Kerry Washington Says She Wants To Work With Beyonce After ‘Black Is King’

Published: Tuesday 4th Aug 2020 by Sam

Beyonce‘s breathtaking visual album ‘Black Is King’ continues to amass praise – from fans and critics alike.

One name that’s especially enamoured is Kerry Washington.

So much so that she’s expressed a desire to work with Queen Bey.

Full story below…

Speaking on The Big Ticket podcast, the ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ star expressed her love for movie and revealed that is has her wanting to direct for Bey. She said:

“I was thinking this morning, because I’ve been doing a lot more directing and I really love directing…I should maybe reach out to her team about directing because she works so beautifully with different directors, collaborating with different directors. So I don’t know if she would have me, but that would be really special.”

She went on to joke that familial connections might be her way:

“I’ll go through our parents. Our parents, they get along really well. Tina and Mr. Earl, So maybe they can do something.”

We’d love to see it!

Kerry is developing quite the directing portfolio – having helmed episodes of ‘Scandal’ and more recently ‘Insecure.’

And with Beyonce expanding the scope of what an artist can do, it feels like a great fit.

Your thoughts?

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  1. FLOP IS KING August 4, 2020

    lmaoooo life must be hard for poor keri without scandal to fall back on if she’s begging to work with this struggle flop lmfaoooooooooo

    • Clarks0o0ñ August 4, 2020


      Keri scored an emmy nomination this year for her performance in little fire everywhere

      • FLOP IS KING August 4, 2020

        Lmaooo but did she win for her little hulu show, stupid? Btw how’s flopmilas tour doing dummy lmaooo

      • You’re gagging August 4, 2020

        Idiot she was nominated for an Emmy the Emmys haven’t aired yet dumbass…saying did she win as if getting nominated isn’t big in itself.

    • Lil zmonster August 4, 2020

      ….seeing what you want to see. It’s not just this video where she is promoting satanic imagery. She is not promoting African culture she is manipulating it. She along with her ped0 institution will come to an end one day,whatever it takes to remove this filth from the music industry.

      • #SymbolismWillBeTheirDownfall August 4, 2020

        Wat she is promoting is satanic symbolism on her I know I use to being to that I studied the symbolism for over 10 years if u don’t know where it all comes from it easy to brush it aside or ignore it if u don’t know wat to look for it’s not all black and white there is some sinister stuff going down right now please research it for ur self… Stay woken up!

  2. Anne August 4, 2020

    Beyonce really has redefined the word “album.” It’d be nice to see the two of them work together. Maybe it will happen, who knows.

    • Kaneesya August 4, 2020

      I don’t blame Africans for not liking #BlackIsKing  . The visuals are satanic looking and doesn’t represent true culture at all. I feel like Beyoncé is using Africa as an aesthetic. Disney+ isn’t even available in Africa so……???? But go off…… #Blackisflopping

    • Anti Satanicyonce August 4, 2020


  3. Yukky B August 4, 2020

    Satanic elite…

    • WRTW? August 4, 2020

      Yes ma’am stay mad

  4. Arianator August 4, 2020

    The same night Beyoncé Black is King drops and the same night the NBA returns.. YAHUAH does not work in coincidence

    Stop letting Satan distract you

    Beyoncé, your black queen has been to Epstein Island, she’s apart of these satanic rituals going on.

  5. Cardiva August 4, 2020

    Some may laugh at this but even her recent Disney movie was very occult and satanic in the guise of “art”. There is more than meets the eye with her! Beyoncé’s Former Drummer Accuses Her Of ‘Extreme Witchcraft’ | HuffPost.

  6. Mona August 4, 2020

    If her literate beeHIVs don’t see all the satanic rituals and demons in the new Beyoncé video i dont know what to tell you. This women is the devil in disguise.

    • Love and Music August 4, 2020

      So who was the devil before Beyoncé was born?

      • Corny Messyonce will go to hell August 4, 2020

        Na it’s satanic cuz she is beyonce, married to jay-z. His recored label named after rockefeller, a known illuminati family. Also uses the satanic symbol of the triangle over his eye. The guy that said “Jesus can’t save you, life starts when the church ends.” Easy math

    • You’re gagging August 4, 2020

      So you watched? Wasn’t it great 🤗

  7. Chromatimama August 4, 2020

    Because people relate successful black women to satanic /deep state or the beast. People have been saying Beyoncé is the devil (along with Oprah) and they seem to do REAL research behind her symbolisms and the different cultures she uses throughout her career.. open your eyes!

