Chris Brown 'Got Milk?' AdR&B singer Chris Brown is the latest star to pose for the iconic ‘got milk?’ campaign. More power to him!

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(Kinda) Confirmed: Janet Jackson Pregnant Life & Style magazine is reporting in their latest issue that Pop superstar Janet Jackson is indeed expecting her first child with long-time partner Jermaine Dupri. This comes after the couple denied the rumors just last week. Hmm…
If true, major congratulations to Janet and Jermaine.

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Yesterday, we posted Brandy’s awesome performances from her recent stop on The Tyra Banks Show. Ms. Norwood was also interviewed by the supermodel turned talk show host and opened up about many a topic, including her fake marriage, ‘that’ fatal car accident, her brother Ray J’s sex tape and a whole lot more. Part 1 is above, with the rest watchable below:

Great interview!

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Britney's 'Circus' Is #1; Sells Over 500,000Pop superstar Britney Spears has more cause for celebration this week, as her ‘comeback’ LP ‘Circus’ has shot straight to the top of the US album charts. The set, Spears’ 5th studio album, sold more than 500,000 copies guaranteeing a #1 opening on the Billboard 200 chart as well as a Gold certification straight out of the gate. {Source}

While congratulations are no doubt in order for Britney, I’m still hoping she finds her ‘It’ factor ASAP as those live performances left a salty taste in many a mouth. It’s a thing by which, yes she’s having this major comeback, but how deserving is she if she’s turning in such sub-par showings where it matters? Hmm…

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Akon stopped by E!’s Chelsea Lately Show this week to promote his latest effort ‘Freedom’. The ‘Smack That’ singer lived up to the song’s name by erm…(you’ll see) during the interview. He also shed an interesting light on his relationship status, working with Michael Jackson and more. Good stuff.

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Mariah and Nick Expecting?Word has it Mariah and Nick Cannon may be expecting their first child…for real this time:

MARIAH Carey’s wish may finally be coming true. Spies in LA saw the songbird coming out of a well-known ob/gyn’s office on North Crescent Boulevard, “clutching what looked like a sonogram and being greeted by her entourage with cheers. She was ebullient.” It was the same type of paper that Minnie Driver was holding when she found out she was pregnant at the same doctor’s office. Carey, who wed Nick Cannon this year in a quickie Bahamas ceremony, has made no bones about wanting a child. {Source}

If true, congratulations to them. After initially being thrown by their sudden marriage (thinking it was a publicity stunt), I’d be real glad for them as their union seems very genuine.

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That Grape Juice: End Of Year Awards 2008As this year draws nearer to its close, we will be acknowledging the releases, events, surprising moments etc that have made the last 12 months as memorable as they have been with our 2nd annual That Grape Juice: End of Year Awards 2008.

Shaking things up a bit from last year, we will be giving you the chance to decide who will be shortlisted for nomination in each of the categories – something you can do via the comments section below. There are no limits on the number of recommendations you can make per category.

Nominee suggestions must be in by December 15th. The final list of nominee will be announced on December 16th, also the day in which voting starts. Winners will be announced on December 23rd.

Please see the category list below. You can make any suggestions for additions etc in the comments section:

TGJ End Of Year Awards 2008 Categories

Album of the Year

Single of the Year

Best Video:

Best Collaboration

Best New Artist

Best Female Artist

Best Male Artist

The Kelly Rowland Underrated Artist Of The Year Award

The Please Go Sit Down Somewhere Award

Worst Single Of The Year

Worst Album Of The Year

(You) Slippin’ / Step Your Game Up Award

Best Reality TV Show

Most Shocking Event of 2008

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Hot on the promotional trail for her latest effort ‘Human’, Brandy filmed an episode of The Tyra Banks Show which aired yesterday. The interview has yet to hit the ‘net, however her performances of ‘Right Here (Departed)’ and ‘Long Distance’ can be seen above (RH) and below (LD):

Wow! That has to be the best performance I’ve seen to date of ‘Right Here’. From the ad libs and runs, her swagger, everything was on-point. after seeing this, I hope she leaves the band at home for future performances of the song, as the original arrangement/backing track trumps the band version. Her rendition of ‘Long Distance’ was great too.

‘Human’ is on stores today!….

What do you think of the performances?

Will you be buying ‘Human’?

X Factor firm favourite, Alexandra Burke, performed at a special ‘homecoming’ gig at London’s KoKo venue last night. With the final just days away, Burke, 20, gave near flawless renditions of some of her best performed songs during her time on the show – including an acapella version of ‘Listen’, which you can watch above.

Put simply, she must win! Awesome performance.

In other Alex news, word has it she and Beyonce will be performing ‘Irreplaceable’ together on Saturday’s final.

What do you think of the performance?

Ciara UpdateWith several canned release dates and a ‘buzz’ single struggling to chart, speculation had been mounting that Ciara’s third studio album ‘Fantasy Ride’ had been shelved.
However, the 23 year old recently confirmed in an interview with NBA Arena that the album is still scheduled for release an early 2009 (there have been murmurings of a March 2nd date).
Speaking more on the record, she confirmed that she just wrapped up recording sessions with Justin Timberlake last week, the output of which she described as being ‘crazy’. Also featured on the album, which she and ‘Single Ladies’ producer Tricky Stewart have executive produced, are Missy Elliott, Young Jeezy among others. {Source}
Despite all the initial mishaps surrounding the album, I definitely still see it possible for her to do big things with this project. One look at the ‘Go Girl’ video as well as the production / feature credits lets you know her label are really financially behind the project, hence flopping is a no-no. If Chris Brown was able to turn around what was nearly a flop sophomore effort with ‘Exclusive’ (See: ‘Wall to Wall’), there’s no reason why Ciara won’t do the same. Here’s hoping she delivers the goods.

Are you still checking for ‘Fantasy Ride’?
Jennifer Hudson Shoots New Video According to Video Static, Jennifer Hudson shot the video for brand new single ‘If This Isn’t Love’ within the last week. {Source}
I was quite surprised to learn of this as, considering the murder spree that claimed the life of her mother, brother and nephew back in October, I thought her project had also come to an end (understandably so). That said, I’m pleased Jennifer is pressing on and not allowing the occurrence to weigh down her career.

: I’m really hoping ‘Invisible’ gets the single treatment at some point.
Any thoughts?

The video for ‘Right To Dream’, the signature song from Mariah Carey’s new movie ‘Tennessee’, premiered within the last hour. Carey co-wrote the cut with legend Willie Nelson specifically for the movie – clips of which make up the music video, as well as footage of Mariah in the studio recording the track.

While Mariah turns in a good vocal performance on the track, I can’t say it moves me in anyway, same with the video. Tennessee’ hits theatres in the US later this month.

What do you think of the song / video?