Kordell Stewart Files $3 Million Lawsuit Following Gay Claims

Published: Tuesday 15th May 2018 by David

For years the revered athlete Kordell Stewart has been dogged by false allegations that he is a closeted homosexual.

Once married to ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star Porsha Williams, the single father found himself forced to combat a new batch of false claims when the online personality Andrew Caldwell claimed he was his secret lover.

This rubbed Stewart the wrong way and now, to teach him a lesson he’ll never forget, the athlete has filed a $3 million lawsuit he hopes will kill the rumours once..and for all.

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Enraged, Kordell filed a lawsuit against the internet morning show Caldwell first made the allegations on (Catalyst Next LLC), Caldwell himself and Jarrius Keyun Moon who was producing the TV series Caldwell was to star in at the time.

Keen to silence all three, Stewart sued for $4.5 million in damages and cited the bullying his child was facing in school as a result of Caldwell’s claims as one of his motivators.

‘Straight from the A‘ adds…

Kordell also claimed that he lost almost a million dollars after canceling several public appearances after the controversy and sought an additional $2 million in general damages for emotional stress and professional harm, plus another $15,340 to pay a company to repair his tarnished brand.

As for damages, the judge granted Kordell $1.5 million in general damages and $1.5 million in punitive damages for a grand total of $3 million dollars and Stewart has been seeking to recover his money for years.

On May 4, 2018, Stewart’s attorneys registered his $3 million judgment in New York, hoping to recover some of the funds from Catalyst Next, LLC, the radio company involved in the suit.



Caldwell insists that he isn’t lying and that he has proof that the pair were in a sexual relationship.

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  1. China May 15, 2018

    Is any man Straight now? Childish Gambino really needs to come out the CLOSET. HE totally acts like a woman.

    • ??? May 15, 2018

      lmao gurl youre an idiot if you believe that tacky ass queen lmfaoooo

    • puh-leasssse May 16, 2018


  2. Jacob May 15, 2018

    Playboi carti young thug and lil uzi please come out of the closet, now these n i g g a z are g a y

  3. Tori May 15, 2018

    Damn I forgot how ugly he is. And wasn’t anybody going to sleep with Caldwell mentally challenged ass unless he paid them and he ain’t got enough to pay that man to touch him.

  4. Jasmine May 15, 2018

    This is a good example why people should stop automatically believing these allegations about black male celebs just because it sounds believable. Let it play out in court and let the police investigate the claims because many of these accusers are just after a quick money and fame grab. Cordell is an easy target because he was once caught with another man in a PA park but that don’t meant he was with this thirsty fame queen.

    • Tia 4 Ever May 15, 2018

      Oh shut up you foul wench! This has nothing to do with Predator Kellz.

      • Jasmine May 15, 2018

        You shut the f.u.c.k. up you man hating broke pigeon. It has everything to do with the vulnerability of black male celebs and idiotic people who automatically believe allegations made against them by people who are motivated by quick money and fame grabs. The two R. Kelly accusers refuse to file criminal charges but yet they are doing interviews about it and bad mouthing him without once ounce of evidence. One of them was promoting her book and movie on the interview and the whole time she was grinning on the interview but she refuses to file criminal charges probably because she knows the police investigation will turn up nothing to back up her money-driven claims. I hope Kelly sues them pigeons and puts them back in their place…in the gutter where pigeons and gold diggers constantly scheme to get out od. Maybe they will go back to begging men for money instead of trying to extort money from them.

      • Tia 4 Ever May 15, 2018

        Vulnerability! You fool. The only vulnerable male celebs are the ones who are preyed on by the perverts you defend. R Kelly will pay for his crimes dear and there’s nothing you and your three quarter length skirt can do about it.

      • Jasmine May 15, 2018

        You are the fool dear. Theoretically, I could go on a date with any black male celeb with a checkered past and then demand money from him. If he does not comply I can get money from the press and suckers like you will have my back even though nothing happened and I don’t give a sh|t about you or taking away from real victims. That is the society we live in. You are just too stubborn and idiotic to admit you are an unintelligent fool. You gullible. Idiots like you want to attack out of the box thinkers like me for wanting to see hard evidence or at least filed criminal charges before believing anything these accusers say instead of being open to the reality that people can lie.

  5. ??? May 15, 2018

    lmao that tired queen is LYING. if she really had proof, she would have brought it out by now. queens ALWAYS lie about being with celebrities lmfaooooo

    • Casual May 15, 2018

      Exactly. Those receipts would have been produced by now — during discovery and accompanying a countersuit or confidential settlement.

      However, I think Kordell is doing the doggone most. NOBODY believed Andrew Caldwell. And, if Kordell actually deals with guys, he could do a lot better. Maybe Kordell started with a cease-and-desist letter, but Caldwell wouldn’t stop.

      • Jasmine May 15, 2018

        I think Morrell is doing the right thing. Anyone (regardless of sexuality) accusing you publicly of having sexual relations with them is intentionally seeking fame and money at the expense of your reputation and the ridicule your family will face. Is Kordell supposed to do nothing about his son being ridiculed at school? People have a right to defend themselves and protect their reputations especially in a society where many people automatically believe anything they hear. I remember on that shoe Married to Medicine, where one of the cast members (Quad) decided to spread vicious rumors about Lisa’s husband being gay and even paid a gay man to make the accusations on the show. First, that man was not gay. Second, that man has 3 children that will face ridicule at school. Many people are very vindictive, selfish, self-centered, and just rotten these days. They get away with it because so many gullible people exist that believe allegations with no proof to back the allegations up.

  6. BYISI May 15, 2018

    I believe Andrew is lying about his encounter with Kordell. However,we are not going to act like there wasn’t a video of him(Kordell) showing his cakes to a male that surfaced online. I mean all cheeks. This is not one of those athletes being lied on. When he played in Philly cops often caught him in a park known for gay cruising and just swept it under the rug due to him being a football player. The guy can’t let this go because he’s trying to keep up an image. Why didn’t he sue him the year he actually lied?He knows that slow ninja ain’t got 3 Million nothing!

    • Caleb May 15, 2018

      That video was very badly edited and not exactly authentic.

    • Jasmine May 15, 2018

      It does not matter if Kordell is gay or straight. What matters is that he is not being lied on. He has the right to be selective about who he dates and someone lying on him should face consequences.

  7. Caleb May 15, 2018

    Caldwell is a gay bully. Isn’t he the one who was up in church talking bout “I’m not gay no more.”

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