F-R-E-E F*ck N**** Free is a H-I-T!

The female empowerment anthem that’s been heating up airwaves since going viral on Tik Tok has finally seen that momentum translate into handsome streaming and sales figures for its performers Hitkidd and Glorilla.


“Holy fvck” is undoubtedly what viewers of ‘Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ were saying once they got a load of Demi Lovato wailing ‘Skin of My Teeth’ via its first televised performance Thursday (June 9).

The new tune – which serves as the first single from Lovato’s August 19-due album ‘Holy Fvck’ – had barely made its way to digital shelves before the singer-songwriter was already pressing the gas on its promo.

When not wowing with the showing, Demi spoke candidly about ‘Holy’ during the inteview portion of their appearance.

“After going through even more stuff last year, I came out of treatment again, and I realized, like, I really want to do this for myself and I want to make the best album possible. Something that really represents who I am,” shared Lovato.

A return to their Rock roots, look inside to see the performance and sit-down chat in full.


Months and months after her breakthrough single ‘Hrs & Hrs’ became her first top 40 hit as a performer, the Muni Long tune is still reigning as a top 5 hit at R&B radio despite the singer-songwriter’s attempts to move music lovers on to her other material (i.e. ‘Another,’ ‘Pain,’ etc.). Her laterst bid in that stead comes via the Saweetie-assisted ‘Baby Boo.’

A dancefloor-ready ode to 90’s party starters, ‘Boo’ – reminiscent of Ghost Town DJ’s classic 1996 hit ‘My Boo’ – is a sugary sweet call from Muni & co. to an unsuspecting love interest.

“I love you, I love you /  I’m always thinkin’ of you / And no, it’s not a crush / Baby, I wanna lock you down (I wanna) / Ooh, I wanna cuff you,” Long croons on the Khaled Rohaim-produced jam.

Found aboard the deluxe edition of Long’s critically acclaimed ‘Public Displays of Affection’ EP, look inside to hear ‘Baby Boo’ in its entirety.


Justin Bieber has opened up about the health condition that has caused him to postpone his US tour.

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Black Music inspires, informs, and permeates each genre and every corner of the globe with an undeniable force. From complex rhythms and sweet melodies to lyrics versed in a unique experience, Black Music has given all music a blueprint—from Jazz to Blues to Rock & Roll to Soul to Hip-Hop.

 In celebration of these art forms, Xfinity’s Black Music Month film collection looks at beloved artists and movements that embody this quality.

Join us after the jump, where a number of notable names spot these films that capture the spirit and seismic significance of Black Music.


Readers of That Grape Juice know how passionate we are about music – whether that be past or present.

However, unlike our other segments – Retro Rewind, TGJ Replay, and From The Vault – The Pop Stop is the most in-depth look at Pop songs that may have flown under the radar over the last week that you should know, rather they be from music’s biggest stars or those on the rise.

This week, we want to highlight cuts from Carrie Underwood, Steve Aoki, Billy Lockett, and The Aces.

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The third time just may be the charm for ‘Baby One More Time’ hitmaker Britney Spears as the Pop diva has finally said “I do” to longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari.

Despite a highly publicized attempted intrusion from the star’s first husband (as we reported here), the intimate affair – filled with close friends and celebrity pals like Paris Hilton, Drew Barrymore, Selena Gomez, and Madonna – managed to go off without a hitch!  And now our girl is hitched!

See pics of the lovely bride inside:


Normani is giving fans another taste of sweet treat.

As reported, the stage blazer has new music on the way and it looks like she’s firing up the buzz machine.

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Josh Levi and Normani have more in common that many know.

In addition to their resumes boasting respective stints on ‘X-Factor,’ the singer-songwriters are both breakout stars of groups and have called Houston, TX home at some points in their lives.

Their first collaboration came in late 2020 when the former Fifth Harmony hitmaker shined as the video vixen in his sizzling music video for ‘Don’t They’ – a tune found board his first solo project ‘Disc One.’ Now, with the June 10 release of its follow-up (aptly titled ‘Disc Two‘), Levi’s re-engaged the ‘Wild Side’ star to show her softer side on the remix to the romantic tune.

“Don’t they make love songs anymore? / Slow dance while you’re holding me / Slow jams till the morning,” she coos on the Jonah Christian-produced slow jam.

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As evidenced by the surprise announcement of the new song ‘Cash In Cash Out,’ Skateboard P is ready to roll back onto the charts (as a leader) and is hoping hit rappers 21 Savage and Tyler, the Creator will join him on the ride.

Unveiled just months after teaming with Tyler for the tune ‘Come On, Let’s Go’ on NIGO‘s January-released ‘I Know NIGO’ album, the reunion track sees Pharrell play double duty as performer and producer while 21 and Ty trade verses about their lavish lifestyles.

“I’m gettin’ bigger and bigger (And what?) / Your pockets littler than little (21) / Put a hundred bands on your head / Now they jumpin’ up and down playin’ monkey in the middle,” Savage spits on the braggadocious track.

At writing, Pharrell has not revealed what larger project ‘Cash’ is tied to.  Until we find out, hop inside to hear the song in full.


Having spent most of their career topping charts with Pop and R&B-leaning material, Demi Lovato stunned fans by unveiling news of a promise to return to “emo-Rock” for their next musical era – even “holding a funeral” to signify the death of the Pop run.

Holding true to the pledge, the GRAMMY nominee has spent the last few weeks teasing the first fruit of the new album ‘Holy Fvck’ (which is also set to be supported by a massive tour that kicks off this fall).

The OAK-produced first single, ‘Skin of My Teeth,’ not only packs quite the guitar-driven bite but is buoyed by some jaw-dropping lyrics that borrows from dark chapters of the singer-songwriter’s life – namely their highly publicized battle with drug addiction.

Demi leaves rehab again / When is this shit gonna end? / Sounds like the voice in my head / I can’t believe I’m not dead,” Lovato wails on the new song.

Hear it all inside.


Booty, booty, booty, booty rockin’ everywhere – and Saucy Santana is leading the madness.

After weeks of amply teasing his new song ‘Booty,’ which prominently samples Chi-Lites’ ‘Are You My Woman?’ (best known for its use in Beyonce‘s breakout solo hit ‘Crazy In Love’), Santana sent excitement for the tune’s arrival into overdrive when he shared news its official version featured ‘Big Energy’ star Latto.

“Wrapped around my finger, eatin’ booty from the bite (Ooh) / Booty make him cry, booty make a n*gga swipe / Booty walk him in the store and tell him, “Hurry up and buy it,” she spits on the Johnny Goldstein-produced bop.

A twerktastic affair that’s already been deemed by some as the ‘song of the summer,’ hop inside to hear it in full and see if it lives up to the hype.