Britney Spears SLAMS Christina Aguilera for “Refusing to Speak” on Conservatorship

Published: Saturday 20th Nov 2021 by Sam

Britney Spears has popped off on none other than Christina Aguilera over the remarks made – or not made – about her conservatorship.

Full story below…

As reported, Xtina was quizzed on Spears’ emancipation from the legal mandate that has governed her personal and professional life while arriving at the Latin GRAMMY Awards this week.

Clearly attempting to keep the line of questioning on her own activity (which included performing at the show) and arguably cognizant of the career-long comparisons to Spears, Aguilera still said “I’m Happy For Her.”

Before that, though, she said “I can’t speak on that.”

It would appear this did not sit well with Spears, who took to her Instagram Stories moments ago with a clip of the moment and the following caption:

“I love and adore everyone who supported me…but refusing to speak when you know the truth is equivalent to a lie!!! 13 years being in a corrupt abusive system yet why is it such a hard topic for people to talk about?? I’m the one who went through it!!!! All the supporters who spoke up and supported me. .Thank you…Yes, I do matter!!!”

Spears then immediately followed with praise for Lady Gaga, posting a clip of her recent words about the conservatorship termination. She wrote:

“Thank you Lady Gaga for genuinely taking your time to say something so kind. You made my cry!!! Love you!!!”

The social media jab comes after Aguilera publicly voiced support for her fellow ‘Mickey Mouse Club’ star after the court hearing in which Spears spoke up and out about her predicament. At the time, Xtina said:

“These past few days I’ve been thinking about Britney and everything she is going through” 

It is unacceptable that any woman, or human, wanting to be in control of their own destiny might not be allowed to live life as they wish. To be silenced, ignored, bullied or denied support by those “close” to you is the most depleting, devastating and demeaning thing imaginable. The harmful mental and emotional damage this can take on a human spirit is nothing to be taken lightly. Every woman must have the right to her own body, her own reproductive system, her own privacy, her own space, her own healing and her own happiness…

My heart goes out to Britney. She deserves all the TRUE love and support in the world. 🤍”


Much has been said about Xtina over the years, but there are a few crucial points to note.

In almost all instances where artists have discussed Spears’ predicament, they were asked the question (rather than voluntarily “speaking up”). And given the sensitivity of the matter at hand (especially when it comes to the intertwined nature of Britney and Christina’s narrative), it’s not far-fetched to see why one would have wanted to avoid the topic because of how words and intentions can be misconstrued – as yours truly feels has been the case here.

Above all, Aguilera – as highlighted – has voiced support for Spears. And in considerable detail too.

So, folks, we’re not sure this is any kind of fair.

But that’s our two cents. As ever, let us know what you think.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Maurice Cassidy November 20, 2021

    This girl gone shake the table these next few months, I bet you! Haha, YASSS BRITNEY!!!

    • Fancy BISH (Back To The Future 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 November 20, 2021

      lol yaaaaaaas 🤣❤️

    • Yummy November 20, 2021

      This ratio is killing me I guess PIGTINA has so many fans as single sales ahahaha

    • SupportiveHive November 20, 2021

      I barely find comments defending the scream of a the way the voice of a generation is beyonce muach Perra fans

  2. Tino November 20, 2021

    Damn she got her its Britney BITCCCHH swag back don’t it…lol

    C’mon Britney you can’t publicly drag someone for not saying what you want them to say. Especially when its not like you guys are family and best friends. If you don’t expect help and support from people you won’t get upset and disappointed.

    • Maurice Cassidy November 20, 2021

      I think she’s insinuating that Xtina knew what was going on and all of a sudden now wants to speak out.
      Most people in Hollywood knew Britney was basically trapped and they said nothing.

      • Urban MILF November 20, 2021

        Was Xtina supposed to save her from laws, family, managers, herself? If Brit believed Xtina is a superheroine from her “Keeps Gettin’ Better” video costumes, then poor Brit is sadly too naive to tell fiction from fact. But she must be smarter than that.

      • SASHAY AWAY November 20, 2021






      • Wendy Williams Ghost November 20, 2021

        What’s a keeps getting better?
        I just remember the H03 on the dirrty vid Although that is her real persona

    • Urban MILF November 20, 2021


      You’re right.

      And publicly thank Xtina’s 2009 rival? A new low for Spears.

