Rita Ora Wows for Wonderland, Dishes on “Honest” New Album

Published: Wednesday 22nd Feb 2023 by Sam

Cop a gander at Rita Ora!

The Pop star delivers a potent pop of color on the cover of Wonderland Magazine‘s latest issue.

Hot on the promotional trail for her new single ‘You Only Love Me,’ the media maven is also seizing the moment to open up about its housing album.

Serving as her third studio effort (and first for her new label BMG), the set will differ from Ora’s previous offerings. Intentionally.

Find out why below, where more stunning snaps from the shoot also await…

Speaking on her approach to music this go round, the 32-year-old said:

“I said to myself, ‘What is the most honest thing I can do?’ And in my opinion, it was opening the song [my lead single] with [Taika’s] voice, from a voice note. We always send them to each other back and forth. And it just came out really naturally and I just think there’s something really pure about inviting people into my life through my music, which I think I have done with this album more than ever before.”

Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: Wonderland / Bartek Szmigulski]

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  1. Tongue’Fcukk February 22, 2023

    This b*tch thinks she black to the extent of showing us her skinny taylor-like ass lmaoo! B**** please, Black women are thick lol

    • Fancy BISH 💎 February 22, 2023

      What makes you think that she’s trying to be a darkie based on these pictures? Elaborate for us.

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 February 22, 2023

        This! Ew, who wants to be on of those.

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 February 22, 2023


  2. yup! February 22, 2023

    Nothing honest about an appropriator who won’t even own her own race lol. Plus, nobody cares! I don’t know any music from her.

    • eric February 22, 2023

      It was Jay-Z who signed Rita and wanted her to have a look that fit more with the black artists and creatives he had her working with. Her image changed after leaving Roc Nation and she looks a lot more comfortable.

  3. Shayla Queen™ 👑 February 22, 2023

    Now that’s a BAD bish! 💯🔥

  4. True Tea February 22, 2023

    The circus called and asked if she wanted to join….

    • Shayla Queen™ 👑 February 22, 2023

      I guess you’d already joined another one and weren’t available

      • True Tea February 22, 2023

        I guess you didn’t purchase an album since she’s a FLOP.

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 February 22, 2023

        Always hating on the ww because you wish you were one.

      • True Tea February 22, 2023

        Calling Rita a FLOP is NOT hate dear…It’s FACTS.

        If you bought an album, I wouldn’t have NOTHING to say.

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 February 22, 2023

        Oh but I sho did. I bought one on iTunes and Phoenix on CD.

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 February 22, 2023

        I also just spent a little over $100 on Rihanna’s Anti on vinyl as I had no idea they’d reissued it for the Super Bowl so it had already sold out so I had to buy it from a scalper at a scalper’s price. But Anti is a modern CLASSIC.

  5. LiohaK February 23, 2023

    Sometimes it’s better to have a hit rather than a flat stomach lol

  6. RocNation February 24, 2023

    Flop bish

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