Alicia Keys Covers GQ Hype / Talks Album, New Confidence, & Breonna Taylor

Published: Tuesday 29th Sep 2020 by Sam

Alicia Keys continues to blaze the promotional trail in support of her freshly released self-titled album, ‘Alicia.’

The songbird’s latest stop is the cover of GQ Hype.

There the 15-time GRAMMY winner poses it up in a striking shoot lensed by James Bailey. 

Within its inner-pages, Keys opens up about her journey to genuine confidence, Breonna Taylor, and much more.

Pics and quotes below…

On the journey to true confidence with this project:

“At the very beginning, I had zero confidence. I mean, I had the confidence that I thought I had. But most of that was kind of put on just to survive the situation.” [True confidence, though?] “When you really can feel comfortable and grounded and like you belong somewhere? That took until much later… the confidence, I think, increased, and also the bravery to stick to what I wanted to say or to feel how I feel and just get it out there.”

On the handling of the Breonna Taylor case:

“There is no justice, there is no regard for the life of a black woman who had an incredibly great future… Breonna was essential to the workforce in Louisville and was a bright, shining star, ready to go higher. She deserves to be alive. She deserves to be able to sleep in her bed and wake up the next morning and continue on with her life. And she deserves for the people who ended her life to be held accountable. So how do I think that they handled it? They didn’t handle it! And that is outrageous and completely unacceptable.”

Any justice system with laws that allow an innocent woman to be shot six times and be killed by police and no one is held accountable, is an unjust system… This is why we continue to speak out. This is why we have to continually say Black Lives Matter and speak Breonna Taylor’s name so what was done will never be forgotten.” “I’m not sure how long we can go without any justice.”

On over-working as a woman:

“My mother always overworked. Women tend to overwork because we know that we have to get everything done all the time and be responsible for the outcome… But I also just have such a drive and such a desire to do great things. And it’s wonderful, but it’s also detrimental.”

Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: GQ / James Bailey]

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  1. tyty September 29, 2020

    Alicia a lil splash of even BB cream and some blush wouldn’t kill you. Her promotion is on point shame it’s for a dud of an album. I still think this no make up thing is affecting her appeal.

    • DC September 29, 2020

      Exactly the promo
      Is there but she still flopped

      • Only Facts September 29, 2020

        Alicia actually pulled respectable numbers and had larger first week sales than her last album. So, for a VET, and R&B act, she is hardly a flop.

  2. DC September 29, 2020

    All this promo and still flopped they got her everywhere album still flopped

  3. Shayla Queen 👑 September 29, 2020

    You fools still falling for this Breyona Taylor mess. I can’t. This is exactly why Trump will win. Most blacks know the score now which is why they’re walking away from the Democrats because they want America to be America again. They don’t want their neighborhoods looted, burned down and less Police. 80% of blacks say they want MORE Police. But as usual they are the “silent majority” as to speak out means being told you’re “not black,” “self-hating” or “racist.”

    Look up #WALKAWAY. It’s amazing how many blacks are waking up and seeing through the bs so if Trump won last time time, he’s definitely winning this time. People don’t want to live in a lawless land of chaos and anarchy while being fed lies to divide us all by race to gain more power of all of us.

    • Shayla Queen 👑 September 29, 2020

      Read Blackout: How Black America Can Make It’s Second Escape from the Democrat Plantation.

      Nothing but facts.

      Although the truth is hard to hear especially when you realise everything you’ve been led to believe your entire life was all a lie.

      Wake up.


      • REALTALK September 29, 2020

        Trump was suppose to come out and denounce racism of ANY KIND specifically WHITE SUPREMACIST WHO ARE AT THE TOP OF THE FBI”S CURRENT LIST OF US TERRORIST!!!! It’s actually very easy to combat racism in this country, why not make blatant racism against the law in the US and instead of sending the National Guard in against American citizens send them against domestic terrorist!! Tell us please “What The f*ck is the republicans offering people of color slavery? Democrats got a lot of things to figure out but them damn republicans don’t give a flying sh*t about people of color. Trump is not a unifier this is the most divisive I’ve ever seen and it’s ALL under his watch!!!!

    • eric September 29, 2020

      I thought about that, not with Breonna Taylor but BLM in general, and I think the vote could still go either way. Trump is playing on the fear of more looting, rioting and protesting, but people could look at that as a failure on Trump’s part, because if he had responded properly and done his job from the beginning, there wouldn’t be so much division and disorder now. Same thing with the c**********: If Trump had acted responsibly from the beginning, there wouldn’t be as much confusion, disorder, and death. A man whose approach to a pandemic is to inject bleach and Lysol into the body is not intellectually fit for the duty of POTUS.

      • Shayla Queen 👑 September 29, 2020

        What is Trump supposed to do about the looting and rioting when every time cops get involved JUSTIFIABLY it’s deemed an act of “systemic racism?” This Breonna Taylor case being a prime example. It would cause even MORE looting and rioting. People out here asking for justice for all kinds of criminals now, all due to their race and regardless of actions. Blacks people are untouchable.

  4. Clarks0o0ñ September 29, 2020

    U are dumb of I think this woman is not wearing any makeup

    That’s what’s actually annoying people with her. She claims to wear no makeup but she has makeup on.
    Its phoney

    • PettySpaghetti September 29, 2020

      THEN,l sweetie, THEN (as in years ago during the Here era) she didn’t wear make up…you don’t follow her so I don’t expect you to keep up. She doesn’t cake it on (like others may do) chill out and drink a Diet Pepsi sir/ma’am

  5. Tori September 29, 2020

    This is actually a really dope shoot! She looks great, looks like she has on some kind of makeup but still very dope!

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