      • Real Housewives from TGJ November 20, 2021

        She’s not the one who’s using the Name “Urban MILF” in a site in 2021 sweetie!
        So you’re I guess you’re the low you trailer park who reeeeee!
        Britney’s doing great and going to marry that hot guy!
        Good luck find a man that wanna eat your orange peel ass boo

      • Travis Scott D I C K November 20, 2021

        Commenting under everyone just stop she’s not going to happen

        (Read this in Mariah’s voice)

  3. #TruthHurts November 20, 2021

    Ughhhh… White people 😩. At least with black people we can see them coming.

    • Anastacia November 20, 2021

      Exactly that snaketina always bitten in the back..
      With pink and Gaga she did the same shît 😫
      Tired of her floppy ass face..

    • Fancy BISH (Back To The Future 🤣)👊🏻💎💋 November 20, 2021

      The only time you can see black people coming is when they blink or smile.

      • AB November 20, 2021

        Just like y’all smell like wet dogs and age like moldy milk. Don’t hate on the melanin magic sweetheart just because you gone look 60 when you’re 40. It’s ok we know y’all jealous and that’s why y’all hate us so much. Y’all can’t help that we are BETTER AT EVERYTHING!!! Racist asshole!!!!

      • Fancy BISH (Back To The Future 🤣)👊🏻💎💋 November 20, 2021

        When you people stop smelling of sewer then come back to talk to me, and the whole thing about black “people” not ageing is lie and you know it. All you people do is drugs and kill people over it and raise crack babies 👶🏿 you come on a post about white artist and spread racist hate and you call me jealous of you ha that just shows me how dumb you people are and full of hate. The main thing I love about living in America is the black on black crime because they all take each other out and I love sitting back watching it all 😂😂😂😂

  4. Gary November 20, 2021

    It’s so obvious Christina was being shady here! Why as soon as Britney is mentioned she turned to the publicity guy(?) and then pulled an awkward face as soon as he starts to talk. She only posted about it afew months ago when it was a good PR stunt

    • Maurice Cassidy November 20, 2021

      Exactly. she was waiting for him to say something so she can bounce.

    • Urban MILF November 20, 2021

      Maybe because celebs routinely have to check with a publicist IF they should address such a sensitive topic?

      • Gary November 20, 2021

        But why the poor acting and the awkward face pulling as soon as he starts to talk, like none of that whole ten seconds came across genuine at all

      • C**-ila November 20, 2021

        Stop with the bullshyt xtina never checked nothing with no one!
        She is an assumed C UNT, she threw shade like she always does but people are tired of that old h ag antics, and thank’s god!
        We dont live in 02 anymore when it was (cool) to like her bitc hy persona

    • Urban MILF November 20, 2021

      She turned around for permission, turned back, looked down at the interviewer as a “Really? Now?”, pulled a sad face, arched her furrowed eyebrows, expressed her nonplussed happiness (vs. the overplayed “OMG. . .I’m LITERALLY dying with happiness for her!” à la Trailer Swift, Airiana Grande, Ladyboy Gag, and other dramatic red carpet reactors), then left. Want her to cry? 😊

      • Kamala 2024 November 20, 2021

        AH AH AH
        She look to that gay hobbit behind her for him to intervene. And than even had the audacity to do awkward faces and to pretend she wanted to talk about it.
        Tell me stalker where was “Pa Mis Slu.ts” on the hot 100? I think it doesn’t even appear oops.
        Btw Taylor, Ariana and Gaga outsell Orangetina every day of their lives.

      • Urban MILF November 20, 2021

        @Kamala: Either I watched a different video or unknowingly suffer from Aphantasia. Since you can read people’s hidden intent, play Poker. . .you could get rich.

      • Kamala 2024 November 20, 2021

        @UrbanDecayMILF Boo Boo we watched tha same vid, but u suffer from Flop Deflection Disorder. Its a mental disease that affects the fans of the “Pa Mis Sl.uts” girls.
        Happily since there aren’t many of them the disease is near extinction.. like her streams

        Thoughts and Prayers Boo Boo

    • Urban MILF November 20, 2021

      Why the poor acting, you asked. Have you seen Burlesque? 😊

      • Wendy Williams Ghost November 20, 2021




    • Dynamite November 20, 2021

      .. Stop talk for nothing and stop talk for Britney.
      I know they talk in private?

