2 Chainz Announces New Album ‘Dope Don’t Sell Itself’ Arriving This Month

Published: Wednesday 5th Jan 2022 by Ryan

2 Chainz has been busy cooking up new music.

For, his next project is arriving very soon.

More details below…

Taking to social media, the rapper announced that his next album will arrive this month and that it would be called ‘Dope Don’t Sell Itself.’

“Hey how u been!? ts been a min I know, but im back with something new & exotic. U know I ain’t been around this long w/o being a thinker and a constant student & teacher of the game… my album ‘DOPE DONT SELL ITSELF’ drops this month & single this week.”

The news arrives shortly after he appeared on Jacquees’ single, ‘Land of the Free.’ No specific release was given, however, it will be his first album since 2020’s ‘So Help Me God.’

Your thoughts?

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  1. Shayla Queen™ 👑 January 5, 2022

    “Dope Don’t Sell Itself” WOW what BLACK EXCELLENCE 🙄

  2. Josh L January 5, 2022

    And that album ain’t gon’ sell either. Watch! He’s been a gimmick. That’s why he never makes anybody’s top ten. He’s not considered a greatest. He was a feature artist at best. This album title irritated my soul.

  3. True Tea January 5, 2022

    He told no Lies tho, lol 🤷

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 January 5, 2022

      Keep that same energy for the stereotype of black men then, as you clearly support it 💯

      • True Tea January 5, 2022

        NEWSFLASH: 2 Chainz doesn’t represent all BM. And it’s funny how all BM are NOT stereotyped when a BM actually does something positive.

        Keep that same energy when 2 Chainz decides to donate his coins since you’re into stereotyping.

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 January 5, 2022

        It already IS a stereotype so silly of him for adding to it and silly of you to encourage it.

      • True Tea January 5, 2022

        So silly of you to be this pressed when you don’t even like BM.

      • True Tea January 5, 2022

        Maybe you woke up & decided you wanted to choke on 2 Chainz ding-a-ling. 🤷

  4. AJ January 5, 2022

    Americans are dumb. Y’all sleep on talent like Ciara, Kelly Rowland and event Janet (her last album was dope), but support crackden babies and nobodies like “2 Chain(linkz)”, “bussie badarse” and “da (cry)baby” plus junk like 69ner

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