Continuing YouTube‘s viral trend of hilariously exploiting the most stereotypical aspects of race, homosexuality and celebrity culture comes a brand new video tiled, ‘Sh*t Beyonce Says’.

Not only is the video dead-on accurate in capturing the ‘Ring The Alarm’ singer’s charm and mannerisms but the actress playing the role nailed her lines perfectly. Specifically, “Jay, where are you? You with Kanye? Y’all in Paris?! …That shit cray.” Dead.

Keep in mind this video is all in good fun! Enjoy and sound-off below.

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Maia Campbell, 35, is best known for her role as the mocha skinned beauty with the long dark hair on LL Cool J‘s ‘In The House’, playing “Tiffany”. Sadly after ‘In The House’ was cancelled Campbell found herself on hard times turning a little dibbling and dabbling into a full-blown cocaine addiction.

Now clean and sober, the actress/singer finally looks as if she’s ready to get back into the driver’s seat and take control. We here at ‘TGJ’ wish Miss Cambpell all the best in her future career endeavors!

For a grim reminder Campbell’s much darker days battling the demon know as ‘addiction’, click here.

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We have to give it up to Khia.

Despite not having had a hit in over 10 years (and that one being her only one), the self proclaimed ‘Queen of Hood Media’ has somehow managed to keep her name out there. Thanks, largely, to her video blogs – the latest of which debuted today.

Fling open those curtains, because Ms. Khia is throwing shade left and right. Victims this go round include Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Cassie, Diddy, and a whole lot more!

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Pooch Hall stopped by BET‘s 106 & Park this week to talk about his latest projects, including his new role on upcoming Showtime series ‘Ray Donovan’.

Describing the move as “progression”, The Game star also addressed mounting suggestion that the new show will see him vacate his role as Derwin Davis on the hit BET sitcom.

His “interesting” answer below…


Turning 40 often spells the end for many a talented actress (see: age bias). However, Gabrielle Union is proving that, as she nears the big 4-0, she will not be held down. For, after scoring a lead role in Tyler Perry’s latest hit ‘Good Deeds’, Union has reportedly signed on as the top billing in a new BET sitcom.

According to Deadline, the actress has joined forces with husband and wife production duo Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil (who produce The Game) to star  as the top bill in Single Black Female.

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Check out this titillating preview of next week’s episode of America’s Next Top Model – British Invasion

As the staple “makeover-shake-over” episode, next week’s show promises all the laughs and drama we’ve come to expect from past instalments.

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Reality TV is big business these days, just ask NeNe Leakes and Kim Kardashian.

The pair, who have carved out lucrative careers from their respective shows – Real Housewives of Atlanta and Keeping Up With The Kardashians – were snapped out dining in the A yesterday.

Leakes, who infamously declared “I’m very rich, b*tch”, must be keen to show that she’s “new money”, as Kardashian – for all her lack of  talent – remains one of Hollywood’s most talked-about entities.

Peep more pics of the pair, via our good friend Freddy O, below…

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Universal Pictures are gearing up for the release their big budget action flick ‘Battleship’. And so as to further whet apetites, the studio have released a new promotional poster featuring actress/model Rihanna – who plays the role of Officer Raike in the movie.

Word has is that her role, like her talent, is limited. However, smart business is seeing producers push her to the promotional forefront to ensure a box office hit.

‘Battleship’ hits US theatres on May 18th.

Peep the trailer by clicking here.

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Peep this!

Three of the stars of UPN’s ‘Girlfriends’ were snapped catching up in LA recently.

The ladies, Tracee Ellis-Ross, Golden Brooks, and Jill Marie Jones, were all smiles as they chatted it up at an Upscale magazine gala over Oscar weekend.

We loved us some ‘Girlfriends’ (as we did ‘The Parkers’, ‘Moesha’, and countless other Urban shows which were axed while on a high). Fingers crossed for a televised (or even big screen) finale, as far too many ends were left untied when the show was brought to an abrupt halt in 2008.

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Ever keen to keep an eye and ear on what’s fresh, That Grape Juice pours a new glass of comedic tea by introducing a new segment to its growing TV sister site – ‘Comedy Corner’. In this, the golden age of Youtube and social media, a host of new (and seasoned) talents have taken to the platform and others like it to hilariously highlight the happenings of Pop culture. Now, in a weekly serving, get into the best of web comedy only on That Grape Juice TV!

The Queen of Shades Patti Lahelle deals her latest hand of laughs with the latest installment of fan favorite ‘Got 2B Real’. Titled ‘Rights, Wrongs, and Receipts’, LaHelle brings back all your favorite divas – Patti Labelle, Dionne Warwick, Beyonce, and Mariah Carey to do a diva quadruple team on ‘Queen of Shoul’ (all puns intended) Aretha Franklin. Press play to get into all the action!

Get into more ‘Got 2B Real’ here.

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Tyler Perry continues to silence his naysayers with success that cannot be denied.

The Atlanta-based actor/screen-writer saw his latest effort ‘Good Deeds’ generate $16 Million at the box office on its first weekend. A figure meaty enough to secure the flick, which also stars Gabrielle UnionPhylicia Rashad, and Thandie Newton, the #2 slot.

And while it’s worth noting that Perry’s ‘Madea’ movies are renown for opening with $20 Million (double its average production cost), ‘Deeds’ has indeed held up well, given that it doesn’t feature the much-loved matriarch.

More power to Tyler. We just hope this success helps facilitate a new, more varied array of movies under his corporate umbrella.

In any cas, peep this week’s US box office chart below, via The YBF:

1. Act of Valor, Relativity/Bandito Brothers, $24.7 million

2. Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds, Lionsgate, $16 million

3. Journey 2,  New Line/Warner Bros.,  $13.5 million, $76.7 million

4. Safe House, Universal, $11.4 million, $98.1 million

5. The Vow, Screen Gems/Spyglass, $10 million, $103 million

6. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Sony/Hyde Park, $8.8 million, $37.9 million

7. This Means War$8.5 million, $33.6 million

8. Wanderlust, Universal, $6.6 million

9. Gone, Summit, $5 million

10. The Secret World of Arrietty, Disney/Studio Ghibli, $4.5 million, $14.7 million

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The untimely passing of Whitney Houston has seen much of the singer’s hits rocket into to the upper echelon of the charts.

However, for as much as we love Houston’s classic cuts, we’re also keen ardent appreciators of her latter material. Case, point, 2003’s ‘Try It On My Own’.

Lifted from the late star’s 5th studio album ‘Just Whitney’, the song and its accompanying were initially hailed upon release – with  ample reason too. Vocally, the track would become one of the last recorded showcases of ‘The Voice’ (see: potent, textured, and effortless); while the visual underlined the track’s compelling lyrics. Lyrics which relayed a narrative of going it alone after years of corporate scaffolding.

All rather fascinating stuff given that the song’s housing album was the first and only to not feature creative input from Houston’s  long-time mentor Clive Davis. Indeed, it was then-head of Arista LA Reid who took creative helm of the project.

And yet it was this juxtaposition of Whitney being in control versus a reality which saw her life spinning out of it which sunk the song and the album moreover. The media (and the masses they influence) were simply not entertaining any such “in-control” notion. Indeed, it seemed the more Whitney proclaimed it, the less people believed.

As such, ‘Try’ peaked at #84 on the Billboard Hot 100, while ‘Just Whitney’ peaked at #9 on the US album tally.

Still, neither can take away from the “stellar” that was the Babyface produced song and the ‘Just Whitney’ album moreover. Both earn a well-deserved spot next to the legend’s best material. Commercially successful or not.

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