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Amerie’s ‘In Love & War’: Will You be Buying?

amerie1 Ameries In Love & War: Will You be Buying?

Today marks the US release of Amerie’s 4th studio album ‘In Love & War’.

With it being 3 years since the release of her criminally underrated ‘Because I Love It’ LP, the 29 year old will no doubt be hoping this new body of work will give her the recognition she deserves.

That said, though we are loving the album here at That Grape Juice, her label Def Jam don’t seem to be! One needn’t look further than the  next-to-no promotion for the record, as well as the fact she has yet to perform on any televised show. It’s such a shame, as in an industry in much need of legitimate talent, it can be staring someone like Amerie right in the face, yet shun it in favour of lesser talented acts. I can only hope she gets the recognition she deserves in due course.

We here at That Grape Juice want to know if you’ll be buying ‘In Love & War’? Have you got/heard it already? Hit or Miss?

Your thoughts?

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Monica Performs ‘Still Standing’ On Mo’Nique

R&B star Monica stopped by the Mo’Nique Show this week to promote her new BET reality series ‘Still Standing’. As well giving a  rousing performance of her song of the same, she spoke about a range of things including her time in the industry, how she’s sustained, her children and much more. Ms. Arnold comes across real humble and intelligent here, two qualities which are oft absent in many an artist. Refreshing.

Peep the interview after the jump…

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New Song: Rihanna – ‘Hard (ft. Young Jeezy)’

rihanna rated r1 New Song: Rihanna   Hard (ft. Young Jeezy)

Wow, it really does seem like Rihanna overload today. Just as a the official tracklist of her ‘Rated R’ LP was unveiled, a new cut from the album, the Young Jeezy assisted ‘Hard’ surfaced. Is it any good though?

Admittedly this is perhaps the best track I’ve heard from the album thus far. Saying that, that’s not particularly a difficult feat to achieve. Sticking to its good points, though, the beat goes hard (no pun intended) and Ms. Fenty’s swagger (however unjustified that is is) rides the production quite effortlessly during the verses – in the process making her irritatingly nasal vocals (on the repetitive and lyrically empty chorus) that much more tolerable this go round.  Why wasn’t this the first single?

Hit or Miss?

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Chris Brown – ‘Graffiti’ Album Cover

chris brown graffiti Chris Brown   Graffiti Album Cover

Chris Brown seconds ago  on Twitter unveiled the official album cover for his 3rd studio LP ‘Graffiti’, which you can check out above. Awesome!

The album hits stores December 15th.

Will you be buying ‘Graffiti’?

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Rihanna Reveals ‘Rated R’ Tracklist

rihanna rated r Rihanna Reveals Rated R Tracklist

Rihanna has revealed the official tracklist for her eagerly (by some) anticipated LP ‘Rated R’. Due to hit stores November 23rd, the album boasts collaborations with, Young Jeezy and Slash. Peep the tracklist below:

1. “Mad House”
2. “Wait Your Turn”
3. “Hard” feat. Young Jeezy
4. “Stupid in Love”
5. “ROCKSTAR 101″ feat. Slash
6. “Russian Roulette”
7. “Fire Bomb”
8. “Rude Boy”
9. “Photographs” feat.
10. “G4L”
11. “Te Amo”
12. “Cold Case Love”
13. “The Last Song”

While this reads quite compellingly, I would bet good money on the material being sub-par – if  ’Russian Roulette’ and ‘Wait Your Turn’ are anything to go by. I mean it says a hell of a lot when both the first and second singles are average at best (and I stress, ‘at best’); surely these are supposed to be what sells the album in the first place, right? Though Ms. Fenty’s piercing billy-goat bleats left me reaching for the ear-plugs, its hard to deny the production on her cuts were top notch. Now, everything just seems a mess.

Oh well, I imagine this will be re-released 500 times, with 100 singles until it does what the label hopes it will – sell respectable numbers. Mind you I find it quite ironic that the fellow in the post below is getting more positive feedback for his material than Ms. Fenty. And ‘No’, I’m not condoning anything, I’m just saying…


In other Rihanna news, get ready for a full on Ms. Fenty media assault starting this week. Interestingly, the video for ‘Wait Your Turn’ premieres tomorrow, the same day ‘Russian Roulette’ becomes available on iTunes. The previously announced appearances on Good Morning America and 20/20, take place on Thursday and Friday respectively. Lastly, the video for the record’s official lead single ‘Russian Roulette’ is set to debut….FRIDAY (THE) 13th November. {She really ain’t helping ease ‘those’ rumours is she?}

Your thoughts?