    • Paulo August 4, 2020

      “Real” research pfff all they do is religious discrimination because she is working with Orisha imagery

      • Also black americans don’t know s*** about True African culture enough to tell anybody anything August 4, 2020

        So y’all just gon ignore all the demonic symbols in black is king and continue to worship Beyoncé? Oh ok. 👀🤯

    • Prayer Works August 4, 2020

      It’s all b. s.

      So what about artist who admitTed that they are into witch craft and devil worship? Stevie Nicks, Lana Del Ray, Ozzy Osbourne and so many countless others.

      Meanwhile Beyoncé out here spreading positivity and she’s labeled the devil.

      Is it because she’s a black woman?

      I swear I hate the internet.

      • Bodesha August 4, 2020

        Satanic illuminati Disney. Beyoncé no better, Hollywood is corrupt to its core. #pedohollywood #pedowoodexposed #outofshadows!

      • Divab August 4, 2020

        It’s so sad that every dam project that involves Beyoncé she’s deemed to be involved with some sort of witchcraft or being of the devil 👿and even being a flop and not given true prompts of her artist 👩‍🎤. Beyoncé has so many haters it’s so sad because she’s dammed if she do or dammed if she does not. This Black is king 👑 is so awesome in shedding light on black culture to it’s finest and you haters is so deemed to criticize any and every thing she does it’s so sad. Keep shedding light 💡 on the cause/culture Beyoncé through your eyes and maybe one day these dummies will eventually see the light 💡 and stop their hate and dislike towards you. God continue to be a bless to you /family

      • Repent August 4, 2020

        Following Beyonce’s collaboration with some African artistes on her Lion King Album, there have been occultic association about the whole deal. The historic collaboration between Beyonce, Shatta Wale, Wizkid , Burna Boy, Yemi Alade, Tiwa, Mr Eazi, and others has ignited gossips that the top American star has initiated them into Illuminati practices.

        The Video It all started with Beyonce’s ‘Already’ video where she wore a horn and displayed certain symbols believed to be accustomed to the Illuminati.

        Coming after that, a Nigerian man has alleged that Davido would have been part of the collaboration but he refused because the terms stated that they had to be signed into Illuminati.

        Social Media Shows Archipalago His Level after Attacking Shatta Wale According to the source, Davido rejected the offer noting his career needed no push from the devil. This implies that the musicians who agreed on the collabo with Beyonce joined the Illuminati occult group.

      • Misty Knight August 4, 2020

        Stevie Nicks HAS NEVER said she’s into witchcraft. She’s SAID she’s Christian. She just likes gothic imagery. She even covered Silent Night, singing about baby jesus!

        These fools attacking Beyonce for devil worship is just hilarious. These are the same people who think demons caused C****. Usually it’s just white people calling black women devils, but when black people do it…shame on you. Lying on someone is a sin.

  8. Paulo August 4, 2020

    Kim Burrell take your fake accounts elsewhere 🤡 I’m ready for Kerry + Bey

    • Q anon August 4, 2020

      How Davido Ignored The Chance To Work With Beyonce On Song Because He Didn’t Want To Sign For The Illuminati – How Davido Ignored The Chance To Work With Beyonce On Song Because He Didn’t Want To Sign For The Illuminati How Davido Ignored The…(google it)

    • Actually this is very sad she/they might have the power,money etc but come the day of our Lord Jesus Christ they will not be so happy with their choice….soon to discover the liar and deceiver that he is….mmmmm August 4, 2020

      NEW BEYONCE MOVIE ‘BLACK IS KING’ IS FILLED WITH SATANIC IMAGERY: Disney dropped ‘Black Is King’ yesterday, a new movie from Beyonce that is being billed as a ‘tribute to black power’, an interesting concept to say the least. Imagine the same type of thing being release to promote ‘white power’, but I digress. Racist overtones aside, ‘Black Is King’ is yet another vehicle for Beyonce in which satanic imagery, like the baphomet headdress you see in the main photo, is splashed all through the movie. Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z have a long and storied history of cozying up to satanic and Illuminati imagery, so much so that here fans have to constantly defend them against that, like you will see in the article below. To say that Beyonce is a satanist is no conspiracy theory, she weaves satanic themes and imagery into just about everything she does. Why is that? You tell me .. 😏😏😏

  9. Erol Webber For Congress August 4, 2020

    Today, Black Supremacist & Illuminati Puppet, Beyoncé Knowles released her latest album.

