Tamar Braxton Announces Solo Reality Show

Published: Wednesday 31st Oct 2018 by Sam

Tamar Braxton is continuing to live her life out on reality TV. This time, though, she’s riding solo.

Details below…

During a recent radio interview, the 41-year-old revealed that she’ll be back on the box – but won’t be joined by ex husband Vince Herbert. In the process, seeming to confirm the end of their WE tv series ‘Tamar & Vince.’

Instead, she’ll be documenting her own life and return to music.

Interestingly, despite claiming that she was done with ‘Braxton Family Values’ (the hit show she appears on with her sisters) earlier this month, she back-peddled in this sit-down. For, she says she is indeed continuing to film the series.


With all but one of the Braxton sisters pulling the plug on production in protest of their wage, has the situation been resolved? Who knows. What is a cert is that folk will be seeing a whole lot more of Ms, She, Me, Her.

Will you tuning in?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Selah October 31, 2018

    Tamar’s talent is undeniable, but her personality is unsufferable. She’s like a 14 year old gay boy trapped in a 41 year old woman’s body.

    • Selah October 31, 2018


      • BIGGESTAALIYAH October 31, 2018

        Perfect way of deserving her lol. Knew she was going to continue filming with her sisters. They probably offered her, her own show but she would have to remain on the Braxton’s.

  2. 2BAD2BME October 31, 2018

    Give it up EJ Johnson. I used to like you but you need to learn balance. You can’t ALWAYS be right /sassy. Show some vulnerability and versatility instead of being a gay messy man ALL the time.

    • Evannnn October 31, 2018

      a “gay messy man” …..really? and this is why we have so much conflict in the world.

  3. China October 31, 2018

    Let’s see, Tamar with vocals (stay and fight, broken record, King, Simple thangs) – music…..would I want to watch. HELL NAW. Tamar and her stable of ugly/fat/acne faced GayFriends trying to be FAB and act 21 WHEN YOUR 45 YEARS OLD IS NOT CUTE. FAIL. EPIC FAIL. How about Mrs. Tamar stand at a Mic and sing her heart out and take care of her voice instead of trying to be Young and Hot.

  4. Rasputia Lattimore is ANNOYED of trash demon FAKE JasMAN da GAY TRASHmane BEGGING to Eat Her Box & Impersonating Her & talking to her EVERY DAMN DAY October 31, 2018

    I did not watch Tamar & Vince and she makes BFV almost unwatchable. She is nasty and jealous of everyone that might be doing remotely okay for themselves. I was repulsed by her actions and disrespect towards her own sisters and I wont watch!

  5. kiki October 31, 2018

    ohhh no! im good !
    no need to hear her complaining and being laud fo no dam reason!

  6. Haterz Gon’ Hate October 31, 2018

    NO ‘MAM ?? The masses are not here for what you are serving. This is just gonna be unnecessary like an instagram video post that goes on for 6 months. KNOW WHEN TO STOP. We don’t need to hear your inner thoughts and drama played out on TV. Sing (Live) or move out of the limelight and heal yourself. You broken girl – I hope you find peace (and maturity).

    • Haterz Gon’ Hate October 31, 2018

      And by the way – Your sister Traci turned in an AMAZING R&B album – better than Sevyn, and a lot of the other R&B girls this year. ??????? #SLAY TRACI !!!! ???

      • Keith October 31, 2018

        Traci’s album was VERY good and VERY OVERLOOKED…even by the music press…

  7. Whyclickthen October 31, 2018

    If you’re not watching or you have disdain or you just don’t like Tamar then fine but why waste time to even read the post, listen to the video, to only write something ugly about an individual….just don’t watch & let everyone else who will watch be, oh but the fact of the matter the ones who say they won’t watch….WILL ?

  8. Keith October 31, 2018

    I want Tamar to win but I don’t think a reality show is a good idea. Although she has musical talent for days, she has polarized so many (as evident by the comments here, many of my personal friends, etc). Like others, I think the better move would be to focus on her craft. Perhaps some personal healing away from the spotlight (and replace them with gay men who are stable). She can win again, but I’m not sure this is the way…

    • China October 31, 2018

      Keith HUNNIE PREACHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. She surrounds herself with Blog Happy GayMen who want to be famous. Look a mess. They are a mess. Sound a mess. Who are these clowns she’s around. This is the same woman who sang Love and War. Stay and fight. King. Simple thangs. Broken Record and she running around chasing reality TV????? Who choses her singles? Why she trying to be Whitney in all her videos? Girl…. she LOST.

  9. Diamond Princess October 31, 2018

    Even when serving vocals shes still hard to look at. head bobbing, muppet moving, eye ball buldging. Its a murder scene.

    • B2B October 31, 2018

      I’m here for it. Tamar has went through a lot and she is not the same Tamar she was 2016. With that being said, I wish her the best and hope she can make a comeback because sis can make a album and I’m still waiting on my Fantasias collaboration.

  10. High Price October 31, 2018

    Well I’m here for it. She’s in a whole new space now. The first Tamar and Vince season was centered around the Love & War album and that era was good! She also makes good music, so I am very curious to hear what she’s going to sing about and what ” new” she’ll bring.

  11. Susan Scott March 4, 2019

    Tamar is a spoiled and ungrateful Brat!!!!! Who wants to watch her childish ways as she continues to be self indulged , proving her narcissism. She is disgusting!

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