Justin Bieber Postpones ALL 2020 Tour Dates, Cites Coronavirus

Published: Wednesday 1st Apr 2020 by Sam

Justin Bieber is the latest star to see their touring plans grind to a screeching halt as the world deals with the coronavirus outbreak.

Full story below…

Moments ago, reps for the singer announced that the entire 45-date trek has been put on ice. A statement read:

“In light of the current public health crisis, and with the deepest concern for all those being affected, Justin Bieber will be postponing all currently scheduled 2020 dates for The Changes Tour. While Justin — along with his band, dancers and crew — has been hard at work preparing an amazing show, he has always put the health and well-being of his fans first and foremost. Justin is anxiously awaiting the opportunity to get back out on the road and perform in a space that is safe for everyone. He asks that fans hold on to their tickets, as they will be honored as soon as the dates are rescheduled. Information on rescheduled dates will be forthcoming soon.”

The news comes in the wake of an initial downsizing of several dates from stadiums to arenas, which at the time was also blamed on the pandemic.

It’s notable that Bieber has asked fans to keep ahold of their tickets.

A smart move on a few fronts.

See, first week sales of new album ‘Changes’ benefitted in earnest from an album/tour-ticket bundle. As such, had the jaunt been scrapped entirely, it’d no doubt leave questions around whether the sales should (or even could) follow-suit and disappear too.

Then there’s the fact that he’s working on new material during quarantine.

It’s no secret that ‘Changes’ wasn’t met with the same positive response as previous projects and, for several, sounded like one long song.

Hence, this window may hand him the chance to pull an Ariana Grande; that is to drop new music with the swiftness and combine eras (ala ‘Sweetener’ and ‘Thank U, Next’). They have the same management, so it’s not far fetched at all.

In any case, what are…

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  1. Lol April 1, 2020

    The difference between Ariana and justin is that Ariana’s music is better. Therefore hers is more well received. Justin’s is not. If anything justin doesn’t need to relearn ANYTHING for a while. He’s had nothing but bad press for months.

    • I love big black c** April 1, 2020

      The different between arianna and Mariah Carey is that MC has 17 more #1 hits and is like a lioness Vs kitty cat. Arianna had nothing but releases a flopped hard Charlie devil soundtrack, reminds me of glitter moment but I’m pretty sure arianna won’t has her emancipation era at all in the future. Never ever! Keep crying bout it

      • Lol April 1, 2020

        And where in my statement did I mention Mariah Carey? Or does this virus have u that bored to to go every website putting the same lame comments about stuff that no one is talking about? I dont know whose wifi you’re using since the dining area at Starbucks is closed. Cry about that.

    • Arihanna grande April 1, 2020

      Justin’s music is s.h.i.t .. Atina donoughtlicker’s is sh.i.tter

  2. Only Facts April 1, 2020

    Honey, nobody was going regardless. Virus or no virus, the tour was a certified flop.

    • truth April 1, 2020

      Speak for yourself idiot! We know you weren’t going to anyone’s shows with your broke ass.

      • Only Facts April 1, 2020

        Honey you are pained! Did your free 30-day trial for tidal expire today?

      • HavanaONana April 1, 2020

        She can’t even watch Normanlys House of Blues Mc Donald Tour.

    • I love big black c** April 1, 2020

      Breaking news!!!! Y’all!! Normonkey is co-heading a McDonald’s breakfast tour with American idol reject Rhonetta Johnson and CUPCAKKE. It’s gonna be fun!!!

  3. Haterz Gon‘ Hate April 1, 2020

    He’s so lazy these days, he finna cosy up to his gal and chill, his heart wasn’t in no stadium tour and likely he will not reschedule and if he does it will be arenas due to ‘venue availability conflicts’. Whatever man. #plays ‘Sorry’# ??‍♂️

  4. I love big black c** April 1, 2020

    One less lonely crackhead, go eat some cheese n mayo

  5. Arihanna grande April 1, 2020

    He never gave a break .. he always release s hit features

  6. J April 1, 2020

    Watch him go pop/country with hundreds of features in 3…2…

  7. Misty Knight April 1, 2020

    First, they downsized the venues, because tickets weren’t selling, now they have C***** to blame to save embarrassment. If he ends up having to refund ticket sales, that should include the CD, forcing Billboard to re-evaluate its first week chart position.

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