New Video: Kelly Rowland – ‘Flowers’

Published: Friday 19th Feb 2021 by Rashad

It’s here!

Just hours after dropping her long-awaited EP, ‘K’ (click here to stream), Kelly Rowland‘s looking to plant herself on the Hot 100 with new single, ‘Flowers.’

An artsy, high fashion affair, the video sees the new mom-of-two show off her figure in form-fitting designer duds while spouting lyrics about the importance of acting and living “in the now.”

“I’ma show you one day / I’ma go get new waves / I’ma get a new vase
 / You know you gon’ get all of your flowers (All of your flowers).” she declares on the bold new track.

See all the action inside:


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  1. Jason Giambrone February 19, 2021

    I love it great job

  2. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) February 19, 2021

    Song for the dead 💀 bring em flowers to her grave

  3. non+ya+biz February 19, 2021

    not impressed. she keep bringing these weak ass songs, SMH

  4. Itdontmatter February 19, 2021

    That girl is gorgeous! I love all the outfits! The song was very good too! I liked it!

  5. Sydime February 19, 2021

    Love it

  6. Fleur February 19, 2021

    This is the one Kelly🔥🔥🔥🔥. This is the sound. Potent, smooth, and beautiful💐👑💐

  7. Kelly Rowland Fan February 19, 2021

    I love her for stepping into the “proud black pride lane” but it’s seeming gimmicky and contrived. My problem with Kelly is that she’s so rigid and she comes of as try hard yet lazy and inspired and it always misses the mark. She seems damaged somehow. Not to blame Matthew but Kelly has always seemed stuck in this backup “I’m not good enough, yet I try energy.” So many people want to see her win but I think she feels sort of defeated. It doesn’t seem like art for arts sake nor does it feel fresh.:. God bless her and I’ll always be rooting.

    • Pat February 19, 2021

      I Didn’t watch the video but I don’t c a lie here

    • Fleur February 19, 2021

      What is background and contrived about Flowers, Hitman, Crazy, Black Magic, Coffee…? If you don’t got it to buy and stream an awesome quality body of work from this Kelly era, just say that. Who needs anti-fans with unreasonably dissatisfied fans like you? This kind of backhanded negative fan rooting is lazy & contrived.

    • vv February 19, 2021

      I think that’s why the album with Motivation was her best since that is when her and Beyonce temporarily fell out lol. or I forget which era it was, but I noticed she seemed more into herself and less about hyping Bey out, she needs to be like that.

  8. Jim February 19, 2021

    The yellow look was giving me Oshun so I’ll accept this lack luster song because the visual was decent .
    Her voice is so beautiful I wonder why shes afraid to make MUSIC. This talk singing s*** is for Ciara ( who I still love) and Cassie
    Not a destiny’s child member ( except latavia)

  9. Fleur February 19, 2021

    Buy it. Stream it. Quality work. Excellent roll out. Promote it💐💐💐

  10. Deitrick February 19, 2021

    Boring. She’ll never be Beyonce. Stick to hosting and having babies Luv.

  11. Chester February 19, 2021

    🥱 yawn. No personality. Just blah. Will forever be a backup singer. Incandescent stars are born, not created.

    • Niki78 February 19, 2021

      Whoooaaaaaa! That is so ugly to say. She sounds amazing actually

      • Chester February 19, 2021

        I didn’t say she doesn’t sound amazing. God gave her a gift. Backup singers sound amazing. I root so hard for her. And no, I absolutely do not compare her to her DC group mates. She just doesn’t have a point of view. A personality. Just blah. We know nothing about her family, her upbringing, her husband, her father. And not some boring BS rehearsed answers. She seems like she just shows up and is told what to do. When she put out that coffee single. She started to get very raunchy on her Twitter with that coffee talk. Motivation and kisses down low era appear to be most successful lane. But she doesn’t want to remain consistent. There are some cute songs on the new EP, but not necessarily because of her. Its more because of the producers that create the melody and sound. No one is spending money on this.

    • Rr February 19, 2021

      Actually Flowers, speed of love and better are the best song on that ep. I think this is the type of sound people would love to hear more. Black magic was absolutely a messsssssss!Hitman is not my favorite song and crazy is ok I think the international market would love that song. But you are right she should talk more about deep stuff her family what happens to her brother and the relationship with her mother or what happen when Sony dropped her like story’s we never heard before more of that.

