Movie Trailer: ‘The Lion King’ [Starring Beyonce & Donald Glover]

Published: Wednesday 10th Apr 2019 by Sam

Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ roars into cinemas on July 19th 2019!

Already one the year’s most highly anticipated releases, the live-action remake of the colossal classic boasts an all-star cast anchored by Donald Glover (Simba) and Beyonce (Nala).

Directed by Jon Favreau, the flick is also set to feature a pronounced musical component.

With the buzz machine already at fever-pitch, it cranked up a notch moments ago when the first full-length trailer was unleashed.

What are you waiting for? Watch below…

Absolutely breathtaking! And while totally filling, it also smartly leaves us wanting more. Which we’re sure is coming – especially on the musical front.

With the 1994 original serving as one of the highest-grossing animated films of all time – generating $968.5 million worldwide – this reimagining looks set to deliver blockbuster numbers too.

Roll on July!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Marie Laveau April 10, 2019

    this looks gorgeous! my childhood. fave movie of all time! i can’t wait! scar is my fave character…he’s such a queen

  2. ayyye April 10, 2019

    this looks good… this will be donald’s moment though…..just like dream girls was jennifer’s

    • Keith April 10, 2019

      I tend to agree. Beyonce will have her moment with Netflix next week and has certainly been used to garner massive attention for the Lion King but I’m not sure SHE will be what people outside the Beyhive are talking about besides MAYBE music for the soundtrack. Yeah, kinda like Dreamgirls, LOL….I will see this on the big screen, though.

      • Danny Bey April 10, 2019

        People need to understand Nala was not that much of a character to beg for an outstanding performance a la an Effie of sorts. So if Beyoncé doesn’t get the acclaim people are expecting her to, it’s not that deep.

      • #TheTruth April 10, 2019

        They would need to add new songs to the soundtrack (which is what they did according to reports) so she can have her moment vocally speaking. So I hope she delivers one beautiful song with big vocals.

    • !!! April 10, 2019

      Lol what does the dream girls have to do with this? Just say you hate Beyonce.

      • Irving Zarate April 10, 2019

        I hate Beyonce.

  3. Whoops ??‍♀️??? April 10, 2019


  4. Whoops ??‍♀️??? April 10, 2019

    Next, I want a live action Prince of Egypt, Mulan, and maybe Anastasia and The Little Mermaid.

    • Danny Bey April 10, 2019

      Anastasia and Prince of Egypt aren’t Disney but Mulan and Little Mermaid along with a lot others are getting live action films

      • Whoops ??‍♀️??? April 10, 2019

        Yeah but Disney bought Fox which owned Anastasia so technically, Disney owns the rights to Anastasia now, and Prince of Egypt can still get a live action film, doesn’t have to be by Disney (sometimes Disney gets it wrong tbh) and it might be for the best. Like Aladdin looks a hot mess.

      • Danny Bey April 10, 2019

        You’re right about Fox. And I was just mentioning how Disney already has films slated for live action remakes. Anastasia would be epic tho. That’s my favorite non Disney animated film!

  5. Clarkson April 10, 2019

    Still no beyonce. They know her voice isn’t good that’s why they are hiding her. I can’t imagine a lioness with a ghetto Texas ascent.

    This doesn’t look cute, this looks scary. This will frighten children.

    • B2B April 10, 2019

      Oh no baby Beyonce sounds perfect in animation you scum! Her voice is already lionesque

    • King z April 10, 2019

      Umm can I imagine a lion with any regional dialect or accent?

    • Danny Bey April 10, 2019

      Did Nala have any voice time I. The original trailers for the original film??? Y’all be so pressed to hate on Beyoncé with the dumbest attempts. And secondly, it’s supposed be considered “live action”… ya they were gonna make the animals look? Like Pixar characters? Shut up

      • Whoops ??‍♀️??? April 10, 2019

        Exactly. Nahla is not a big character. It’s a small role. Especially since Beyoncé is only playing adult Nahla. It’s a tiny part. Timon and Pumba have more lines. But you see how pressed the people who claim they don’t like Beyoncé are, they’re just waiting for her to make an appearance.

  6. truthtea April 10, 2019

    I love how TGJ gave Beyonce top billing despite probably only having 10 mins of screen time! ? But please, I hope Nala isn’t portrayed as some sassy southern lion!

    • thanosoftitan April 10, 2019

      Even if TGJ thought Beyoncé had top billing the trailer may indicate otherwise.

      In the trailer Beyoncé’s credit is second to last. Typically, the top billed actors are listed first.

      Donald Glover, Seth Rogen, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Alfre Woodard are the actors credited first, so it’s probable that they are the highest paid actors in this film. It would make sense because their characters have the largest roles in the film.

      • Just sayin April 10, 2019

        Actually, in film and in TV, actors mentioned last with “and ___ as” or “with ___” are typically prestige mentions who sit atop the Hollywood hierarchy.

        Being billed last and having “with” & “and-as” accompanying your name is often indicative of a brokered deal which highlights the cast member’s popularity or importance, but that they don’t have a substantial/lengthy role in the work.

      • thanosoftitan April 10, 2019

        Just sayin, your point may be valid but it doesn’t address my point.

        Top billed actors and actresses are usually credited first.

        I highly doubt Beyoncé received top billing for this film. An honorary or prestigious mention isn’t the same as top billing.

  7. Danny Bey April 10, 2019

    Omg. I literally cried. This really exceeded my expectations. I’ll be watching this all day.

