Rowland: 'There Will Be No Destiny's Child Reunion Any Time Soon'
Kelly Rowland has shot down rumours that Destiny’s Child are soon to head back into the studio together to fulfil a contractual obligation to their label Columbia for one more original album:
Kelly Rowland has denied that she and former Destiny’s Child bandmates Beyoncé Knowles and Michelle Williams are working on another album.
The ‘Work’ singer encouraged fans to ignore the reports and insisted that the trio, who split in 2005, are concentrating on their solo careers.
Rowland told the New York Post’s PopWrap blog: “There is no Destiny’s Child album in the works. None of us have talked about an album or anything. And until we do, no-one else should worry about it. Simmer down now!”
Rowland’s ex bandmate Williams recently announced that she will be playing the role of Roxie Hart in London’s West End production of Chicago. {Source}
With Kelly flying high on charts all over the world with ‘When Love Takes Over’, Michelle making history as the first black actress to have a headlining role in a West End play and Beyonce busy being Beyonce, a reunion any time soon – as much as folks want it – would be a little premature IMO. Plus I need a new Kelly solo record that does what it is supposed to chart-wise, before I’d be content with a return her to Destiny’s Child. Same with Ms. Williams.
Randomness: Which do you prefer most: Destiny’s Child as a group or as solo artists? Why?
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Geffen signee Jade Ewen stopped by BBC’s 5:19 Show to give an acoustic rendition of her first single ‘My Man’. I’m quite big on the song in its recorded form, with its rousing production and all-round club-banger feel. So, it was kinda half expected that this particular performance would be a lil’ hit and miss in places. While a good live showing, it really drove home the fact that some songs are best performed with all the accompanying bells and whistles.
In other Jade news, the singer is currently in LA filming the video for ‘My Man’ and is working with one of Beyonce’s choreographers for the clip. Exciting stuff!
If you haven’t heard the ‘studio’ version of ‘My Man’, click here

What do you think of the performance?
Ne-Yo Leaves Stage In Tears During Manchester Sgow
R&B star Ne-Yo suddenly fled the stage during his show at the Machester Evening New Arena here in England last night, citing illness. Check out the report below:

There are doubts about whether Ne-Yo will be able to perform at his three remaining UK shows after he was taken ill and left the stage in tears during a gig in Manchester.

The R&B singer, who was performing at the MEN Arena in Manchester on Thursday, was crying after struggling to sing on stage for over half an hour.

He told fans he had never not completed a show before but couldn’t continue with his performance.

Ne-Yo is meant to be performing in Liverpool tonight ( Friday ) and in Newcastle and London over the weekend.

BBC Manchester presenter Karen Gabay was at the concert and said Ne-Yo looked like he had a “really bad fever”.

She says Ne-Yo started his gig 30 minutes late and announced that he wasn’t feeling well quite early on.

“Even after the second song, for a man who is normally so cool, he was sweating.

“He was doing a Michael Jackson tribute and you could see that he was actually struggling to finish every musical phrase. He kept asking the audience to bear with him.

“Then he actually was crying – I thought it was because he had done a couple of Michael Jackson tributes and he was getting a little bit overcome, but it did seem a bit strange – he was very emotional.

‘Floods of tears’

“Then he did a slow song, he was really struggling to move, he was absolutely pouring with sweat, and he went over to a table. He was actually hanging on for dear life and he looked as if he was about to drop then, he looked so ill.

“My friend also noticed that his songs had been shortened.”

Gabay says Ne-Yo then went off for a “very long break” before he came back on stage in “floods of tears”.

“He absolutely couldn’t hold tears back – the crowd were applauding him and he couldn’t bring himself to speak.

“Then he said he’d never had to do this before – he’d never not been able to finish a show – he said it though tears, it was unbelievable.

“He looked like he had a really bad fever.

“Then he went off stage crying.”

Although most of the crowd cheered, Gabay says some people booed.

“Then they announced the show wasn’t going to be cancelled, it was postponed – so in effect saying he will do the show again.” {Source}

I actually feel for Shaffer. Of all the performers out now, I’d definitely put him up there as one of the most professional, one who places a lot of emphasis on the intricate aspects of his performances. So understandable is his frustration at not being able to continue with the show. We wish Ne-Yo a speedy recovery.
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A slow news day or what? I’m sure it’ll pick up – it always does. Anyway…

Check out this video preview of the Fall collection from Beyonce and Tina Knowles’ House of Dereon line.
I keep hearing conflicting things about what the line is actually saying…
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50 Cent To Go Head-To-Head With Jay-Z?Not content with losing out to Kanye West 2 years ago, rapper 50 Cent has once again laid the gauntlet down to one of his contemporaries – this time in the form of Jay-Z, new reports are claiming. The G-Unit general is set to release his long delayed LP ‘Before I Self Destruct’ on the same day Jay-Z, real name Shawn Carter, releases his eagerly anticipated ‘Blueprint 3’ record: Peep the report below:

Rapper 50 CENT is preparing to go head-to-head with JAY-Z – he’s reportedly releasing his new album on the same day as the hip-hop heavyweight.

The In Da Club hitmaker has been locked in the studio putting the finishing touches to his fourth studio release, Before I Self Destruct, with his mentors Eminem and Dr. Dre.

But he’s setting his sights on a challenge with the Big Pimpin’ superstar and according to reports, plans to drop his album on 11 September (09) – the day Jay-Z’s long awaited Blueprint 3 is due in stores.