      And Xtina know Britney since 10 years.

    • Emma November 20, 2021

      I’m finding it really interesting that people have started telling Britney what to do, say and feel, right after celebrating her freedom. Y’all are so selfish it’s insane

    • Arf November 20, 2021

      Test she got Brit back with a knife.. since long time ago

  5. Jennifer November 20, 2021

    Hmm….. Christina spoke up months ago. Christina is at the Latin Grammys promoting her new music and is focusing on her performance. Christina isn’t obligated to speak on this. This was very awkward!! I don’t blame Christina for trying to avoid this annoying a s s reporter who is clearly trying to incite some drama. Christina did state that she’s Happy for Her. Britney seems like an insecure narcissist. Christina was genuine about this months ago.

    • Urban MILF November 20, 2021

      Xtina is a mordant tease.

      I’ll give you that. (Aquarius rising)

      But Brit’s reaction is extra. Maybe she should kiss Ladyboy Gag at some next award instead of leaving shim hanging 10 years ago. 😊

      • Dc November 20, 2021

        You’re still bitter Madonna’s kiss with her made 0 impact???????
        Legends are on other level!!!!!!!!!
        Wasn’t Whor,E,Tina the one who invited Ladyboy Gag to sing Do what u want with her?????
        You should call to Dr Phil you’re projecting your trash diva career onto Britney

  6. Sam November 20, 2021

    We all know Christina doesn’t use her own account, she WAS being shady in the video and Britney called it as she saw it. End of

    • Urban MILF November 20, 2021

      I have a feeling Britney’s account is run by her kids (à la Stella’s daughter managing Mariah’s social media) or fiancé (who has the hots for Xtina but can do nothing about it à la Apollo frustrated with infatuation toward stallion Kenya while hitched to donkey Phaedra). 😁

      • Wendy Williams Ghost November 20, 2021

        Keep dreaming’
        If you want to talk ‘bout boyfriends check the pale ugly guy yelltina got’
        She could only dream with one hunk like sam’
        and we all know she isn’t in control of her accts if you think so you don’t see her post LOL

  7. #TheTruth November 20, 2021

    Britney is mad at the world, we get that, but that’s the wrong target.
    Christina eventually spoke about it BEFORE the sentence was given, so what’s the problem ?
    Then be mad at everyone who never spoke up for you… easy, they were not asked the question.

    • Urban MILF November 20, 2021

      Guess now we know who ignited their 00’s feud and cried wolf! If we analyze patterns, Xtina is in your face with facts, while Brit prefers “to save herself” for marriage. If anything, Brit’s an undercover gaslighter, who resorted to dorky hillbilly faces to sweeten her venom in the public eye.

      • Cisco November 20, 2021

        But Britney is not wrong. Xtina didn’t have to walk away from that. It’s a hot topic. Gaga did it justice. I hope Xtina reaches out though and they talk.

    • Travis Scott’s D I C K November 20, 2021

      She is still bitter 20 years ago of Britney’s career
      C’mon even under a conservatorship she was still more relevant than cristina, even katy perry, Miley Cyrus or pink became more relevant than her in the last few years
      And we can c the subtle shade she tries to throw

      • Urban MILF November 20, 2021

        And where are Katy’s platinum hits after Witness, or Gaga’s after Star Is Born, or P!NK’s without tour bundles? Most pop girls who don’t follow Middle America’s White Pride Script wither around age 30. Xrina no exception.

      • Travis Scott’s D I C K November 20, 2021

        Wtf? Are u cherry picking?
        You know after Witness Katy released just 1 album right? 😂😂
        Her last platinum was Never Really Over released in 2019, what was the last platinum from the gurl who gave head to Fred Dunst and Carson Daly?
        Pink last platinum was in 2019 as well “Walk Me Home” and Gaga was in 2020, Stupid Love is certified Platinum and Rain on Me double platinum!
        The fat blonde last solo platinum was Candyman in 07 and Feat in 2013 Say Something!
        Stop reaching and go buy her albums you s****.

      • Urban MILF November 20, 2021

        1. Breathe
        2. Stop the insults
        3. You brought up Katy, P!NK, and Gaga. I merely pointed to pop girls’ expiry age, apart from Swift, and that Xtina’s commercial fate was no different.