      • Chester February 19, 2021

        Exactly! You’ve dropped from a major label. Talk about it, be angry about. Be real. She’s been trying for a few years now. And I know she’s frustrated, sitting at home twiddling her thumbs. You know how I know? Because that’s what humans do. But she’s always smiling, being coy and cute. Cut the BS. I want to know more about her mother. I know she was a house cleaner, that died a few years back. Speak about it. Not in a nosey sort a way. But in a way that humans can connect with her. That football player she was engaged to and appeared on the cover of bride magazine. What really happened? And not in some boring song where we have read between the lines, to wonder.She is not special enough or unique enough to be all private and coy when she’s trying to push generic music. I guarantee you, if she really opens up, in a real honest way about her journey, it will unlock this barrier in her career. Okay, I’m done! 🥳

      • Tori February 19, 2021

        This song is abut her mother you dumb asz‼You want her to sing about s*** SHE’S ALREADY TALKED ABOUT? FOR WHAT? So you can then find something wrong with that? Did you even pay attention to the lyrics of the song?

      • Chester February 19, 2021

        Calling me dumb asz is so unnecessary, simply for stating my opinion. If you like the song, go to iTunes and click purchase. The people have spoken. The song is a dull.

  12. Fleur February 19, 2021

    Kelly also wrote Flowers🔥. I love it because it’s such a beautiful and strong message about giving your love ones their much deserving flowers. Well done Sis🌹

    • Josh L February 20, 2021

      Hey fellow Kelly fan,

      Please do not spend any of your time trying to defend Kelly or her music against the clowns on here. MOST of them are the same person using multiple accounts, and their opinions are a factor ESPECIALLY, if they’ve never supported Kelly or intend to. They are also stans of other artist, but what’s MOST sad is that they’re grown ass men-messy and miserable men, but men with a sad trait.

      The EP is great, and I have always given Kelly her 💐 and will continue! That’s what counts and matters to her the most, those who actually care. Remember that!

      • Josh L February 20, 2021

        **opinions aren’t a factor** My apologies.

  13. Juize February 19, 2021

    Everything feels so unfinished with her these days.
    Unfinished songs, that sounds like demos, videos that look like leftovers.

    I always played her songs on repeat, like Better Without You, Work, Like This, Gotsta Go, This Is Love, Motivation and Dirty Laundry.

    And jams like Commander, Down For Whatever and the songs she features on from David Guetta, I still play them many times.

    I think she should drop this B-sides and start focussing on a new album.
    Maybe a double album, one with pure R&B and Soul, and one with urban dance tracks.

  14. non+ya+biz February 19, 2021

    this sounds like a long ass interlude

  15. GG February 19, 2021

    Now this is my favorite song so far !!!!!

  16. Kelly Biggest Fan February 19, 2021

    Her Red Bull EP was wayyyy better than this trash she released. And it’s so frustrating as a fan to know you been in the studio over 6+ years and this what you give us 🤬

    • Jam February 19, 2021

      wrong sis, 1000%

      • Kelly Biggest Fan February 19, 2021

        How sis? None of those songs on “K” Ep can compete with with the songs on her Red Bull Ep. “Don’t you worry” and “See me” was a vibe I was expecting from this new EP! All of the new songs are boring and forgettable! You won’t even be listening to it months from now 😑

  17. Jam February 19, 2021

    Honestly, I’m not sure what ear wax some of yall have stuck in your head, but upon listening this was actually really good. The video is dope too. Some of yall really are just plain ole haters. smh

    • Ugghh February 19, 2021

      Completely agree!

    • liio February 19, 2021


      • Josh L February 20, 2021

        It’s a dope ass EP. Period!

  18. Alexander February 19, 2021

    I love the consistancy. She’s on her way to greatness if she keeps on this way.
    The song and video are good.

  19. Sydime February 19, 2021

    This whole layout was great. She’s been promoting while pregnant and making videos that look high quality like hitman which is one of my favorite songs and video from her. This also is the first time she wrote fer whole album and paid for all the videos which means she has been hearing her fan as for more videos. Out of 6 domes on the EP this the first time she has 4 videos. I think this is just the beginning before the album. That’s right kelly make music you love.

  20. Sydime February 19, 2021

    And for the haters saying nobody is buying or streaming it then why is it #1 on r&b/pop? That’s means you can speak for everyone but yourself.

  21. HELLOKITTY February 19, 2021

    I’ve listened to this song twice. I had to give it another go because I forgot what it sounded like the first time. My impression: ……… This sounds like an interlude and NOT a song that should be on an EP.

  22. Muzik First February 19, 2021

    Download the whole EP here:???

  23. Muzik First February 19, 2021

    Can download full EP here:

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