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Love & Hip Hop : Lil Scrappy Weighs In On ‘Stevie J’ Feud

Fans of VH1’s ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘ have a lot to look forward to this season.

Well- at least for those into ‘the drama’.

Kicking off last Monday, a preview of upcoming episodes hinted at an explosive feud between cast members Lil Scrappy and record producer Stevie J, prompting Scrappy to address the spat with MTV’s Rap Fix this week.

He explained:

Like I told him, you can walk off, you don’t gotta disrespect no female (referring to the fellow cast member/mother of his child Erica

If you really wanna do something, ask her where her man at and tell him you wanna throw hands, you wanna take the fade, and I would’ve been happy to do that. He didn’t even ask — he didn’t know who she was. All he knew is she was a part of the situation and he wanted to pop off.

His side of the story above…

Your thoughts?


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New Song: Kreayshawn – ‘Summertime (Ft V Nasty)

With her debut LP ‘Something About Kreay‘ due out August 14th, Kreayshawn unveils its latest release ‘Summertime’ featuring her ‘sister’ V Nasty.

The follow up to the 2Chainz assisted ‘Breakfast (Syrup)’ , the upbeat jam is yet to receive the visual treatment, but until it does get into the ‘Summer’ vibe below…


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New Song: Pitbull – ‘Get It Started ( Ft Shakira)’

Say hey to ‘Get It Started‘, the spicy new cut by Pitbull and Pop Princess Shakira.

Lifted from Bull’s forthcoming LP ‘Global Warming‘, the ‘Jersey Shore’ ready number hit Pop shores today and awaits your listen below…


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Hot Topic: Are Lasting Artists On The Decline?

In 2008, Tina Turner launched “Tina!:50th Anniversary Tour” in honor of five decades spent atop the music industry.

Four years after Turner graced 40 cities across the North America and Europe, Lionel Richie watched his 9th studio album ‘Tuskegee’ rocket to #1, 20 years after the release of his self titled debut album ‘Lionel Richie‘.

Both rare feats, their successes 10, 20, 30 years or more after their debut is both a testament to their talent and their ability to ‘hold on’ to audiences, against a number of industry induced odds.

The question is though, how many of today’s performers could follow in Lionel and Tina’s suit?

How many of them could bring in audiences long after their initial hype has died, respected enough to command major numbers in an industry with an ever growing age bias.

In short, we want to know?

Do today’s acts have what it takes to stand the test time of time?


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Hot Shot: Keyshia Cole Shoots ‘Enough Of No Love’ With Lil Wayne

Keyshia Cole is on her way back to music!

Yes, in what can only generate a buzz for her forthcoming LP ‘Woman To Woman‘, the belter was snapped on the set of   her latest video ‘Enough Of No Love’, the first single to come in aid of the album.

To be released before the project’s Fall release, Keyshia is reportedly set to unveil the clip before the launch of her new BET reality TV show ‘Keyshia Cole: Family First, also in support of the project.

With so much riding on this project, its success really could make or break her considering the unfortunate sales of its predecessor.

However, with BET on board, we can’t wait to see just what Cole serves this time around by way of sound and promo.

Your thoughts?


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Remembering Michael Jackson…3 Years On

Today marks three years since the passing onto eternity of the late, great King of Pop Michael Jackson.

Ever tragic, in that his demise at age 50 was entirely premature, there’s also a certain sweetness to be sourced from the fact that his impact remains inescapable. Think about it: be it in a commercial, video game, blasting from a car, playing in a store, or even a reference from your favourite artist – the music of Michael Jackson is still a feature of our everyday lives. Literally.

Much ado is made about the words “icon” and “legend” – both of which are used these days with careless “flimsy”. Yet, one needn’t rely on the propaganda of PR spin to know what those words represent. For, put simply, Michael Jackson is the blueprint.

Longtime readers will know that it was Michael’s musicality, vision, and precision that birthed my love for music; and ultimately my desire to share that with the masses via the creation of That Grape Juice five years ago. As such, like millions the world over, MJ occupies a special place in my life personally.

And while classics such as ‘Billie Jean’, ‘Black or White’, and ‘Bad’ are etched in mass consciousness, it’s the lyrics from ‘Unbreakable’ – the opener on Jackson’s 2001 opus ‘Invincible’ – which resonate the most for yours truly:

“You can’t believe it, you can’t conceive it 
and you can’t touch me, ’cause I’m untouchable 
and I know you hate it, and you can’t take it 
You’ll never break me, ’cause I’m unbreakable 

While, in life, an emphatic response to his many critics, the song’s lyrics carry with them a potent new meaning now that he is no longer with us: love it or loathe it, the legacy of Michael Jackson is insurmountable. Indeed, unbreakable.

With that, there is little else to say than: Michael Joseph Jackson, we salute you. We thank you. As generations to come will learn, greatness lives beyond the body.

Michael Jackson: 1958 – Forever


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Comedy Corner: Got 2B Real (Season 2 / Episode 6)

The Queen of Shades Patti Lahelle deals her latest hand of laughs with the latest installment of fan favorite ‘Got 2B Real’. Titled ‘Long Time, No Seat” (Crispy Business Pt 2)’, LaHelle brings back all your favorite divas – Patti Labelle, Dionne Warwick, Beyonce, and Mariah Carey,  and the ‘Queen of Shoul’ (all puns intended) Aretha Franklin. Press play to get into all the action!

Get into more ‘Got 2B Real’ here.

Your thoughts?

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Jennifer Lopez Announces ‘Dance Again: The Hits’ / Unveils Cover & Tracklist

Jennifer Lopez may struggle to shift albums these days, yet one thing the dashing diva can safely rely on are her bevy of hits. Indeed, her laundry list of chart smashes have carried her on her first world tour this year, and so as to celebrate the 42 year old is set to roll out her first greatest hits compilation – ‘Dance Again: The Hits’.

Peep the standard cover above. The deluxe cover, as well as release date and tracklist await after the jump…


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Report: Mathew Knowles Girl Group Auditions For X Factor UK

In a bid to rework its system, this year saw the X Factor UK open its doors to act who already have management companies behind them.

This, despite criticisms that it may lead to a conflict of interest between SYCO and the managers, reportedly led Mathew Knowles’ latest project ‘From Above’ to the show’s audition stages this week.

Details below…


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Hot Shots: Rihanna Hits ‘Whisky Mist’ Following Hackney Set

Get into these shots of Rihanna, on her way into London’s Whisky Mist following her set at Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend.

Dressed in the same outfit she donned on stage, the ‘Battleship’ actress arrived at the spot with best friend Melissa and other members of her staff.

Staff, who are likely to be dealing with the polarizing criticisms that came from her performance last night, which saw some herald her live singing and leave others questioning both her talent and ‘stability’.

More below…


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