Watch: Doja Cat Recounts Her Rise To Fame in ‘The Tale of Becoming Doja Cat’ [VEVO Lift]

Published: Friday 31st Jul 2020 by Rashad

Those who thought Doja Cat‘s climb to the top of the Hot 100 was quick and easy are clearly unfamiliar with her story.

Born Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, the young rapstress first pounced onto the scene with a 2014 EP before dropping her self-tilted debut studio album in 2018.  However, it was her 2019 LP, ‘Hot Pink,’ that saw her heat up the charts thanks to its breakthrough hit, ‘Say So.’

To chronicle her bumpy journey to fame, Cat recently teamed with VEVO LIFT to spotlight her story.

Look inside to relive the highs and lows of her life through the lens of the femcee herself:



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  1. KickinNScreamin July 31, 2020

    Boring, she’ll be gone in a year’s time.

  2. Uh July 31, 2020


    Hope you enjoyed your first and final hit cuz everyone’s over your racist c***** infested ass. You and camila the horseface.

    Both are DONE..

    • Bug Spray August 2, 2020

      The fact you’re calling her something she NEVER was & those fake ass rumors been debunked. And you’re comparing an innocent black woman to Camilla who is AN ACTUAL RACIST….. really proves how retarded mob mentality can be 🙄

  3. Blaine Kelley July 31, 2020

    Stop promoting this self hating woman who also had the nerve to mock a virus that’s killing hundreds of thousands of people

    • Susan July 31, 2020


    • Bug Spray August 2, 2020

      When did Doja EVER “hate” on her race? WHEN????? You mean when she complained about her HAIR? SOMETHING EVERYONE DOES. ESPECIALLY US BLACK PEOPLE WHO DEAL WITH OUR TEXTURE ON A DAILY BASIS? That’s “self-hate” to you? Empty headed mob mentality hypocrisy, continues 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️
      Stupid ass bullies

      And FYI MANY PEOPLE didn’t take the pandemic seriously at first, she not the only one. I’m sure YOU didn’t either. No one did. STFU you bobblehead hypocrite

  4. Susan July 31, 2020

    This racist one hit wonder won’t go away will she? I’m convinced she has worms for brains. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

    • Bug Spray August 2, 2020

      It’s funny how people like attacking innocent black woman these days, for no reason isn’t it. Doja was accused of rumors before they were EVER proven & STILL accused and bullied EVEN AFTER they were all debunked. Megan the Stallion got shot and attacked and blamed as if SHE did something wrong. Just like Nicki was attacked and made into a villain for no reason. And Rihanna was attacked even AFTER she got physically assaulted by a man, etc, etc I could to on. The way society attacks BLACK WOMAN. WITH NO HESITATION. But let’s men get away with saying & doing whatever they want……. is the real crime.

  5. i hate bawb August 1, 2020

    well he looks black to the party and 100% t*****……just tell ppl you are t*****////damn

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