      • Travis Scott’s D I C K November 20, 2021

        Did you read what I said?
        They all had hits the last few years with platinum albums in 2020 or 2021 and where is Pigtinas platinums?
        So no biatch she expired in 07 and had to had mouth to mouth resuscitation from a great big world

      • Urban MILF November 20, 2021

        Alas, I did read what you scribbled. Just checked: my IQ didn’t improve because of it. You say I’m obsessed with Xtina, yet you’re obsessing over mindless input I type in when my daily tasks are done (or done for me) and need a gossip giggle. Won’t wish bad on you; if you live up to your nickname, you’re in a 2 billion 💩slide. And I don’t mean Kylie’s silicon vag. Bonne chance et, surtout, bon courage.

      • Travis Scott’s D I C K November 20, 2021

        I know your literacy level must be near the level of success Ho&tina gave since 2008 but I replied your basic and false arguments. Are you like Kellyanne Conway and do you have alternative facts to share?
        We are laughing but at you and no with you.
        I don’t mind at least I’m eating that huge hard c*** and 1B dollars worth of vajj!
        Je vou souhaite de réussir baby!

      • Paky November 20, 2021

        @urban shut

        britney doesnt have a problem with pink, katy, Taylor, Ariana or gaga, so why do you?

  8. Musixxman96 November 20, 2021

    Xtinas at the point in her career where she isnt gna get any commercial success so she shouldnt give AF wat her publicist is saying. If someone asks you how do you feel about someone you knew being free from 13 years of abuse/extortion among other things, you take at least 10 seconds to say sincerely that it was a long time coming and that no one shouldve been put through that. Especially when it’s literally a worldwide topic. Xtina has always been such a b**** for no reason at all and countless people
    Who interact with her say the same. Shes also always resented britneys commercial success and thats a fact.

    • Urban MILF November 20, 2021

      Then why expect warm, drawn-out, public sympathy from an ice queen rival notorious for catty, b itchy jealousy? 👀

      • Travis Scott’s D I C K November 20, 2021

        The king has spoken:

        “ Sh*t, Christina Aguilera better switch me chairs
        So I can sit next to Carson Daly and Fred Durst
        And hear ’em argue over who she gave head to first”

  9. Farrah’s Luggage (8k Camila) November 20, 2021

    1) Xtina deserved to be called out
    2) Xtina heard Britney’s name and immediately tapped her publicist, made a screw face, and said “we’re not doing that but I’m happy for her” in a condescending tone.
    3) this clearly shows that xtinas statement over the summer was written solely by her PR team because xtinas actions on that red carpet didn’t align with the words she “wrote”
    4) Xtina your career is OVER over now. Bye Piggy

    • Pasmuchachas November 20, 2021

      Xtina has no obligation why isn’t any other artist like Beyonce adele and every other musician, but everyone wants to come for xtina f that. Xtina don’t owe Britney s***. Britney had a meltdown and her parents took advantage no one else is to blame but her management. Sorry if xtina had thicker skin to navigate her own life in the right direction and keep her kids.

      • Pasmuchachas November 20, 2021


      • Christina Fan November 20, 2021

        Pasmuchachas I absolutely agree. Britney seems like an insecure narcissist. Christina doesn’t owe her s h i t. Britney needs to go and enjoy her freedom. Why does she even needs validation. Did Britney’s handler write this. Her and her nasty fans are toxic AF. She’s received an outpouring of love and now starting drama. I thought they’ve move past their so called rivalry. It is insane to me that this reporter would do this. Toxicity these days runs rampant. Britney should just enjoy what she has and hopefully going forward she doesn’t mess up, because that’s a whole other situation.

      • Dc November 20, 2021

        Christina Fan (we know she only has one), Tommy, Kamillia & Jennifer you’re just one person with several alias 😂
        Honey I’m not going to read those humongous testaments of yours and at least you could be discreet!
        In 5 min those 4 alias appear with several Hugo comments, so discreet XTina only, lonely and Schizophrenic fan 😂😂

      • Becky’s Hair November 20, 2021

        First of all Britney isn’t narcissistic she is the least narcissistic singer out there. Second XTina speaking just make her emphatic and not the k u n t she truly is.
        A handler is what you have in the circus, you’re the baboon here so I guess your mom is the handler mr blue balls.
        Why do you think there is a rivalry?
        It doesn’t make sense who try to rival with someone on your own level, not besides u. It’s like saying Latto is a rival do Missy Elliott ahahaha it doesn’t make any sense!
        So someone should try to be less k u n t y and to worry about her flopping Spanish album.

