Ouch! Pardi Claps Back at Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Cobra’ with Diss Track That Alleges SHE Cheated, Had Lipo, & More [Listen]

Published: Friday 17th Nov 2023 by Rashad

Pardi has had enough.

The rapper-songwriter (born Jordan Thorpe) felt the venom of staunch Megan Thee Stallion fans (affectionately called #Hotties) after she released her latest song, ‘Cobra,’ in which she asserted she caught an ex cheating in her house.

Although she didn’t name Thorpe as the culprit, other lyrics in the hit tune suggested a timeline that would automatically make it him given their dating history.

After taking to social media to defend himself, Pardi – also known as Pardison Fontaine – is taking his response to wax with the new song ‘Thee Person.’

Hear a snippet inside.

In a snippet lifted to social media Friday night (November 17), Jordan stunned with lyrics that assert it was Megan who was unfaithful during their two year-relationship. He also alleges the ‘Body‘ hitmaker “got lipo,” but then “started posting gym pics.’

See highlights of the lyrics below.

“God I treated you like a queen / whole time I’m a clown in your circus / I tried to pull you up out the mud / here you are trying to drown me on purpose / you know the devil was a serpent / for some streams and some views girl I hope it was worth it / This ain’t for Megan Thee Stallion / This is for Megan Thee Person / Had me beefing with n-ggas you know you was f-cking / Beautiful girl but your soul is disgusting / you got everything but you still ain’t happy / that should be showing you something / hire detectives / girl you the feds / not in your house, not in your bed / you lying to people you sick in the head,” he raps.

That’s not all he said. Click PLAY on the video above to hear the full song.

The jaw-dropping tune is found on his forthcoming project ‘Ex Tape,’ due on digital shelves on December 12.

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  1. Paulo November 17, 2023

    The fact this CLOWN sat for 2 whole years without defending her or himself publicly thru the mud and now finally decided to diss HER and then comes with a whole body of work called Ex Tape really tells you who’s trying to use the situation for clout. Bye Poordi I hope Cardi never puts you on again cause we all know that’s your only bag

  2. UHoesFunny November 17, 2023

    His flow weak as hell

  3. Oof November 17, 2023

    How is having lipo a diss in 2023? I’m so lost. Girl take that diss track back to 2021 and stop trying to gain for this woman’s momentum.

    Live your life and be proud of your CHOICES.

    • Minnie me November 18, 2023

      It’s a diss if you acting like it was homemade all natural or done in the gym. That’s what those IG models do ewww. Scammers.

  4. Ummm November 18, 2023

    His flow is weak. He’s not a very good rapper. But them lyrics are Megan Thee Flopulous alive.

    I was rooting for Megan, but now I’m starting to realize she’s faking victimhood when she’s really out here victimizing.

    • Paulo November 18, 2023

      If all it took for you to turn on Megan was these weak corny bars then you weren’t here for her at all. Clout chaser

      • Ummm November 18, 2023

        @Paulo: It’s not that. It’s just that I’m not part of the cult that feels like Black women can never be wrong, even when they are.

  5. Viper November 18, 2023

    It amazes me how all this fake Meg support never translates into sales. 🤔 seems like only twitter SJWs hype her up. She needs to thank Tory for extending her lil 15 minutes.

  6. Close November 19, 2023

    EVERYONE can’t be wrong about this girl. She ain’t right. I used to feel sorry for her but not anymore.

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