Ironically, 50 released his third album Curtis on the same day in 2007 when he went up against Jay-Z’s Roc-A-Fella signee Kanye West – and lost.

West’s Graduation outsold Curtis by an estimated 266,000 copies in the U.S. to snag the number one spot, while the Stronger star also came out on top in the U.K. {Source}

I actually feel quite embarrassed for ol’ Curtis. After all it doesn’t take a genius to see whose gonna come up short in this one. For, by and large, folk just aren’t checking for 50 like that anymore, while Jay’s popularity continues to soar – even at this late stage of his career. If there was ever a time to sit down and fall back for the once noteworthy 50, it would be now. SMH…

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*Lord knows I can’t remember if this was posted already; if it was – it deserves a re-post!*
Famed for her no-holds-barred, bitchy approach, shock jock Wendy Williams met her match in Apprentice star Omarosa last year. Filmed during the pilot (test) series for Wendy’s now-commissioned talk show, Omarosa did what very few before her had managed to do – she checked Wendy Williams! With many having a love / love-to-hate take on Wendy, this sure does make for hilarious viewing. Check out part two below as well:


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Whitney's 'I Look To You' Cover
Check out the official album cover for Whitney Houston’s ‘comeback’ effort ‘I Look To You’, which is due August 31st (UK) / September 1st.
Though Photoshopped to heaven and back, there’s no denying she looks flawlessly D-I-V-A.
What do you think of the cover?
Nia Long Lashes Out At Singers Who Turn To Acting
In the latest issue of Pride Magazine (the UK’s version of Essense), noted actress Nia Long takes aim at the ever-growing list of singers who are turning to acting for the sake of it. On the topic, long said:

“I didn’t see (Beyonce’s) ‘Obsessed,’ so I can’t comment” she says “but it’s just not about how talented you are anymore. It’s about, ‘How much box-office revenue will this person generate?’ When you see certain people – we won’t name names – they just don’t have the skill, and no one in their team has said, ‘You need acting classes’”

As blunt as she sounds, it’s hard to deny that she’s preaching the truth. Besides the countless black acting enthusiasts struggling to get their foot in the industry, there’s the many black actresses like Nia (see: Sanaa Lathan and co) who are known but severely underrated and overlooked in favour of artists whose foray into acting is solely to enhance their ‘brand’. Often these artist don’t get shining reviews for their performances, effectively closing the door for more opportunity for legit up and coming black actors and actresses. I mean my girl really has a point.
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Peep controversial author (former video hoe / ‘model’) Karrine ‘Superhead’ Steffans promoting her new book ‘The Vixen Manual’ on The Today Show yesterday.
Having read her first book ‘Diary of Video Vixen’ a few years back, I actually felt for her with all the flack she was getting. However, after seeing some of her antics, as well as her dragging out her tell-all stories to a second book, I’m a kinda on the fence as to what I think about her.
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Whitney Previews New Album In London
A radiant looking Whitney Houston was joined by mentor Clive Davis last night here in London at the Madarin Hotel to preview her ‘comeback’ album ‘I Look To You’ to select media and VIP’s. Ms. Houston received a standing ovation from the audience upon her entrance, as well as after the album’s R.Kelly penned title track was played.
Word has it a song called ‘Calling You Tonight’ is almost set in stone as the album’s first single. Check out the Johnta Austin penned, Stargate produced demo by clicking here. I see they are going for that Jennifer Hudson ‘Spotlight’ feel with this one. I like. Other producers set to feature on the record include Swizz Beats and Akon.
‘I Look To You’ drops August 31st here in the UK (Europe) and September 1st in the US. {Thanks Sasha!}
{The first image below is said to be the album cover!}
Whitney Previews New Album In London Whitney Previews New Album In London
Whitney Previews New Album In London
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Mariah Carey’s video for brand new single ‘Obsessed’ made it’s debut a day earlier than supposed to on Yahoo Music today. Directed by longtime Carey collaborator and Rush Hour director Brett Ratner, the hilarious clip sees the 39 year old diva (40 according to some lol) being followed and obsessed-over by an Eminem-like figure. While some parts of the vid were a little tiresome i.e. Mimi touching EVERY inch of her body during the photoshoot scene (which was too long IMO), it’s hard to deny this one is a winner. At times laugh out loud funny (see: run-over scene), Mariah also looked the best she has in a long minute. My girl looked h-o-t.
Unfortunately it’s a shame the song isn’t. Once a an-almost guaranteed (predicted) contenderfor the #1 spot, the song’s fluctuating performance on iTunes means the chances of it becoming her #19 #1 are unlikely. At the risk of becoming ‘Lamb Stew’ (inevitable lol), I can’t say this isn’t deserved – the song is trash. I just wish Mariah would stop trying to compete with the young’uns (something her stans will no doubt label, ‘adapting’ to the market), dumbing down her music in the process. And yes, success without selling out is possible; one only need look at the ‘Emancipation’ album (her most successful in recent times), which is best summed up as quality/contemporary. I need someone to name me one average R&B chick who could have churned out that album, because I’m struggling on that one. Yet I can tell you 5 who could have recorded ‘Obsessed’…and done a better job. Sigh.
What do you think of the video?

Our good friends over at Soul Culture interviewed former Floetry member Marsha Ambrosius during her recent promotional stop here in her hometown London last week. In what is a very interesting interview, the talented singer-songwriter opened up about the cause of the Floetry split, the possibility of a reunion, working with Michael Jackson on ‘Butterflies’ and much more. Definitely a worthwhile watch.
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