      • Furball November 20, 2021

        Xtina is the blueprint of blackfishing.

  10. If You Ain’t Know November 20, 2021

    Damn, it’s only been a week and Britney already showing her ass. What a narcissist. Christina doesn’t owe you anything.

    • Kamala 2024 November 20, 2021

      Britney is simply tired of the hypocrisy of certain female self-titled “feminists” and she did well. X B i t c h deserve to be called on her bitc hyness. In 2002 she was cute but now she’s almost 40 and all that shade is making her a poor man’s version of wendy williams :/

    • Tommy Pickles November 20, 2021

      its so weird to me.
      they arent even friends so why should she care..
      She prolly thought the b**** needed it after the head shaving s***..
      its a weird situation because if guardianship is proven to be needed over an ADULT… some kinda exams were taken!! Not saying the b**** is crazy but this erratic, narcissist behavior might prove
      Christina is busy making money, making music and living her life with her children.
      Be mad at yourself that your poor and couldn’t save the b**** yaself

      THE CULPRIT is BRITNEYS family and that’s it.

      • Paismuchachas November 20, 2021

        Thank you amen. Lady gaga only in it for publicity and her image lol. But these people are blind to see it. They people so call standing up for her should have done it 10 yrs ago.

      • Pa Mis Perronas November 20, 2021

        They aren’t friends? Really? So that makes XTina a liar. Didn’t she talked several times about their 20+ years friendship?

        Guess you kkkrazy fans know more about her life than she. But she always been a liar so I can believe you on that!

        So please explain why the guardianship was needed and what privilege information do you have about it. She the judge on the last session confirmed it never was a medical report talking about mental issues or dementia and didn’t know why her dad’s team talked about a report that never existed..

        The narcissistic is Britney? Just google XTina Narcisistic or XTina being a b*tch and you’ll see who is the real narcissistic one!

        Hahahahahaha Making money? She couldn’t even fill a high school gymnasium and you think she’s making money omg delusional!

        Everyone who knew and was silent are guilty! I was a member os Free Britney and never stood silent! Like I didn’t stand silent for Kesha!

      • NipNops November 20, 2021

        Stop acting like she had access to any of the stuff said months ago, come to YOUR sense and remember she just got her phone back for the 1st time in 13ys

      • POP CULTURE NEWS November 20, 2021

        Take several seats “muchachas” – back row is reserved! Theenx.

  11. Kamillia November 20, 2021

    Somebody give Ms Spears her f****** Medication.

    You and Xtina are not friends honey. Why does she have to speak up about something YOUR FAMILY put you through? Its not necessary!!!
    and b**** you free..
    You attacking everybody but ya daddy!
    I would’ve shot that n****!!!
    Only ppl Robot spears should be mad at is THE SPEARS Family… NO ONE ELSE! Not a judge, not a therapist, not a counselor.. not a nothing..

    • Nathan November 20, 2021

      Gaga’s manager, Bobby, I best friends with Sam.
      Gaga def talked to her behind the scenes as she’s always praised her throughout her career.

      Xtinas was a fake ass tweet brought on by fans dragging her for not saying anything to promo her album basically.

    • #HOUSEOFGUCCI November 20, 2021

      gaga always send flowers and notes to celebrities off cameras she doesn’t need to show off supports, but when ask publicly gaga never avoids the topic like some other singers do

    • 🔥 November 20, 2021

      She’s not mental unstable..Her family changes their story: Dementia, bipolar, even possession(???)
      This is purely a misinformed reaction by a heavily traumatized and disappointed woman.
      She didn’t even say something at X’s level of nastiness back in the 2000s. Try to be emphatic for a bit.

    • i’nigma November 20, 2021

      Britney was controlled for 13 years and you really trying to dictate her??? Let her speak for herself.

