Central Park 5 Prosecutor Slams Ava DuVernay’s #WhenTheySeeUs As An “Outright Fabrication”

Published: Tuesday 11th Jun 2019 by Rashad

Amidst an ongoing backlash that’s seen her resign from the boards of colleges and nonprofit organizations as well as being dropped by her publisher, author Linda Fairstein – the former Manhattan District Attorney’s office prosecutor who led the controversy surrounding the Central Park Five case of the late 80’s – is speaking out against Ava DuVernay, the creator of the television special that’s causing the commotion in the 72-year-old’s personal and professional life.

Titled ‘When They See Us,’ the miniseries (which premiered May 31 on Netflix) recounts the reported mishandling of the case’s evidence (or lack thereof) and the impact the unwarranted guilty verdict had on the Central Park Five’s respective lives.  In a new think piece presented in ‘Wall Street Journal,’ Fairstein asserts Duvernay’s depiction of her willfully neglecting key aspects of the investigation that led to the five’s conviction  (as portrayed by embattled actress Felicity Huffman) is defamatory.

That’s not all she said.  Look inside for more:

Fairstein contends that reporters and filmmakers like DuVernay have only ever focused on the five accused teenagers, four African-American and one Hispanic, and the one victim and have missed “the larger picture of that terrible night: a riot in the dark that resulted in the apprehension of more than 15 teenagers who set upon multiple victims.”  She adds that on that night “eight others were attacked, including two men who were beaten so savagely that they required hospitalization for head injuries,” and claims there is compelling evidence that the five were involved in the riot.  


In her WSJ piece, Fairstein claims that because the rape and assault convictions against the five—Kevin Richardson, Antron McCray, Raymond Santana, Korey Wise, and Yusef Salaam —were vacated in 2002 after Mathias Reyes, a convicted serial rapist and murderer, confessed to the crime and DNA testing confirmed his presence at the scene, has “led some of these reporters and filmmakers to assume the prosecution had no basis on which to charge the five suspects in 1989.” Fairstein agrees that with Reyes’ confession the convictions against the five were right to be vacated but that didn’t exonerate them of other crimes committed that night during the riot. “The other charges, for crimes against other victims, should not have been vacated. Nothing Mr. Reyes said exonerated these five of those attacks. And there was certainly more than enough evidence to support those convictions of first-degree assault, robbery, riot and other charges,” she writes. 

Describing When They See Us as “so full of distortions and falsehoods as to be an outright fabrication,” Fairstein outlines in the WSJ what she claims are the “most egregious falsehoods.” “When They See Us, repeatedly portrays the suspects as being held without food, deprived of their parents’ company and advice, and not even allowed to use the bathroom. If that had been true, surely they would have brought those issues up and prevailed in pretrial hearings on the voluntariness of their statements, as well as in their lawsuit against the city. They didn’t, because it never happened,” she writes.

She believes DuVernay portrays her as an “prosecutor and a bigot, the police as incompetent or worse, and the five suspects as innocent of all charges against them” and claims that  “none of this is true.”  [source]


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  1. Tyty June 11, 2019

    Chile slinkier back into the cave you crawled out from. Your life as you know it is OVER!!! And you will deal. Do you saying cause they may have been guilty of rioting it’s okay to stick them for another horrendous crime they had no part in? I wish these racist would just on up to their s***!!! I can’t wait for the vengeance God will reign on these demons.

    • Fancy BISH June 11, 2019

      lol, thank you! ? ✅

  2. Maxx June 11, 2019

    She deserves everything she is getting. She is only talking in general terms. These kids had to deal with the actual situation of being falsely accused, treated like criminals of r*** when they were innocent. If you had them on other crimes, THAT’S WHAT THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN PROSECUTED FOR ONLY. HOW ABOUT YOU JUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CRIME YOUUUUUUU COMMITED CHEATING THESE YOUNG MEN OUT OF THEIR CHILDHOOD

    • Fancy BISH June 11, 2019

      Exactly! She KNEW this day was coming because she KNOWS she did them wrong! Well, WHOOT here it is! ? Karma smacked her ole scary asss in the face!

  3. 2bad2bme June 11, 2019

    I’m so sick of hearing about her. Throw her in jail and let’s move on.

  4. Kendall Alexander June 11, 2019

    She is clearly trying to get back in the good Grace of society…so then why as she said ..she only focused on the r*** why not the other acts spoken about… even if as she claims the show is a lie…why not admit as the Peosecutor she and the police did a p*** poor job on the case.

  5. Queen Lizzy of England June 11, 2019

    Shut up you foul beast! You ruined the lives of five boys and their families because you couldn’t find the real culprit. I mean, how incompetent do you have to be for the real r***** to be surprised that he hadn’t been caught and turned himself in. You low down mountain goat! When you walk down the street children will point and say “there goes Linda the pig. See how her neck shakes in the wind.” H**

  6. MissMaam June 11, 2019

    Girlllll Byee!!! Ava reached out to Linda to see if she wanted to add her two cents to the film, and Linda said hell no! Don’t try to change the narrative now that everyone sees how racist you really are!

  7. Jasmine Da Bi Asian PISCES ??‍♀️Not 37 year old TROLLmine nor TRASHmine June 11, 2019

    At the end of the day it’s just a movie, those outraged will forget about it in the next week or 2 when their short attention span is transferred over to the next fake outrage thing on social media. Lol

  8. L’ORANGE June 11, 2019

    Linda is what evil look like. Where was the outrage in those days. Linda should be at the bottom of the Hudson River. She is not sorry for the lives she destroyed.

  9. Bad mama jama you just don’t wanna mess with June 12, 2019

    Ava: Its above me now

  10. ~The Arcade~ June 12, 2019

    Triple chin, your whole life is a fabrication. The nerve

    • Fancy BISH June 12, 2019

      ? ? ?

  11. Anne June 12, 2019

    She sent five to trial and jail for a crime that they did not commit. Everything else that she stated is irrelevant. She expects us to believe her when she claims that there is evidence that they committed other crimes when we know for a fact that she fabricated a case against them for the crime that they’ve been exonerated of?

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