Ouch! Cardi B Responds to Backlash After ‘Insensitive’ Tweet About Buying an $88k Purse

Published: Monday 7th Dec 2020 by Rashad

Cardi B‘s in her bag – literally and figuratively – after being called out for a tweet regarding the purchase of an $88,000 purse.

Taking to Twitter Sunday (December 6), the GRAMMY winner asked:

The inquiry incited backlash, many deeming the post ‘insensitive’ given the economic recession caused by the ongoing global health crisis.

As the heat from Cardi’s words only got hotter, the hitmaker hit back at critics for over 8 hours with a slew of ‘receipts’ demonstrating her philanthropy over the years.

See the action inside:

Tired of the ongoing hoop-la, the ‘Money’ maestra gathered a collection of press clippings that highlighted some of her past charitable efforts.


Once that proved not to be enough, the femcee issued a challenge to the complainers.


Even that didn’t prove enough to quell the criticism, leading Cardi to issue an apology.


Said apology didn’t end her clap back tirade, however.


To the surprise of none, the day of fielding reprimands from supporters and non-supporters alike still ended with B moving forward with the purse purchase.

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  1. Nicky December 7, 2020

    Are you really surprised about the lack of social intelligence?

    She and many ghetto rappers come from poverty, have low IQ and EQ , didn’t value education and think flaunting money brings self worth.

    Disgusting trash.

    • Rechelle Moir December 7, 2020


  2. Drink my b**** juice December 7, 2020

    Its her f***** money. Many of these ppl are jealous and hide behind “you should donate” fact of the matter is. Celebrities are not required to bail people out. Stop counting peoples pockets.

    • Nickibby December 7, 2020

      Stfu f** she’s the one who tweeted it. Don’t get mad because you didn’t get the responses you wanted dumb h**

  3. Biancacook December 7, 2020

    So We just complaining about everything now? Like really?

  4. tyty December 7, 2020

    I like cardi but she does this for attention and it’s so obvious there is literally no need to tweet that just buynthe bag and show it off on Instagram those who know will know the cost without you advertising it. And Birkin have already said they only make so much bags a year so they don’t know where all these girls getting their bags from tea*

    • Gag Order December 7, 2020

      Consignment shops and people selling theirs…it’s not cheap either

  5. #TheTruth December 7, 2020

    She should do whatever the F she wants with her money.
    Is it smart to brag about it on Twitter ? I don’t see the point in sharing such stuff.

    Now… celebrity or not, whatever the case is, I’ll never understand why people are willing to spend all that money on material things. Own a dozen luxury cars. A house with 20 rooms and 32 bathrooms. What is the point of all that ? This is non sense.

    But people do whatever they want. It’s not about jealousy or whatsover, I’m more than happy to know that people can afford that. I just wonder if wealth and simplicity can actually pair together.

  6. TORi December 7, 2020

    I usally hate when she responds to Nicki Fans on Twitter and Instagram but this is one time she’s in the right. Stop going on these celebrities pages saying what y’all want to know because those days of extreme PR are over and they ain’t playing nice no more. Y’all gone tell a grown woman what to do with her money and how she needs to donate to charity as if y’all were so unaware of all the money she spent on charity this year, ALONE! And to come back and say she’s “gaslighting her fans for being poor” shows y’all are true trolls working overtime. These celebrities are held to a higher standard than the government and politicians and it’s so backwards. They are not here to fulfill your every desire outside of music, get a damn grip and move on.

  7. Miss Ling Ling 💋 December 7, 2020

    How about donate to some poor black community instead of buying some unnecessary overpriced purse?

    • DC December 7, 2020

      She has donated millions bought out store for the poor in Africa do your research or Stfu

  8. Thee Stallion Hottie/ Barb-Wire December 7, 2020

    It’s the fifth face for me chile. I guess Lil Kim did inspire the asian look in all these insecure broads.

  9. Gworl Bye December 7, 2020

    America seriously needs to stop making stupid people & ignorant hoodrats famous. What’s worse is that the stupid people that are defending this ignorant hoodrat don’t have a pot to p*** in or a project window to throw it out of.

  10. Liam December 7, 2020

    It’s her money who cares? I mean some of these same people if that had that kinda money would be doing the same thing 🙄 I’m not a fan but damn she’s such a libra 😂 always gotta justify shut your mouth and keep it moving

  11. Detruth December 7, 2020

    Can you imagine if every time u purchased something expensive u were critiqued? I know she didn’t have to announce it but get out this woman’s pockets she can buy what she wants just like u and I.

    • Gworl Bye December 7, 2020

      Tell the idiot to stop posting it on twitter for clout and she wouldn’t have to get dragged for being an idiot.

      • Keith December 7, 2020


  12. Paulo December 7, 2020

    Don’t hate the player hate the game! You can’t pin down ONE celebrity for stuff ALL celebrities and millionaires do

  13. Happy+n+Rich December 7, 2020

    Those same bags could be sold for $300, but Cardi B wouldn’t be interested. That she thinks is makes sense to spend that kind of money on a bag is telling. It’s all in the perception of value. This is nothing more than charity work on her part — free advertising for whatever design house is selling these overpriced bags at a markup of thousands of percents. With her fame and influence, she could have launched her own luxury brand or helped launch one founded by a person of color.

    When I get on, I’m going to start a line of overpriced men’s apparel.

  14. Keith December 7, 2020

    No one cares what celebrities buy with their money. It IS, however, insensitive to talk about it in this economic environment. Not the smartest branch on the tree…

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