Master P Sets Sights On Reebok In $2.4 Billion Sale

Published: Wednesday 30th Dec 2020 by Sam

Master P has long established himself as an astute entrepreneur and, should his latest goal come to fruition, he’ll be even more achieved.

For, the Hip-Hop mogul has his sights set on acquiring sportswear brand Reebok.

Full story below…

According to Forbes, Reebok (which has been owned by Adidas since 2005) is up for sale with a reported price-tag of $2.4 Billion.

Master P, who has a pronounced business portfolio, is said to be in talks to take it on alongside NBA All-Star Baron Davis.

And while specifics are being kept under wraps, it seems there is movement behind the scenes.

Sources tell Forbes the aim is to complete a deal with one of the many bidders) by March 2021, while Bloomsberg assert Reebok – who recently teamed up with Cardi B – “will decide in the coming months” if a sale is on the cards.

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  1. Justme December 30, 2020

    That’s great.. however Master P is not known for bringing fashion to the stage. It’s one thing owning a company but is he ready to compete? With Drake at Nike, Beyoncé and Kanye at Adidas.. Does he has to have the creative team, and a huge star to pull this off?Romeo and him ain’t gonna cut it.

    • tyty December 30, 2020

      I’m pretty sure he is interested in running the business aspect and can get a creative team together Just like all the people you named. Plenty of innovative black designers who can work at reebok. The comment was not necessary if hundreds of white people can coexist in the fashion industry why can’t 4 black people?

      • Honeyyyyy December 30, 2020

        That’s how you reply to THAT !

      • Justme December 30, 2020

        For those in the cheap seats.. I think it’s great that he is owning a big company.. but I’m talking about keeping it above water and it being able to compete. You must of got alot of participation awards. He has to bring it. No one cared about tidal and probably still don’t. Even though I got it. You have to be able to be successful. So I said what I said.

      • tyty December 30, 2020

        No you’re doing the most crab in barrel mentality. You turned into a competition and automatically assumed a black man can’t run a successful athletic wear company without competing with the only 3 other black people who own athletic wear. Do you say the same about the multiple designer brands owned by white people? Nah you showed your ass. Loud and wrong. The man ain’t even inked a deal you’re questioning his business resume when his a multimillionaire.

    • tyty December 30, 2020

      And lastly. If he does own rebook his competition will not be ivy park,yeezy or drake they are sub divisions companies of Nike or adidas. His competition will be Adidas,Nike, and puma. His purchasing the whole company nothing like the deals the three you mentioned have. Completely different ball game his playing.

      • Justme December 30, 2020

        Then if he doesn’t own nothing.. then what are we talking about.. conversation ova!!! You’re assuming that I don’t think black people can’t own anything… you don’t know me.. nor do you know him.. so what actually are you doing and saying? The first thing I said was that’s great that he is owning something. You obviously don’t work in sales or marketing because competition is the game he is going to have to play to be successful.. You’re offended for no reason, you have no merit. I work in this field I know what I’m talking about. I can tell you don’t. Because you would’ve understood what I was talking about from the jump. Next caller!! Learn to read things and not be offended. That’s the task I give to you. Or stay your sensitive self out of the comments. I’m just saying 🙄🙄

  2. NegativeNancy2K December 30, 2020

    preach^^^some only know how to spread hate these days

  3. December 30, 2020


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