      Go cry for Shawnmila end and leave Kamelio

    • Father, Son and House of Gucci November 20, 2021

      Telling someone they need to “medicate” basically invalidating her feelings. She can feel any way she wants ffs and y’all treat her like she’s f****** dumb too so stfu

  12. Jennifer Williams November 20, 2021

    WOW….I’m very shocked by Britney’s nasty behavior. Her fans are delusional and toxic AF. She finally has her freedom and now acting like everyone should bow down to her girl please. She should be focusing on going after the people that put her through her so called mess. Clearly it was needed due to her breakdown in 2007. Christina is at the Latin Grammys to support her new music not entertain childish B.S. I’m glad Christina dogged this s h i t t y a s s reporters question. This is why I love Christina and will always support her music because shes mature. Anyway Christina has the Grammys and a higher net-worth. Christina is focusing on her own life and business. Something Britney should do.

    • Adele, Mariah and Christina Fan November 20, 2021

      Lol exactly I agree and Christina has the VOICE ❤️. Love her new song 🔥🔥🔥Unlike this delusional narcissistic b i t ch and her toxic fan DC are trash. I swear TGJ will make a post about Christina and boom DC is all over it talkin c r a p shut the F***k up!! L O S E R.

      • Dc November 20, 2021


      • Dc November 20, 2021

        All better than Flop Tina

      • boo boo the fool November 20, 2021

        Adele, Mariah and Christina Fan
        Girl go to Hell

      • Adele, Mariah and Christina Fan November 20, 2021

        Good to know you’re even more delusional than I thought. Some of these will never ever win a GRAMMY the highest ACCOLADE in The MUSIC INDUSTRY. Some of these may sell more but Christina’s been DONE there that charted high on the charts for years and sold millions and guess what Christina can flop for the rest of her life and still be and have the VOICE. That’s why the industry always call her up to sing unlike some of these mentioned could NEVA. Now I have to go listen to Adele’s new album 30 and Christina’s new song “Somos Nada” 🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
        Lol L O S E R B I T C H!!

      • Adele, Mariah and Christina Fan November 20, 2021

        Good to know you’re even more delusional than I thought. Some of these will never ever win a GRAMMY the highest ACCOLADE in The MUSIC INDUSTRY. Some of these may sell more but Christina’s been there DONE that and charted high on the charts for years and sold millions; guess what Christina can flop for the rest of her life and still be and have the VOICE. That’s why the industry always call her up to sing unlike some of these mentioned could NEVA. Now I have to go listen to Adele’s new album 30 and Christina’s new song “Somos Nada” 🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
        Lol L O S E R B I T C H!!

      • Chromatica 911 November 20, 2021

        Girl shut up it’s been settled

        L O S E R B I T C H X T I N A F A N S are more annoyed with this than the flop that Lotus was ahahaha

      • Manic November 20, 2021

        Gaga is more busy than Christina LMFAO anyways back to the 5 fans she only has worry about your favs charts instead 😭

      • Rena November 20, 2021


      • Klara G November 20, 2021

        Are y’all really attacking Britney Spears when she JUST got out of what she has been going trough? Y’all are seriously disgusting

