‘Miss Americana’: Taylor Swift Unleashes Trailer For Netflix Documentary [Watch]

Published: Wednesday 22nd Jan 2020 by Rashad

#Swifties rejoice!

After months of ample teasing, it’s finally been revealed when Taylor Swift‘s new Netflix documentary – ‘Miss Americana’ – is hitting screens.

Ahead of its arrival, look inside to get a load of its official trailer:

Branded a “raw and emotionally revealing look” at the singer “during a transformational period in her life as she learns to embrace her role not only as a songwriter and performer, but as a woman harnessing the full power of her voice,” the forthcoming flick is set to premiere on Netflix January 31 (a week after its world premiere at opening night of the Sundance Film Festival tomorrow January 23).

See the trailer above.

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  1. Shayla Queen January 22, 2020

    Come through, Taylor! Artist of the Decade!

    • Bluebird January 22, 2020

      No matter how many G_ays she surrounds herself, no mater how many blacks she has around her to “LOOK” cool. SHE’S STILL CORNY. Adele has sold more records – and can SING and writes better songs. TAYLOR SWIFT – is corny. pure corny

      • Shayla Queen January 22, 2020

        She is corny to you.

        Adele has sold more records than most artists of this generation, so shall we cancel them all and only be left with Adele?

        Taylor Swift is an icon.

  2. QueenMariahCarey January 22, 2020

    Taylor Swift is a Queen
    Slay Queen!

  3. Kris J January 22, 2020

    *Yawn* ?

  4. the queen January 22, 2020

    wow.. sounds boring and FORCEFUL.
    She’s so basic, her lyrics are basic, her look is basic, her sound is basic..
    Now she’s attempting to do the whole “I’m a grown woman, watch me grow” b*******.
    B**** probably wears diapers.

  5. PinotNoir January 26, 2020

    Miss Wha … it shoulda been.

    I know it”s vital for a Sagittarius to speak THEIR truth, but DANG! You got family, money, love, health, fans … what else do you want, girl?

    My cousin’s twin, tho. No lie.

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