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Chris Brown ‘Crawl’ Video Pics

cb4 Chris Brown Crawl Video Pics

Chris Brown’s PR team just sent along these exclusive shots from the R&B star’s new video ‘Crawl’, which features Cassie. Expect the Joseph Khan directed video premiere any day now. Looks good.

Tidbit: Anyone else feel Cassie should just become a video a chick now?

cb6 Chris Brown Crawl Video Pics

cb3 Chris Brown Crawl Video Pics

 Chris Brown Crawl Video Pics

cb amend copy Chris Brown Crawl Video Pics

What do you think of the pics?

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New Video: 50 Cent – ‘Baby By Me’ (Starring Kelly Rowland)

The hotly anticipated video for 50 Cent’s ‘Baby By Me’, starring Kelly Rowland and Ne-Yo premièred literally minutes ago…literally. Directed by Chris Robinson, the clip sees the G-Unit general envision Ms. Kelly being ‘his’.

Our take on the video? It’s great! It features an engaging plot, looks like $$$ were spent on it (unlike some of today’s credit crunch clips) and Ms. Kelly looks stunning. What’s more, for as so-so as 50′s recent material has been, I’m really feeling this song, something its accompanying video will serve to intensify. Good stuff.

Tidbit: I can only imagine the rumours that will fly after this vid. Whether true or otherwise, as they say, any publicity is good publicity!

What do you think of the video?

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Lady GaGa Talks Cancellation Of ‘The Fame Kills’ Tour

In a recent interview with Sirius/XM Satellite Radio, Pop sensation Lady GaGa provided insight into the cancellation of ‘The Fame Kills’ tour on which she was to embark with rapper Kanye West. The singer, whose album re-release, ‘The Fame Monster’, hits stores on November 24th, discussed how she and Kanye came to the decision to cancel one of the most anticipated events of the year.

This interview demonstrates that behind all the gimmicks and the glamour, GaGa is indeed an intelligent business woman (although still possibly insane lol). Indeed, I sense that both parties made the right decision for her to hit the road on her own in light of the recent public indignation with Mr. West. Furthermore, the fact that she played an active role in the decision certainly says something about her weight as an artist. Other acts (who will remained unnamed…) would rely on direct intervention from their labels and simply go with the flow like the puppets that they are.


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Hot Shots: Mariah Carey at AFI Fest Screening of ‘Precious’

101 Hot Shots: Mariah Carey at AFI Fest Screening of Precious

Megastar Mariah Carey attended the screening of ‘Precious: Based On The Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire‘ during the AFI Fest 2009 last evening at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California. Pop out your dictionary, look up the word ‘DIVA’ and this is who you’ll see!

22 Hot Shots: Mariah Carey at AFI Fest Screening of Precious
16 Hot Shots: Mariah Carey at AFI Fest Screening of Precious

I almost forgot that her husband Nick Cannon was at the event as well. Mariah is looking so good that she has me confused lol!

20 Hot Shots: Mariah Carey at AFI Fest Screening of Precious
3 Hot Shots: Mariah Carey at AFI Fest Screening of Precious

What do you think of Mariah’s


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Cheryl Cole Signs US Deal

cheryl cole Cheryl Cole Signs US Deal

According to reports, UK media darling Cheryl Cole has signed a major label  US distribution deal with Interscope Records.

The deal will see the X-Factor judge release her debut solo album ’3 Words’, which is currently #1 in the UK, Stateside, with its release preceeded by first US single, the produced title track. {Source}

With the bulk of Cheryl’s critically-slammed album being produced by, who is conveniently signed to Interscope along with the Black Eyed Peas, I can’t help but wonder if ol’ Will pulled a few strings for the Girls Aloud singer. I say this because I have the hardest of times swallowing the notion of any US label checking for Cheryl Cole like that. Sweetheart or otherwise, she will get chewed up and spat out by the US market…no question about that. If several more talented UK exports have fallen flat on their faces in the US, I cannot see how Cheryl Cole is gonna make an impact (I mean, come on now). That said, stranger things have happened…

Your thoughts?

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