New Song: Trey Songz – ‘2020 Riots: How Many Times’

Published: Friday 5th Jun 2020 by Sam

Trey Songz vents with his voice on new song ‘2020 Riots: How Many Times.’

The impassioned track sees the R&B star shine light on the injustices faced in the Black community at the hands of police brutality and institutionalized racism.

Speaking on the release, Songz explained:

“Three or four nights ago I woke up in the middle of my sleep…I couldn’t sleep. My chest was hurting. I got up and called my producer, Troy Taylor and I said “We’ve got to make music that really touches the soul, that really addresses what the world is feeling right now. Especially our people. So we came up with ‘2020 Riots: How Many Times’.” With the words in this song I just wanted to speak to everyone’s hearts and acknowledge the pain and anguish everyone is going through right now. I know this ain’t usually my message and you’re not used to hearing this from me, but this is the person I’ve always been.”

Proceeds from sales will go directly towards the Black Lives Matter and the Community Justice Exchange’s National Bail Fund Network.

Take a listen below…

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  1. Section8DaGreat June 5, 2020

    This fool still released music when the plan was to halt all music released this week 🤦🏽‍♀️

    • Mikns June 5, 2020

      Lmfao!!! Exactly!!!!

      • Tori June 5, 2020

        The song is free, you dont have to buy so technically so no one profits from it. The plan was to haul music being released that will purchased.

    • Hmmm… June 5, 2020

      The “plan” was to redirect all attention towards the movement. Lmao, use your brains. It’s relevant and he’s putting the money back into the movement. ^^^This is what happens when you have no discernment, folks.

      • K’’man June 5, 2020

        After the riots, covid and the police brutality, the last thing we need a is a song from Trey Songz

      • Section8DaGreat June 5, 2020

        No stupid, the “PLAN” was to boycott all streaming services by not releasing music period to make a statement to the companies who profit off of black music but never speak out.

      • Hmmm… June 5, 2020

        Lmao, false. Not releasing music for one whole week does not make a statement to the companies who profit from black music. They’re still making money right now. And they’re still going to go back to business as usual next week. You are actually retarded if you think artists are really trying to send a message to the industry with a ONE WEEK BOYCOTT. 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂 You know, It happens in a fraction of a second, but usually our brains go through a process where forms ideas and conclusions and filters out the stupid, but the fact that you really thought a one week boycott was the master plan for changing the industry is hilarious.

  2. Diabetes UNBOTHERED June 5, 2020

    This was surprisingly Decent

    • Lmfao_Hoe June 5, 2020

      Word and no lie I’m getting soulful R. Kelly vibes

    • Hmmm… June 5, 2020

      Yeah the deeper into the song you go, the better it gets. I’m surprised because he’s been disappointing me. It’s good.

  3. eric June 5, 2020

    “We’ve gotta make music… that really addresses what the world is feeling right now?” The world hasn’t felt anything different since the 1860s when citizens, celebrities and politicians began fighting the fight. We just haven’t always paid attention to opportunities to use our power and influence through the years.

  4. celia June 5, 2020

    This was a GREAT song! The haters didn’t even listen to it before forming An opinion. It takes me back to the “Just Gotta Make It” Trey.

  5. Jay June 5, 2020

    He sounds like Mario.

  6. Mike C. June 5, 2020

    Right on Trey!

  7. Mr. RCW June 6, 2020

    I was pleasantly surprised! Good job Trey

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