

      • only facts January 10, 2020

        Girl, I am actually a fan of some of the city girls’ songs, but they do not deserve the cover of billboard at this juncture. Their names haven’t even been in the top 20 of billboard yet.

      • Around the way filet January 10, 2020

        Be that as it may, their cultural impact alone solidifies their place on the cover, PERIODT!

    • Dc January 10, 2020

      Keep hating

  2. only facts January 10, 2020

    And they MF’ing tried it with slicking that “baby hair” down to their eybrows. Girl, BYE!

  3. Fancy BISH January 10, 2020

    My girls ?? They just DO THEM, they created their own lane! Get your own ish, why you ridin mine *Lil Kim voice* ?

    • Meme January 10, 2020

      Exactly girl!

  4. Gworl Bye January 10, 2020


    • Dc January 10, 2020

      U mad meg the flop ain’t got a cover yet ???

      • FAF January 10, 2020

        Megan has more platinum singles and awards than city girls

        I see what y’all tryna do by calling Megan a flop thinking she not on cardi ass But the truth is they could both put a song out rn and Megan’s would do better ??????‍♂️

      • Around the way filet January 10, 2020

        Megan isn’t on Cardis ass. She hasn’t and will never have a Bodak Yellow or evening an I Like That moment.

  5. Swirly January 10, 2020

    I f*** with the City Girls, but those wigs and outfits are horrible. Are they wearing shapewear?

  6. citygirl January 10, 2020

    in tears. so happy to see them OUT HERE!

  7. The Wig Snatcher January 10, 2020

    City Thots

  8. No Glory January 10, 2020


    • I love big black c** January 10, 2020

      Lawsuit. So they can get mo $ , way better than just the cover paid

  9. Moti25 January 10, 2020

    Yaaaaaaas i love it!

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