      • Flopus November 20, 2021

        So if only Grammys matter do you I guess this people

        Quincy Jones[1] 28 80
        Beyoncé[2] 28 79
        Alison Krauss[3] 27 42
        Stevie Wonder[4] 25 74
        John Williams[5] 25 72
        Vladimir Horowitz[6] 25 45
        Chick Corea[7] 23 67
        Jay-Z[8] 23 80
        Kanye West[9] 22 70
        Vince Gill[10] 22 47
        Henry Mancini[11] 20 72
        Bruce Springsteen[12] 20 50
        Pat Metheny[13] 20 37
        Al Schmitt[14] 20 36
        Aretha Franklin[15] 18 44
        Tony Bennett[16] 18 36
        Yo-Yo Ma[17] 18 27
        Jimmy Sturr[18] 18 24
        Ray Charles[19] 17 37
        Leonard Bernstein[20] 16 63
        Kirk Franklin[21] 16 26
        James Mallinson[22] 16 49
        Paul Simon[23]
        Steven Epstein[24] 16 35
        David Frost[25] 16 25
        Eminem[26] 15 44
        Alicia Keys[27] 15 29
        Adele[28][circular reference] 15 18
        Bela Fleck[29] 14 34
        Phil Ramone[30] 14 32
        Alison Krauss and Union Station[31] 14 18
        Jay David Saks[32] 13 53
        Emmylou Harris[33] 13 47
        Michael Jackson[34]
        Pharrell Williams[35] 13 38
        Kendrick Lamar[36] 13 37
        Robert Woods[37] 13 29
        Leontyne Price[38] 13 25
        Ella Fitzgerald[39] 13 20
        T Bone Burnett[40] 13 18
        Thomas Z Shepard[41] 12 50
        John Legend[42] 12 33
        Lady Gaga[43] 12 29
        CeCe Winans[44] 12 28
        Dixie Chicks[45] 12 19
        Jay Newland[46] 12 17
        Babyface[47] 11 49
        Taylor Swift[48] 11 41
        Michael Tilson Thomas[49] 11 38
        Shirley Caesar[50] 11 28
        Foo Fighters[51]
        Bruno Mars[52] 11 27
        Al Green[53] 11 21
        Arif Mardin[54]
        Roger Miller[55] 11 18
        Andre Previn[56] 10 44
        Justin Timberlake[57] 10 39
        Bob Dylan[58] 10 38
        Linda Ronstadt[59] 10 27
        Bonnie Raitt[60] 10 26
        Chaka Khan[61] 10 22
        Bobby McFerrin[62] 10 18
        Carlos Santana a.k.a. Santana (band)[63] 10 14
        Pat Metheny Group[64] 10 13
        Willie Nelson[65] 10 52
        Rihanna[66] 9 33
        Frank Sinatra[67]
        Sheryl Crow[68]
        Mary J. Blige[69] 9 31
        Natalie Cole[70] 9 21
        Norah Jones[71] 9 16
        Hillary Scott[72] 9 15
        Emerson String Quartet[73] 9 13
        Dolly Parton[74] 9 50
        Barbra Streisand[75] 8 46
        Luther Vandross 8 33
        Asleep At The Wheel[76] 8 27
        Tina Turner[77] 8 25
        Usher[78] 8 22
        8 20
        Take 6[80]
        Lauryn Hill[81]
        Blackwood Brothers[82] 8 19
        Anita Baker[83]
        Rick Rubin[85] 8 18
        Ziggy Marley[86] 8 15
        Eddie Palmieri[87] 8 14
        The Manhattan Transfer[88] 8 13
        Skrillex[89] 8 12
        Stephen Marley[90] 8 11
        Finneas O’Connell[91] 8 9
        Prince[92] 7 38
        Madonna[93] 7 28[94]
        Dr. Dre[95] 7 26
        Thomas Frost[96] 7 21
        Gladys Knight[97] 7 22
        John Mayer[98] 7 19
        Los Tigres del Norte[99] 7 15
        Carrie Underwood[100]
        Toni Braxton[101] 7 14
        Simon & Garfunkel[102]
        Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder[103] 7 11
        Billie Eilish[104] 7 10
        Whitney Houston[105] 6 25
        Robert M. Jones[106] 6 23
        Amy Grant 6 19
        Eagles[107] 6 18
        Israel Houghton
        Black Eyed Peas
        Tito Puente
        Kacey Musgraves
        Amy Winehouse

        Are all better than her right? 😄

    • RodimusGames November 20, 2021

      Wendiffer Williams ” a whole essay” bruh…

    • Original Doll November 20, 2021

      Xtina is the mean girl Jenifer, not Britney. Try again

    • CRTL SZA November 20, 2021


    • Starr jones November 20, 2021

      X tina has a bullying past. So dont chile

    • Princesa Nokia 84 November 20, 2021

      “Jennifer I don’t agree. She has her right to feel the way she is feeling. What I assume Brit is saying is that Hollywood covered up her abuse for so long because they kept silent. In my opinion, it was directed at those who are silent when you know the truth and told not to speak up.

  13. Nala November 20, 2021

    She didn’t exactly say “I can’t speak on that” as TGJ have reported. As soon as she’s asked the question, a man answers “no we’re not doing that”, Christina looks at him and pulls a regretful face, and whilst being abruptly whisked away, replies that she’s happy for her. Had the guy not interrupted, she more than likely would have responded. Britney is being petty.

    • Sofya November 20, 2021

      Also it’s odd af to me from a publicist standpoint as well as she’s promoting Pa mis muchachas a women empowerment anthem perfect Segway so somerhing is missing for me

    • A Star is Born Stan November 20, 2021

      Xtoon fans are pressed and we love to see it

    • MyBoysOnly November 20, 2021

      That tweet was fake. She was extremely dismissive and shady clear as day!