  8. Fancy BISH April 10, 2019

    This is beautiful…what is that, velvet? ? Nostalgic, yet fresh! ❤️

  9. ??? April 10, 2019

    Lmaoooooo chile……

  10. Ratedxxx April 10, 2019

    Dead. At putting beyondfake name first…
    She cannot act for shik….her speaking voice is so annoying….
    Ill wait till it come on i can fast forward ..when her dum voice comes on

    • JOHNVIDAL April 10, 2019

      She has tried hard to find a way in films somehow since acting was impossible, clear even to her for years already. She found the way with this Lion King feature.

  11. Bettie clayton April 10, 2019


  12. Bam April 10, 2019

    Ummm so we’re gonna ignore Scars bland sounding voice and the lack of expression/dead eyes the animals have. This doesn’t look near good as the original both movies are animated just ones cgi and stiff and the others hand drawn but more lively and vibrant.

    All in all I’d rather there be no more live action remakes. You wouldn’t do an animated remake of Pirates of the Caribbean so why do a live action of Lion King? Other than for stuck up people who believe traditional animation is for kids only…

  13. Danny Bey April 10, 2019

    Why are people up in arms about them not having “facial expressions”? The goal is for it look live action…i.e. REAL LIFE. Do animals give facial expressions in real life? Did yall see The Jungle Book?

    • Bam April 10, 2019

      Except the Jungle book had a real person in it to help convey the emotions in the scenes AND many are noting that the animals faces looked way less stiff in Jungle Book than they do here.

      • Danny Bey April 10, 2019

        But y’all havent even seen the whole movie yet so who’s to say they won’t have some emotive qualities in the actual film? If y’all want that much emotion just go watch the original animated film lol. It’s not that deep

      • Bam April 10, 2019

        A trailer is there to judge whether the movie is worth seeing or not. People have voiced that they either aren’t interested or are let down based on the trailer. Trying to shut everyone up who isn’t impressed by saying “we’ll go watch the original then” is childish. Trailers are meant to be judged this one is getting both positive and negative reactions, they’re all valid.

      • Danny Bey April 10, 2019

        There’s no use in complaining about what isn’t there because it’s not going to change the film. Either don’t go see it, or watch the original. Plain and simple

      • Bam April 10, 2019

        And there’s no use in complaining that others are negatively critiquing the filmmakers/studios choices. Let’s be real if Bey wasn’t in this you wouldn’t be nearly so defensive about the critiques which every film gets by the way. So ignore the critics or go find some hive minded people to gush about the film with. Plain and simple.

  14. Arthus Nico April 10, 2019

    Looks like a documentary on National Geographic

    Disney is ruining everything with these live-action movies. Poor kids

  15. JOHNVIDAL April 10, 2019

    NONE of these new animated remakes from Disney are making ANY impact. Just cash grabbers. That are not topping the originals box offce btw (adjusted to inflation not at all). The music made its impact when it was first released. Not look. Look at the weak and forgettable remake of The Beauty and The Beast song Ariana tried. People just weren´t interested in that. With Beyonce involved the soundtrack in this case may get more attention. But especially in this case, Disney´s biggest soundrack ever, they are not going to top it. It will be cute and then forgotten. With amazing CGI visuals of course. Just like Jungle Book and all the others. Already kind of forgotten.

  16. JOHNVIDAL April 10, 2019

    It was a weak trailer I´m sorry. We have already seen this in Jungle Book 3 years ago. It´s too dark in colors too. The best thing was watching Pumba at the end LOL The music sounds worse than the original socre by Hans Zimmer (the phenomenal Hans Zimmer). I mean…

  17. DMA_Moon April 10, 2019

    I agree with the synopsis. Definitely leaves us anticipating.
    Even the haters below/above are waiting to hear what Beyonce will bring. It’s killing them loudly from the comments I’ve read.
    I read someone say, this will scare kids. Umm, this ain’t for kids.
    This is for adults like me. And For the record, the animated version had scary moments as well.

  18. #TheTruth April 10, 2019

    Well I don’t know how accurate is the report, but when the rumors emerged about her being casted for the movie, it was said she demanded in her deal to executive produce the soundtrack.
    Then her/the movie team contacted Elton John.

    By the way, it was also said the Beyoncé album was supposed to be African/Tribal music oriented (hence Grown Woman). But they ditched the idea and went for a Urban sound.
    So I guess she still wants to fulfill that desire of recording African influenced songs.

    It was reported she sings the final song featured in the credits but they also created new songs. Meaning they will create new scenes that were not in the animated version. So Nala will get more screen time, even tho she won’t be the main character.

  19. AB April 10, 2019

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  20. Ty April 10, 2019

    They all rushed in desperate to hear Beyonce voice and as usual left to makeup hate cause y’all didn’t get s*** ??. Just like y’ all will be rushing to buy/stream the soundtrack and first in line for movie tickets. Continue to contribute to our Queens legacy haters welcome.

  21. I HeATE WHYYYTE n Blaccck BITCHEZZ BOTH NOT SHT April 10, 2019

    I … The soundtrack will flop Beyonce is not Whitney Houston

    Whitney lead the waiting to exhale album. Its too late Beyonce thebpreachers wife was Whitney.

    20 yeas and this btch will never fly like Whitney Houston

    • Danny Bey April 10, 2019

      Im so sick of this Whitney troll. As a Whitney stan, youre a discrace to her legacy. Her fans are mature and secure and not worried about hating on other artists all the time. Whitney loved Beyonce and vice versa. Sit yo troll a** down. probably dont even purchase Whitney’s material. I bet youre a “streamer”

  22. Teon April 10, 2019

    I cant wait I want to see this

  23. Facts April 10, 2019

    Cut. Beyoncé is not the star of the Lion King. She shouldn’t even be in it. Let’s no be disrespectful. We would be go to see it regardless.

  24. ERIC April 10, 2019

    After the horrible Aladdin trailer, I wasn’t expecting much from this, but I actually like it. Reminds me of seeing the original movie when it was first released.

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