‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Creator Bares All On New Shocking Storyline


As fans of ABC‘s thriller ‘How To Get Away with Murder’ continue to process the shocks, twists and turns in last night’s episode the show’s producer has stepped forward to spill even more mind blowing details.

The series, in Viola Davis is the leading lady, tells the tale of a successful lawyer who finds herself forced to protect a group of her brightest students when they murder her husband.

However, it isn’t long before they learn that they are pawns in a dangerous game which started long before had heard of Davis’ seemingly thorny character and the heinous crimes that led to their own.

Why things are set to get crazier?

Spoilers below…

Peter Nowalk caught up with ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ recently to reveal:

The big question we left last season with was: Why did Frank kill Lila (Megan West)? Coming into this season, it was over the hiatus that I basically knew it had to be about something about Annalise. The secret that Sam and Frank were sharing had to relate back to her. That’s where the pregnancy storyline came in. I just knew that Frank, in some way, murdered Annalise’s baby. That was really the starting point. I thought it was so tragic — he was so young and stupid and he made a really big mistake, which I get. It’s a lot of money, he was young and he didn’t think it would be that big of a deal. He definitely didn’t think it would end up in her losing her baby. That last scene with Sam and Frank is heartbreaking to me because you see that Frank is just such a little boy who did something really bad and there’s no taking it back.

On Wes’ relation to the Wallace:

We didn’t figure that out until after our midseason finale, where Annalise said “Kristophe.” We didn’t know what that meant. We knew that Annalise was involved with Wes’ mother, but all of that just was a ton of work for us. We pitched every single idea but what was exciting for us about that is that it just really made sense why Annalise would want to protect him so much. He’s the byproduct of a rape, which is one of the most haunting and horrible things that Wes could find out about himself and his mother. And Annalise is obviously a survivor herself. That’s why she has that connection with Bonnie and why she’s always trying to protect her. It’s the same thing with Wes and why Annalise would go so far to protect him. It just made emotional sense.

On Annalise‘s family:

Her family, whether she wants to believe it or not, is a really important part of her life and there are a lot of unresolved things there — especially after that scene with her father. And there’s always stuff with her mother. We’re at a point in her life where she may reconsider connecting with her family. We’ll see how that goes, but I’m definitely excited about exploring that more.


I’m happy if people picked up on that line, “Just wait until you meet my family.” The question between Nate and Annalise is can they recover from all the baggage? In this episode it really looks like they can, that they can almost function like a couple … one that can loves each other and kiss each other under the moonlight in a normal way. Are they both able to be invested in each other and can they trust each other? That’s one relationship we can explore more, we’re just starting to understand why they connect with each other. I’m hoping to make that all a big storyline next season.


I went into this season wanting to see Annalise be happy and show more parts of her personality, but clearly we went in a very dark direction. It’s always possible but Annalise is who she is. The show is what it is. We get moments of lightness from her already, I just want to stay true to the character and the real horrible stakes that she’s living in make it hard to find her just giggling about a joke.

And Caleb turning out to be the murderer?

That is something we went back and forth with a million times and it just felt like the best answer as we came up to it. Not having come up with anything for season three it’s always possible we revisit some of those characters. But when we created the storyline we did it for this season. I don’t know who’s going to want to have something to do with any of those characters anymore. Right now it’s something I think we’ll move on from.



Davis and the gang will begin production of ‘Murder’s third season in May.




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  1. Biting Truth March 18, 2016

    Cancel this show. Cancel Empire too.

  2. Casual-T March 18, 2016

    I saw no spoilers in this interview, but it was interesting nonetheless. Last night’s episode was fire. I don’t buy that the writers haven’t worked out the plotlines for next season, though. Example: We will obviously find out eventually how Caleb died, but the scene that lead to his death had to have already been shot. I’m disappointed that the show has already gone into the summer hiatus, but I’m glad it was renewed for another season. It may be the best show on TV.

  3. FC/JC March 18, 2016

    That season finale was interesting to say the least, I wonder who killed Wes’ dad at the end.
    It was probably Frank.
    However this show just keeps getting better, I love how nothing is ever set in stone, there are always twists and turns in the story that just keeps me watching…. It is my fav show on tv at this moment!

  4. AnnaMae March 18, 2016

    Wow congrats TGJ for getting that RT from the legendary Cicely Tyson. Po thang is probably too old to realise how trashy this site is ????

  5. Tran anti no honey love time but it okay girl March 19, 2016

    The show was interesting and not bad

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