    • Cyn nu November 20, 2021

      People are missing @britneyspears point with @xtina. Instead of answering a simple question, @xtina looked at the guy with her like she wanted his help, she avoided the question and the guy was flat out rude. All that drama… for what?

  14. eric November 20, 2021

    Why is everyone expected to talk about it? Britney criticized the media and now she trusts their intentions when going around asking people how they feel about her ordeal. You cannot expect transparency when the media talks about Britney and Christina in the same conversation, and that’s why Christina was smart to walk away.

    • Overprotected November 20, 2021

      É gente a nossa Britney B**** voltou, e que Deus proteja quem desrespeitar a rainha

      • Lasifuentes November 20, 2021

        o empresário da Xtina correu ela dali quando a própria fez umas caras péssimas quando perguntaram pra ela, e basicamente pediu socorro pro cara tirar ela de lá

    • Pigtina’s Nightmare November 20, 2021

      Xtina on her fifth BBL pumping cement into her body and face and will always live under the shadow and legacy of Britney

    • J November 20, 2021

      everyone’s on britney’s side. i have nothing to worry about

    • Jules November 20, 2021

      Ah what a nice to cancel xtina

      • Jules November 20, 2021


  15. Lady Marmalade November 20, 2021

    Lol Britney seems ungrateful. So,,,”I’m Happy for her’ wasn’t enough? Goodness gracious. Christina is literally getting ready for a performance and this reporter is starting drama.

    • Roxxy November 20, 2021

      I can’t at all the fighting between the B-Army and the Fighters. Britney probably has no idea that @xtina did speak up for her in the past. It’s just a misunderstanding on Brit’s part. Omg please stop fighting you guys. 😔

    • Emily Elizabeth Howard November 20, 2021

      Honestly @britneyspears has every right to feel the way she does. It’s very strange how someone can “support” you on social media, yet when you’re in public it’s different… 🤔

      Britney’s done with the bulls#it and I couldn’t be more proud. I love you B… we are with you!!😍💕💋

      • Daniel November 20, 2021


    • Freed Britney November 20, 2021

      The point is not that xtina spoke out in June 21 when the tides had shifted. The point is that she didn’t speak out in 2008, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 2020. They knew each other as kids. #FreeBritney

  16. Lol November 20, 2021

    This is funny right?

    • Myleneputsold November 20, 2021

      i don’t even like xtina she’s pure s*** after bionic

    • Gene thorn November 20, 2021

      Even b4 she was a certified s*** envious human being

    • Yehiasherif November 20, 2021

      Xtina is very wrong rh interview shiwed is that the tweets were for clout and brownie points

  17. J November 20, 2021

    I wonder where my comment went

  18. Anne November 20, 2021

    Britney is acting like a self centered brat. The world does not evolve around her. Christina took the time to release a written statement in support of her at a time when she wasn’t in the middle of something and could fully express herself without the fear of her words being twisted or taken out of context. She is not obligated to talk about Britney every time someone shoves a mic in her face and asks her about it. Britney’s selfish reaction makes me question her character. Especially since she has had to deal with the media and should no better than to attack someone for not making a public statement on the spot. Besides, Christina sounded genuine when she said she was happy for Britney just after someone with her declined to comment on it on her behalf. Britney is being unreasonable and even owes Christina an apology in my opinion.

    • Catherine November 21, 2021

      Eat sh it Anne

  19. Rich86 November 21, 2021

    Christina was right not to entertain that question. It was her night and she was excited to speak about her latin project.
    There is a place and time for everything.
    Not everyone have to focus on messy ass Britney.
    Brit and her deluded fans need to crawl back into their messy hole and self medicate.
    Leave Christina alone! She is minding her own business and focusing on her project.
    Britney should do the same abd stop the y’all trailer trash behavior and get rid of that damn eyeliner!

    Miss Christina is booked,busy and looking fabulous. She certainly have no time for messy ass people .

  20. Reality check December 8, 2021

    Britney needs to take her pills and that’s about it… she needs a good mental health facility to help her get through her traumas… and leave others alone… same as most of the haters/trolls that live in this site…

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