    She’s no longer hiding her Satanist beliefs & has put them on full display.

    Destiny’s Child has become the Daughter of Satan and she’s leading all of her followers to hell on earth!

    • Positivity Only August 4, 2020

      Lol! Shouldn’t you be looking for a job? I heard they cut the $600 from your unemployment

      • Mor0n, grow upppp August 4, 2020

        😬😬Am I the only one still paying attention to the details of the baphomet and satanic symbols Beyoncé portrays on her outfits,Search Baphomet…These celebrities & actors plus athletes sell their soul for more money it’s not a secret about what they do this year a lot of exposing going on 🤫🤫 even her daughter name  ‘Ivy Blue’ backwards is supposed to mean ‘Lucifers daughter’ in latin.. Illuminati’s Very Youngest Born Living Under Evil’.. Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall Katy Perry, Taylor Swift Lady Gaga ,Paris Hilton,Rihanna,Miley Cyrus,Justin Bieber,Kim Kardashian,Kanye West ,Britney Spears, and the list goes on.

    • Amen!!!!!! Beyonce turned her back on Jesus years and years ago. Pray she repents! August 4, 2020

      I believe Kanye’s faith is real, but needs to be careful& discerning when it comes to associating himself with The Word of Faith movement, Joel Osteen being one of their false teachers. Beyonce was raised in the church&sadly has become a Satan worshiper.

  10. Flop is Bey August 4, 2020

    What an advertisement. She embodies every single Illuminati symbol there is. Beyonce is like a Nascar driver for the Occult. 🤣🤭🤭

    • Justmeeeee August 4, 2020

      LoL, funny comment.
      Yet not funny at the same time .
      I am not a Bey Fan.
      She is pretty and talented but her music doesn’t grab my attention.
      Im a Kelis fan and Solange has made cool music too.

      I did not hear Black is King and really wasn’t planning to.
      But because I love art i was going to consider the visuals
      HOWEVER… I won’t be because I do not promote Satanic Activity in any way.
      Maybe the “Black” that she is referring to is Black Magic…not black people

  11. Yulanda August 4, 2020

    Jay z and Beyoncé are part of the marina abramovich crowd. Once you look her up it tells you all you need to know about these people and where their loyalties lie!! 😤

  12. Metta August 4, 2020

    Ewww Keri is clout chasing.

  13. Satanic pedowood exposed August 4, 2020

    Racist overtones aside, ‘Black Is King’ is yet another vehicle for Beyonce in which satanic imagery, like the baphomet headdress you see in the main photo, is splashed all through the movie.

    “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.

    “But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light. Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.” Ephesians 5:11-14 (KJB)

    Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z have a long and storied history of cozying up to satanic and Illuminati imagery, so much so that here fans have to constantly defend them against that, like you will see in the article below.

    Beyonce and Jay-Z are members of Aleister Crowley’s satanic cult, OTO. Beyoncé was accused by her ex-drummer of ‘extreme witchcraft’, ‘dark magic’ and more.

  14. Not this bleached skin again!!! August 4, 2020

    I’m glad im not the only one. I love Beyoncé but the post was a stretch, it was straight disrespectful to us africans considering there are Africans who did way more and never got recognition. She makes a film and suddenly is called the face of Africa, i was very disappointed.

  15. Join QAnon August 4, 2020

    If you listen to their lyrics (Beyonce and Rihanna specifically )and watch the symbolism you would’ve known long ago what they are standing for . It is all of our business bc they are entertainers and our children hear and see things concerning them . We have to protect our eye and ear gates . So many ppl are brainwashed . To most it’s just coincidences or conspiracy claims. There’s a bigger picture to all of this .

  16. Keith August 4, 2020

    It’s one thing to not care for Beyonce’s product, but y’all folks on here done let the C**** rot your brain, LOL…I hope these “illuminati” and “devil worship” comments are just the same person over and over and NOT 20 different people espousing this craziness! LMAO…

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