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Prince’s Sister Tyka On His Death: “I Knew It Was Coming”


“It wasn’t hard at all”

That was the response given by Prince‘s sister Tyka Nelson when asked how she felt about his passing.

The late legend’s sibling sat down for an intriguing interview with Entertainment Tonight, which tied into a feature on the public exhibiting of his home Paisley Park.

And a while a compelling watch, it left us asking more questions.

See what we mean below…


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Jennifer Lopez Readies New Album / Ex Husband Is Exec Producer


Forget Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow, because Jennifer Lopez is taking “consciously uncoupling” to new levels of civility.

For, the sassy siren has enlisted her ex-husband to executive produce her new album.

Full story below…


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Lady Gaga Leaps Into iTunes Top 10 With ‘Million Reasons’

‘Joanne’ Jam Races Up The Charts


Lady Gaga is off to a flying start with new song ‘Million Reasons.’

The haunting hymn was released today as an instant-grat track for those who’ve pre-ordered the diva’s new album ‘Joanne.’

It’s also available to purchase stand-alone, which many are clearly doing because the song is already making quite the mark on iTunes.

Full story below…



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Movie Trailer: ‘Get Out’


Did you miss the movie trailer everyone and their mother has been talking about?

If so, we’ve got you covered.

For, waiting below is the first teaser to be lifted from the new Thriller ‘Get Out.’

In it, a young man is introduced to his girlfriend’s parents who are surprised to learn that he is black.

It isn’t long before he discovers that their town has a worrying history which involves the disappearance of several black men.

Danger ensues when he learns that it may not be long before he becomes one of them.

Watch below…


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Nate Parker Visits ‘The Breakfast Club’ / Dishes On ‘Birth Of A Nation’ & Dispels Allegations

Oscar-Tipped Movie Hits Theaters On October 7th


Already a critics darling, ‘The Birth Of A Nation’ was long-touted as birthing a superstar in actor Nate Parker.

However, that potential was rocked to the core when archived allegations of sexual assault against him hit headlines.

The timing seemed odd, as the story had long been in the public domain – yet was only prodded at in the run-up to the release of the film.

Some argued that the flick’s thematic focus on race and slavery played a part in the drama, while others focussed firmly on the alleged assault; the latter complicated by the fact that the accuser has since passed away.

Through it all, Parker maintained his innocence – which was supported by the legal ruling at the time of the 1999 episode.

Still, it momentarily paused the actor’s promotional push for the film.

Now back on the trail, Parker stopped by The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 this morning.

Renown for asking the questions folk want answers to, Charlamagne, Angela Yee, and DJ Envy didn’t hold back.

As such, discussed in detail were the allegations, funding the film, and a whole lot more.

An insightful interview awaits below…


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New Song: Tory Lanez – ‘Radar’


DJ SpinKing’s mixtape ‘For the Culture’ delivers the Tory Lanez song ‘Radar’ this week.

Spinning into action as he continues to aim for Drake’s Hip-Hop spot, Lanez’ new number sits besides Jim Jones, Dave East, Pusha T, Fetty Wap, Monty, Chinx and French Montana.

I need that for me, just you
I need that so don’t you move
One more
I’ve been, I’ve been waiting for you to find it
All of the time that I spent
Waiting for you to find it

Listen below…


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Watch: Lady Gaga Debuts Three New ‘Joanne’ Songs At Bud Light Tour


Lady Gaga launched her Bud Light Dive Bar Tour in Nashville tonight. And while rawness was the name of the game, the 30-year-old brought bold bolts of electricity.

Three to be precise.

During her high-octane set, the 30 year old premiered a trio of new songs from her ‘Joanne’ album. Kicking off the performance with ‘Sinner’s Prayer,’ she proceeded on to ‘Ayo,’ and ‘Million Reasons,’ before closing with current single ‘Perfect Illusion.’

All the action awaits after the jump…


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‘Ocean’s Eleven’ Reboot [Starring Rihanna] Receives Premiere Date


New details have emerged on the forthcoming female-fronted ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ reboot.

What are you waiting for? Dive below for the full story on ‘Ocean’s 8’


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New Song: Lady Gaga – ‘Million Reasons’


The journey to ‘Joanne’ continues for Lady Gaga.

October 21st will bring with it the release of the diva’s fifth studio album, as such she’s now inviting the masses to hear more than lead single ‘Perfect Illusion.’

Moments ago, Mother Monster unleashed ‘Million Reasons’ as an instant-grat track for any and all who pre-ordered ‘Joanne.’

Co-penned by Hillary Lindsey, the song is a soulful, stripped-back affair with a Country undercurrent.

Take a listen below…


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New Song: Louis York – ‘Limelight’



“Everybody wanna be in the limelight.”

Louis York continue to lay the path for the next studio release ‘Masterpiece Theater – Act II’ with the release of the latest single ‘Limelight‘ today.

Related to Jazmine Sullivan‘s ‘Mascara’ thematically, the song sees the duo swim within the weird and occasionally wild world of social media fame, its accessibility and, to some extent, its vacuous nature.

Limelight is the song we’ve been dying to release. It’s all about our twisted addiction with social media, fame and the dark side of pop culture. Sonically, we wanted to keep the instrumentation of the production quirky and fun because of the seriousness of this concept. These days it feels like chasing the limelight has become more important than actually being known for something meaningful. We felt we had to address it the best way we know how – through music.

Press play below to listen to the song…


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