Remaining 3 Ex-Officers Responsible For George Floyd’s Death Arrested / Chauvin’s Charges Upgraded

Published: Wednesday 3rd Jun 2020 by Rashad

Less than a week after the arrest of Derek Chauvin, the former officer who caused the death of unarmed Minneapolis Black man George Floyd by kneeling on his neck for nearly 9 minutes (as we reported here), the remaining 3 ex-officers involved with the crime have officially been charged.

Details below:

As seen in the video above, there were multiple officers leaning on Floyd at the time of his death.

Per the announcement (as revealed by the family attorney Benjamin Crump‘s official Twitter), the three other ex-officers – Tou ThaoThomas Lane and J. Alexander Kueng – have been arrested with official charges to be announced Wednesday afternoon.

The report comes after Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz announced he asked Attorney General Keith Ellison to assist Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman in the case.

Less than a week after the arrest of Derek Chauvin – the former officer directly responsible for the death of Floyd – saw his third-degree murder charge was upgraded to second-degree murder.

Likewise, the three other officers who were fired alongside him (Tou ThaoThomas Lane and J. Alexander Kueng), went from uncharged to charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder and aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter.

The announcement was made Wednesday afternoon (June 3) by Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison [source].

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  1. Clarks0o0ñ June 3, 2020

    They have been arrested and charged but yall are still destroying and looting

    Destroying people’s businesses and properties.

    U see the problem.

    • Ugghh June 3, 2020

      Can you rebuke yourself? Go away, you are nothing but poison. You add nothing but negative energy to this environment.

      You never have anything productive, positive, or constructive to contribute in dialog.

      Go work on yourself before you tell other people how they should act.

    • Cody+s June 3, 2020

      They are animals. They aren’t going to happy regardless if he gets life or not.

  2. Clarks0o0ñ June 3, 2020

    Have you guys seen the video of white people sitting on the floor and renouncing their white privilege

    TGJ u should post that video.

    • Johnaita June 3, 2020

      We gonne pray for u dont me angry clarkson did you have any Problems in your life we want to help you in your situation. Life sometimes can be realy hard😉

  3. tyty June 3, 2020

    Stop engaging with clarkson he has no life, no job, no friends or family that love him. No sane person spends 24/7 on a blog spewing the same things day in day out. It thrives in negativity and hate….. if you ignore it like everybody else does in its life it will slinkier away. You can only pity it’s existence

    • Nicky June 3, 2020


      You hit the hammer on the nail

    • Clarks0o0ñ June 3, 2020

      When you can’t come up with something to say, you just tell folks to ignore me

      But that’s the problem, I’m not commenting for anybody else.
      I’m commenting for myself
      I’m stating my opinions and I dont care who responds or agrees with me.

      U wish this was Twitter so u can report my account so I would get banned. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
      A loser
      I know ur type.
      They lose arguments on Twitter , then the go report ur account cause u hurts their feelings. Lol

      U are upset cause I beat u in an argument
      Cry more

      I will continue to speak the truth
      If u are offended that’s ur business .
      Uneducated trash

  4. Pat June 3, 2020

    It only took worldwide protest for them to do what should have been done. Now let’s get convictions.

  5. eric June 3, 2020

    They say they have the evidence to prove murder in the 2nd degreee, but I’m just thinking about how George Zimmerman got off for 2nd degree and people saying he was overcharged to begin with. Upping the charges for Chauvin just makes their job of proving guilt more difficult. The sentence, however, will be more satisfactory if he is found guilty.

  6. June 3, 2020

    Wicked fckers, so hateful. They killed him in cold blood.

  7. Fancy BISH June 3, 2020

    LOCK EM UP, throw away the KEY 🔐

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