Watch: Janet Jackson Reflects on Her Iconic Music Videos

Published: Friday 17th Dec 2021 by Sam

As legends go, few can rival the impact made by Janet Jackson. 

Indeed, for almost five decades, the diva has dazzled with music and visuals that have changed the Pop culture landscape forever.

In a special feature for Allure, the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer sat down to reflect on some of her most memorable music videos.

From ‘Scream’ with her brother Michael Jackson to ‘Together Again’ to Busta Rhymes collaboration ‘What’s It Gonna Be,’ the Pop queen mused on the process of piecing together the iconic clips – peppering in a number of previously unknown tidbits.

The segment precedes the superstar’s hotly-anticipated two-night Lifetime documentary event, ‘Janet,’ which will see her lift the lid on her story like ever before.

Ahead of its premiere in early 2022, check out the Allure feature after the jump…

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  1. marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) December 17, 2021

    Most iconic stripper ever 💅🏿

  2. Clarks0o00ñ December 17, 2021

    She looks rough, what’s going on?

    • Kasha December 17, 2021

      Age you idiot Janets not even in her 40s anymore. Worry about your flop life

      • Clarks0o00ñ December 17, 2021

        Just because ur old doesnt mean u should look rough on national TV.

        Patti labelle is old as hell, do u see her looking rough on tv?

        Jlo is 52, do u see her looking rough on national TV?

    • What would Whitney do December 18, 2021

      Your jealous of any Brown skin female

  3. Bee December 17, 2021

    She’s look very odd here don’t like that cut on her it’s giving d*** vibes

    • True Tea December 17, 2021

      Yes Shayla Queen vibes.

      • Monica Stan December 17, 2021

        Drag that dusty trannieee hooker 💀💀💀

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 December 17, 2021

        You know you’re famous when your name gets mentioned more than Janet Jackson on her own post 💯🤳🏽💋

  4. Monica Stan December 17, 2021

    She looks HORRIBLEEEEEEE with that botched hair cut wyd Miss Jackson😭😭😭😭😭

    • Nicky December 17, 2021

      Janet gave Mani the torch. I see why the Camicky nasty fans are upset 😂

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 December 17, 2021

        “Camicky! SQUAWK SQUAWK! Camicky!” 🦜

      • Clarks0o00ñ December 17, 2021

        How many torches does normani have now?

        Beyonce touche
        Janet jackson touche
        Aaliyah touche

        All these torches and still no album out.
        Career can’t take of.

      • Big hey December 17, 2021

        Janet has always been so different to me, like with every era shes definitely changed and reinvented herself. Hey Janet.

      • True Tea December 17, 2021

        Chile! Just let Mani strap on & give it to you since you’re always on her d*ck.

      • True Tea December 17, 2021


      • Yvonne December 19, 2021

        Janet is soooo beautiful! She always seems so youthful and feminine. Love you Janet!!!

  5. B8bus December 17, 2021

    MANet looks old & fat just like GAYla !!!

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 December 18, 2021

      I live in your minds rent free, hunnie 💯🤳🏽💋

      • True Tea December 18, 2021

        H/Oe! H/Oe! H/Oe!

        It’s almost Christmas & you’ll be getting coal….AGAIN!


      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 December 18, 2021

        My Mistle-höe EP is here 💋

  6. Liam December 18, 2021

    This was a nice watch….such an iconic queen

    • Yvonne December 19, 2021

      She’s great!

  7. Keith December 18, 2021

    This was interesting to watch. It’s always enjoyable to hear Janet talk about her work…

  8. Kim December 18, 2021

    All things Janet I LOVE! Thank you.

  9. Angel December 18, 2021

    Janet Jackson is the Queen some people talk as if she should look the same way years ago she older living in her own skin not yours. She has a son and trying to live her life as an human being every celebrities got there our style as for Jlo i seen her not so fancy up she look older make up and dress up is for show everyone looks naturally sometimes. Janet is being hetself she did that and done that she has nothing to prove but only to her son. She got money. I see why she sometimes dont read comments some are rediclious. You criticize Janet Jackson but she been famous since a child. Respect her.

    • Yvonne December 19, 2021

      Tell it!!

    • Yvonne December 19, 2021

      Yes! Md. Jackson’s career has been long lasting! Iconic!!

    • Kevin December 19, 2021

      Well said

  10. Zion December 19, 2021

    She’s nearly 70, she looks great!

  11. Fiesty1 December 19, 2021

    Not understanding why mostly hateful comments. Im not necessarily a a Janet fan, but having grown up in that era, i can understand the work ethic the whole family had. She collaberated with quite a few people in the industry that had vision and creativity. What are you superficial people doing with YOUR lives? Everything is not about outer appearances. Most of you with negative comments probably dont like your own self. In these days of mostly naked rap videos largely about s** acts, she created visuals that made statements and trends. If you dont have anything poitive to say, stay off the comments and get a life! Janet has hers.

  12. Nicola December 19, 2021

    I love me some Janet Jackson. Always iconic. Love you Mama❤

  13. Janet Jackson Pratt December 21, 2021

    Brilliant I Must Say ..

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